How can nothing real be threatened?

Tuesday, Nov 29, 2016 241 words 1 mins 4 secs
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What came to mind last night was:

"Nothing real can be threatened".

Now, its a popular statement from the beginning of ACIM. And maybe we just read it and skip past it.

But what does it mean?

I found that if I dwelled on this, it started to occur to me a sense of... the un-threatenability of God. That.. what is real, what is of God, is completely safe and permanent.

And what I also found 'meditating' on this, was that in this statement alone is the idea that there is NO FEAR. There is no fear because there is no threat.

And if we focus on what is REAL, rather than on the lies of the ego illusion, in truth, in reality, there is NO reason to be afraid because only that which is REAL exists and what is real cannot be threatened in any way. There is a great sense of security in that.

So ponder this a while. Feel into it. Only what's real exists, and it is completely invulnerable. It's very reassuring.

So if we put our focus on what is REAL and true, on God, we should experience a KNOWING that there is safety, that everything is okay, that all are safe, and that the TRUTH is very "good news"... that nothing has really gone wrong and there's nothing to worry about.

If we could fully immerse in and accept the deep real truth of this one statement, we could be completely free forever.

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