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Jesus says when you recognize an illusion AS an illusion, it disappears. But how does this work? How do you recognize an illusion?

An illusion is something that does not exist, but which seems like it exists. Or more fundamentally, something false, which you BELIEVE is true. This means that you are not recognizing it for what it IS - that it is false, and you a mistaken, deceived, deluded, in believing it is something it is not. It's a state of not RECOGNIZING what something actually is, and mistaking it for something else.

For example, sin is an illusion. The truth is that anything real cannot be sinned against, can never be attacked, and cannot be damaged. This makes any kind of sin fundamentally impossible. Anything real cannot be threatened because it is permanent and has immortality. It is quite literally impossible to sin. This is why in truth, there literally IS no such thing as a real sin.

But if you were to IGNORE this recognition of what is true, and become confused about what is true, you might believe that "sin is possible". And in this belief you might perceive a world in which sins are seeming to HAPPEN. And they may seem to have real-seeming consequences. And there can be seemingly irreversible effects.

The body and the world, which are illusions of something non-existent seeming to exist, may seem to suggest that sin is real and is happening. For example, "The world of bodies is the world of sin" and "The body is the idea of sin made flesh" and "The world was made as an attack on God" etc. IF this is true, and IF it is real, and IF it is possible that these things EXIST, and are HAPPENING, then sin is real.

But if you BELIEVE this, you are mistaken. How can sin BE real, when anything real cannot BE sinned against? How can sin exist, when immortality is the truth? How can bodies possibly sin when there literally is no sin? How can there BE attack, when nothing REAL is attackable? How can there be real effects, consequences, damage, harm, destruction, of any kind, if nothing real can ever be hurt or changed?

When you contrast actual reality against what this "thing" is that you're seeing, it really brings it into question. When you compare what it's ASSERTING (death), when you look at how it is TEMPTING you to believe something, when you examine how it tries to TESTIFY AGAINST God's nature, it starts to become apparent that they can't BOTH be true. It can't be true that God's reality is immortal while the world is trying to assert that mortality is the truth.

Only one of them can be true. And it's when you look at the illusion of sin in the LIGHT of the real truth, that it's shown to be FALSE. It's the light of the ACTUAL truth, that frames the illusion in its proper perspective. It's the light, the clarity, the facts, that give your mind the ability to RECOGNIZE what actually IS true, and what MUST therefore be false. And this allows you NOT to be deceived by illusions. Who can buy into the idea of real sin and consequences, when it becomes accepted that sin literally cannot BE possible?

Falling for temptation, buying into illusions, taking what they SUGGEST is true and agreeing with it, giving illusions "reality", assigning "truth" to them, believing them, siding with them, trusting them, accepting them, regarding them as God's nature, or in any other way becoming deceived by the world of bodies, is you "falling for" illusions. It's a failure to recognize that the world is NOTHING, and a belief that it is SOMETHING.

The world is FALSE. It is NOT true. It is the opposite of truth. If you believe it IS true and real, you are in FALSE PERCEPTION, because you are perceiving that something false is true. You are giving reality to lies and deceptions. You are NOT seeing clearly or correctly. You are not RECOGNIZING what the world is. When you believe the world is NOT false, you are mistaken, and are NOT aware of the truth, and are NOT seeing with Christ Vision.

When the world is RECOGNIZED AS FALSE, untrue, unreal, impossible, a lie, total fiction, an error, a suggestion of something being possible that is IN REALITY utterly impossible, then you are in TRUE PERCEPTION. Because now you see truly and accurately. You recognize the world for WHAT IT IS. Which is that the world is false. The world is the opposite of reality. "Earth, heaven's opposite". Recognizing it AS IMPOSSIBLE, as the opposite of existence, and eventually as NON EXISTENT, is the acceptance of atonement. "It is the world you see that is impossible."

So you have to compare and contrast. If the truth is THIS ..... referring to the properties, qualities, characteristics of HEAVEN .... and if the world is saying THE OPPOSITE, then the world MUST not be true or real. You then recognize that BECAUSE the light shows you the big picture, and puts everything in perspective, IN TRUTH the world IS SIMPLY FALSE. It is nothing. It is not true at all. And you should therefore NOT believe it. And not invest in it psychologically. And not regard it as your home. And not take it to be reality. And not react to it.

In fact, to DENY IT, is the proper use of denial. "The world you see must be denied". You deny it by RECOGNIZING it for what it IS, which is an illusory world of lies. You DENY IT, by recognizing what IS true. And so you have to be able to CLEARLY DISTINGUISH between what IS TRUE, and what IS FALSE, and you have to do BOTH at once. It's not just about recognizing what is true. It must ALSO be that you recognize what is FALSE. So that you realize that ONLY the truth is true, and NOTHING ELSE is true.

"The real world can actually be perceived. All that is necessary is a willingness to perceive nothing else. For if you perceive both good and evil, you are accepting both the false and the true and making no distinction between them."

Atonement therefore is not JUST acceptance of the real truth. It's ALSO the REJECTION of what is actually false and "not there".

When an illusion is seen through, when you do not buy its appearance, when you do not believe in it, and don't think that it is the truth the deception goes away. It is the blindness, confusion, deception, darkness, insanity, that goes away, when illusions are recognized for what they are.

When you take a puzzle, maybe a Rubik's cube or something similar, at first you do not SEE the solution. You see something puzzling. It's puzzling because there is an OBFUSCATION of the truth. In other words, there are deceptions, things are obscured, they are made difficult to see correctly. Everything is scattered and confused. There is a lack of information. But when you "solve" it, you SEE the solution, and the deception is undone, and now you cannot buy into it any more.

It's similar with other puzzles where, at first, you cannot see HOW to solve the puzzle. In this state, you are deceived. You believe the illusion is true. And something about it is deceiving you. But when you see THROUGH or OVERLOOK (forgive) the deception, and recognize what is ACTUALLY happening, how it is ACTUALLY deceiving you, what it's doing in truth, then you see BEYOND the deception to the solution. And now you can no longer be trapped by the illusion because you've reached the freedom of the answer. And then once you know the answer, once you know how it was tricking you, you can never be fooled by it again. You recognize the MECHANISM of deception.

Illusions all work the same way. When NOT recognized correctly, they seem to deceive you and present truths which are false, and lies which seem like facts, and temptations to believe something that is mistaken. And this is the state of the whole planet when not forgiven or seen correctly. This is what makes sin and attack and war and murder and death and sickness all seem "real" and upsetting. Such a world is a cruel world.

But once you DO NOT fall for the trickery, and are NOT deceived, you see beyond it with forgiveness. To forgive is to overlook - to see beyond error. And to not fall for the illusion or its appearance. Overlooking the world solves the puzzle and frames the world in its correct light. It is simply seen for what IT IS, rather than what you THOUGHT it was. And all its appearances and suggestions of suffering are forgiven, seen through, not believed and not fallen for. And upon being RECOGNIZED AS NOTHING, it disappears, revealing ONLY the light of the real world, as you prepare to more onto the pure truth of Heaven.

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