Immortality is natural and real

Wednesday, Dec 07, 2016 214 words 0 mins 57 secs
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There is a reason why you are immortal, by which I mean, completely invulnerable.

You have to understand what threat is, what danger is, what causes fear, and who is doing the attacking.

Believing that other people are capable of causing you to be hurt, is actually a mistaken perception and is not true.

It is actually you who attacks yourself, every time. Only you are capable of introducing 'separation' into your own mind, which is the root cause of all attack, all war, all sickness, all death.

Without that separation in your mind, that 'split', you literally return to wholeness, divine health, invulnerability and complete immortality.

And this is because the 'secret' is, that all forms of attack are self-attack, and all forms of suffering are self-induced. And it is actually impossible to suffer as a result of a cause outside of you, without you playing along and *pretending* that there can be harm.

The ultimate truth then is simply.... that in God's reality, where we live, there is ONLY immortality, there is ONLY invulnerability, and it's not even POSSIBLE to actually be hurt by something separate.

So while people may think, yeah, immortality is a stupid idea that is impossible and everyone dies.... well.... carry on choosing to die until you get it. Immortality is NATURAL. Mortality is unnatural.

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