It's more important to heal the problem than figure it out

Saturday, Oct 22, 2016 204 words 0 mins 54 secs
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It is more important to heal the problem than to figure out why the problem is happening.

The ego believes if it can figure out the origins of the problem, or what is happening, it will then have an answer and can solve the problem.

This has been the main mode of operation of my own ego for a very long time, trying to explain and find answer to the story of the problem, by going further into the story.

The ego will go to great lengths to continue dwelling on trying to describe and understand the problem, as though not actually wanting to ever really solve it, yet at the same time identifying itself as a 'really good problem solver'.

The way God works, God does not dwell on problems. He doesn't attempt to analyze them or figure them out or describe them or go into detail about what is wrong. He doesn't dwell on the causes and background 'story' of why there is a sickness or why something is happening.

Instead, God simply restores. Now.

What do you want? The practical step of healing and restoration and to be completely done with this, or to get lost in 10,000 stories lasting 10,000 days about what has gone wrong?

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