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Tuesday, Mar 13, 2018 795 words 3 mins 31 secs
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Come visit planet Earth (death), it's a really great place to be. Rated "zero stars", it's a popular attraction. Wouldn't you like to stay here for ever and ever? It's got bacon. ;-)

Hear what previous visitors had to say about their stay...


"You do not want the world. "

"The world provides no safety. "

"This world was over long ago. "

"The world you see does not exist. "

"Nothing the world believes is true. "

"Love was never in the world of dreams. "

"There are no satisfactions in the world. "

"It is the world you see that is impossible. "

"You are the dreamer of the world of dreams. "

"Without the idea of death there is no world. "

"All the "pleasures" of the world are nothing. "

"If this were the real world, God would be cruel. "

"The world you see is but a judgment on yourself."

"The world you see has nothing to do with reality. "

"The bleak little world will vanish into nothingness. "

"The world was made that problems could not be escaped. "

"This world is a picture of the crucifixion of God's Son. "

"This world of idols is a veil across the face of Christ. "

"The world you see does nothing. It has no effects at all. "

"Real choice is no illusion. But the world has none to offer. "

"The unreal world is a thing of despair, for it can never be. "

"Only in the world is the idea of an authority problem meaningful. "

"Salvation is no more than a reminder this world is not your home. "

"There is a place in you where this whole world has been forgotten. "

"The world has never been at all. Eternity remains a constant state. "

"In the world of scarcity, love has no meaning and peace is impossible. "

"The world you see is the delusional system of those made mad by guilt. "

"There is nothing in the world that has the power to make you ill or sad. "

"God's teachers can have no regret on giving up the pleasures of the world. "

"Learning that stops with what the world would teach stops short of meaning. "

"There is no world! This is the central thought the Course attempts to teach. "

"Thus does the miracle undo all things the world attests can never be undone. "

"This is an insane world, and do not underestimate the extent of its insanity. "

"On confusion has this world been based, and there is nothing else it rests upon. "

"It is not will for life but wish for death that is the motivation for this world. "

"For no one walks the world in armature but must have terror striking at his heart. "

"The world is only in the mind of its maker. Do not believe it is outside of yourself. "

"The world believes in sin, but the belief that made it as you see it is not outside you. "

"Injustice is the basis for all the judgments of the world. "

"Where is the world, and where is sorrow now? "

"You cannot understand how much your Father loves you, for there is no parallel in your experience of the world to help you understand it. "

"You are not the victim of the world you see because you invented it"

"How could you walk the world alone and separate from your Source? "

"If you are fearful, it is certain that you will endow the world with attributes that it does not possess, and crowd it with images that do not exist. "

"Judgment and love are opposites. From one comes all the sorrows of the world. From the other comes the peace of God."

"The world has not yet experienced any comprehensive reawakening or rebirth. Such a rebirth is impossible as long as you continue to project or miscreate. "

"The world uses its special relationships as a final weapon of exclusion and a demonstration of separateness."

"Everything in this world is little because it is a world made out of littleness."

"Forget not the Kingdom of God for anything the world has to offer. The world can add nothing to the power and the glory of God and His holy Sons, but it can blind the Sons to the Father if they behold it. You cannot behold the world and know God. Only one is true. "

"There is no world apart from what you wish, and herein lies your ultimate release."

"The world that you see is what you have put there to see; nothing more and nothing less and so it is important to you."

"What profiteth it a man if he gain the whole world and lose his own Soul?"

"The world has never been at all. Eternity remains a constant state."

"The world you see is an illusion of a world. God did not create it. "

"Earth sucks. It's a shit hole. I'm never going back." (haha)

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