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Monday, Sep 26, 2016 230 words 1 mins 1 secs
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A simple, easy technique I recently learned helps with healing emotions.

Most of your emotions are felt and stored in your belly. Your 'heart', emotionally, extends from your chest down into your belly.

When you cry, you will notice that most of what you feel is located in the belly region. Some people say there's kind of a 'second brain' there, because there's a lot of nerve endings in that area. You also might sometimes hear a 'voice' from that area, which is the voice of the inner child or the voice of an emotional hurt. Also if you are strongly upset e.g. deep grief, you'll notice it can upset your whole stomach area and interfere with digestion.

Now, with your attention/focus, think of your focus as a bucket in a well. The top of the well is in your head. Lower the bucket/attention down into your belly, i.e. shift your attention to the 'pit of your stomach' where you feel deeply.

Holding your attention there, perhaps focusing on an upsetting feeling you have, invite Jesus to come into your body and to heal this feeling. Invite him to join you in that low stomach area where you're having the feeling.

You should hopefully notice that He will come in and wash away the feeling like it's practically nothing, leaving you feeling happier.

Worth a try. I've tried it a few times, it seems to work

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