Nothing has gone wrong

Tuesday, Jan 10, 2023 575 words 2 mins 33 secs
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I remind myself of heaven's nature. I remind myself that in reality nothing has ever gone wrong. Nothing God created has ever changed. Reality cannot be affected. Nothing real can be hurt. There is no sickness or suffering or pain or death. Nothing ever breaks or malfunctions or decays or fails. Everything is absolutely perfect at all times and nothing can prevail against the Kingdom.

Then I take a look at the alternative suggestion. The notion that EVERYTHING has gone wrong. That everything breaks, dies, fails, malfunctions, distorts, decays, suffers and is corrupt. The world we made, the hell we made, space and time, with its laws of sin and rules of destruction.

Then I compare the two, and I ask myself, how can it be possible that they are both true? They cannot be. I attempt to reconcile them together as if they could exist at the same time, but one cancels out the other. They cannot both be true. They are so opposite that they are completely incompatible. Only one of them can be true.

If heaven is true and real and if I put my faith in that, then what is this suggestion that everything has gone wrong? What is that made of? How is it claiming that there's been sin? What is this feeling of disaster and guilt and things turning sour and doom and gloom? How can this experience of suffering and despair be true?

I go back and forth comparing the two options and it should become clearer and clearer that only God's truth is true. Nothing real has ever been threatened. Nothing real can be attacked. There cannot be a sin. There cannot be failure and death. So what IS this other suggestion, that everything has gone wrong? It must surely in fact be a LIE!

At first this seems surprising and shocking. Because all along we have been believing it and thinking it is the truth. We bought into it and valued it and held it as sacredly real. And now when comparing the world to another world we suddenly find out the whole idea of destruction is false. We suddenly discover that all of these notions of sin and attack and death cannot be true. What ARE they if they are not true? What IS this idea of things going wrong?

It has to be a total lie. It has to in fact be completely false. It is not what you thought it was. You were deceived. The very thing which you thought was completely true all this time turns out to be completely false. The ego has been lying to you this whole time.

There never was anything that went wrong in reality. Nothing in heaven has been changed. What a crock of bullshit this lie of sin is. What a bunch of crap that suggests anything has EVER gone wrong to disturb the perfection of God?

This may seem horrifying at first to realize, the cherished treasure of insane separation has been entirely UNFOUNDED this whole time. The whole notion of sin has been totally made-up and unjustified. The total assumption you had your whole life that failure was natural and destruction was commonplace and death was normal is upended at its root.

The whole system is totally NOT WHAT IT CLAIMS. And now you see through the illusion and can no longer buy it. Because no-one can believe something that is obviously impossible.

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