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Jesus uses the word "reflection" quite often when talking about the state of seeing this physical world "perfectly" (overlooking it with forgiveness), a state of true perception looking at a forgiven world, and preparing for Heaven. This reflection is actually an IMAGE, just as your reflection in a mirror is an image. It isn't the actual thing itself - it is within the realm of perception which is still a separated state.

Holiness, love, purity, sanity, peace, etc can all be reflected "on Earth", symbolically. This can temporarily render Earth as a kind of "Heaven on Earth" or, more accurately, Heaven being glimpsed beyond Earth where forms no longer mean anything. But this state is still once removed from Heaven itself. Those who perceive still need healing, are not in communion with God, have not fully embraced the Atonement, and are lacking in certainty and knowledge. Perception, and the forgiven world, the reflection of Heaven, must end. Only Heaven is my home.

All these quotes are distinctly CLEAR, that the THING is Heaven, and ITS REFLECTION is on Earth. And every quote is consistent in this. Reflections are second-hand information, and reflections are STILL illusions.

"In this world you can become a spotless mirror, in which the Holiness of your Creator shines forth from you to all around you. 2 You can REFLECT Heaven here."

"Earth can REFLECT Heaven or hell; God or the ego. 5 You need but leave the mirror clean and clear of all the images of hidden darkness you have drawn upon it. 6 God will shine upon it of Himself. 7 Only the clear REFLECTION of Himself can be perceived upon it."

"REFLECTIONS are SEEN in light."

"Could you but realize for a single instant the power of healing that the REFLECTION of God, shining in you, can bring to all the world, you could not wait to make the mirror of your mind clean to receive the IMAGE of the holiness that heals the world."

"Those who have learned to offer only healing, because of the REFLECTION of holiness in them, are ready at last for Heaven. 5 There, holiness is NOT A REFLECTION, but rather the ACTUAL CONDITION of what was but REFLECTED to them here. 6 God is NO IMAGE, and His creations, as part of Him, hold Him in them in truth. 7 They DO NOT MERELY REFLECT truth, for they ARE truth."

"God's laws DO NOT obtain directly to a world perception rules, for such a world could NOT HAVE BEEN CREATED by the Mind to which perception has no meaning. 2 Yet are His laws REFLECTED everywhere. 3 *********NOT that the world where this REFLECTION is, is REAL at all."**********

"Yet forgiveness is the means by which I will recognize my innocence. 5 It is the REFLECTION of God's Love on earth. 6 It will bring me NEAR enough to Heaven that the Love of God can reach down to me and raise me up to Him."

"As I begin to see, I recognize His REFLECTION on earth."

"The perfect equality of the Holy Spirit's perception is the REFLECTION of the perfect equality of God's knowing. 2 The ego's perception has no counterpart in God, but the Holy Spirit remains the Bridge between perception and knowledge. 3 By enabling you to use perception in a way that REFLECTS knowledge, you will ultimately remember it."

"I am God's Son, complete and healed and whole, shining in the REFLECTION of His Love."

"The miracle itself is a REFLECTION of this union of Will between Father and Son"

"It is His Holiness that lights up Heaven, and that brings to earth the pure REFLECTION of the LIGHT ABOVE, wherein are earth and Heaven joined as one." (careful!)

"Forgiveness is this world's equivalent of Heaven's justice. 2 It translates the world of sin into a simple world, where justice can be REFLECTED from beyond the gate behind which total lack of limits lies. 3 Nothing in boundless love could need forgiveness. 4 And what is charity within the world gives way to simple justice past the gate that opens into Heaven."

"Then let the Son of God awaken from his sleep, and opening his holy eyes, return again to bless THE WORLD HE MADE. 2 In ERROR it began, but it will end in the REFLECTION of his holiness. 3 And he will sleep no more and dream of death. 4 Then join with me today. 5 Your glory is the light that saves the world. 6 Do not withhold salvation longer. 7 Look about the world, and see the suffering there. 8 Is not your heart willing to bring your weary brothers rest?"

"All names are unified; all space is filled with truth's REFLECTION. 4 Every gap is closed, and separation healed. 5 The Name of God is the inheritance He gave to those who chose the teaching of the world to TAKE THE PLACE OF Heaven."

"If we accept an unforgiving thought, it will be soon replaced by love's REFLECTION. 5 And if we are tempted to attack, we will appeal to Him Who guards our rest to make the choice for us that leaves temptation far behind."

"Charity is really a weaker REFLECTION of a much more powerful love-encompassment that is far beyond any form of charity you can conceive of as yet. 7 Charity is essential to right-mindedness in the limited sense in which it can now be attained."

"Forgiveness is a SYMBOL, too, but as the symbol of His Will alone it cannot be divided. 2 And so the unity that it REFLECTS becomes His Will. 3 It is the only thing still in the world in part, and yet the bridge to Heaven."

"How lovely does the world become in just that single instant when you see the truth about yourself REFLECTED there. 2 Now you are sinless and behold your sinlessness. 3 Now you are holy and PERCEIVE it so. 4 And now the mind returns to its Creator; the joining of the Father and the Son, the Unity of unities that stands behind all joining but beyond them all. 5 God is NOT SEEN but only understood. 6 His Son is not attacked but recognized."

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