Staying in the body is not awakening

Tuesday, Apr 11, 2017 301 words 1 mins 20 secs
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Jesus asks of us to completely forget A Course in Miracles, forget the entire world, forget the body, and come to God with empty hands.

In this, Jesus isn't asking us to stay in our body, thinking we are a body, studying ACIM fervently and going about our special little lives on planet Earth.

He is asking us to become fully aware that we are NOT a body whatsoever, that we do not need one to exist, that the world the body inhabits is just as much an illusion as the body itself, and that we are FREE of this crap.

Jesus has demonstrated that the body is not real. He has demonstrated that it can be disappeared along with all sickness and all death. This is what he's asking us to do as well. Not just to sort of hangout in an in-between state of being more special or staying in the body and seeing the world sparkle.

There is no world. It is an illusion. It must disappear when recognized correctly for what it is. And so must your body.

The body is the hero of the dream. It is designed as a device to LIMIT and SEPARATE mind from itself. It is meant to obscure the omnipresence of God and make it seem like everything is unlike everything else (ie there is no God).

As you stay in the body, believing it is real, and not fully transcending it, you are continuing the belief that God does not really exist.

The world is not left by death but by truth. And truth means the awareness that the body and its world are just a DREAM, not reality.

God has a "place" for us, an experience of total oneness, "heaven" if you will, which is the only true reality. And bodies have nothing to do with it.

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