The hierarchy of illusions pertains to PHYSICAL OBJECTS

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As an extension of that, it pertains to "events" which physical objects bring about, or "problems" that they represent.

It is seemingly a bigger illusion to stop a flood from happening, than to stop the tap from running.

It is seemingly a bigger problem when a volcano erupts than when someone's saucepan boils over.

Form ITSELF, the physical shape and properties of matter, is that way in which ILLUSIONS ARE IMPLEMENTED.

They are not objects. They are illusions. And they are in a mind. And they are blocks to awareness.

Even though these objects are "outside of you" that does NOT mean they are not inside a mind, and it does not mean they aren't part of PERCEPTION, and it does not mean you don't need to or cannot correct them.

It should be no more difficult to stop a volcano from erupting than to stop a saucepan from boiling over. The ILLUSION that one is harder or bigger than the other is just that, NOT REAL, and should NOT pose any kind of more difficult challenge to a miracle worker.

But while the illusions presented by their FORM are taken at face value and believed, and not seen through, the volcano will seem totally impossible to stop, because of YOUR misperception that it is a really big serious problem.

Such massive miracles are no harder than small easy ones, provided the mind IS miraculous because it recognizes an illusion when it sees one. That volcano is literally nothing, so why should changing it be hard?

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