Uprooting all your values

Thursday, Jan 26, 2023 775 words 3 mins 26 secs
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The aspects of the Earth that you don't like, the things you are not fond of, the stuff you say is bad and wrong, the people you think of as guilty and sinful, are these really a part of the world?

Actually this is a combination of two things. The earth with its contents, plus your attack thoughts and judgements. "You're wrong" is an attack. "They're guilty" is an attack. "That's cruel" is a judgement.

It requires even an upheaval of all your values because now we're saying that even the things most people would think of as [insert your label for evil here], is in fact not that. Not unless you make it be that with your labeling.

So now we're saying that you can take the basic "raw material" of the world and give it a totally different meaning. What if you were an alien who just came down to earth and had never seen it before, know nothing of the culture, had never met a human, and had no clue what anything meant?

Things which are considered wrong, bad, evil, heresy, in some cultures, is actively embraced in others. Generally speaking in the UK, people who exercise are often labelled as vain and self absorbed. In the USA exercise is embraced much more openly as acceptable and a part of being youthful. But this is all made up.

When I moved from the UK to the USA I had to go through a huge transformation and reconfiguration of what I thought was good or bad or right or wrong or valuable or valueless. There was a whole different focus on what was 'normal' and acceptable.

It's the same with the whole world in general. We've made up our social rules and our cultures and our belief systems and our evaluations of what everything is. We've made up all our values and our protests at things we don't think are right.

Love has to find a way to look upon even hell and torture and murder and war and sacrifice and abuse and sickness and death without for a moment accusing it of sin or guilt or making it wrong. That's not a popular thing to do amongst the insane, and it appears to BE insane to suggest you could think of horrors as not horrors.

The course is indeed asking us to recognize that pain is pain and suffering is suffering and so on, but at the same time to forgive them and love them away. To translate them into something higher.

I think we don't want to even consider this because the notion of all the bad stuff not being bad, seems insane. And all the stuff people consider normal or natural, is in fact unnatural. And all the standards are bullshit. And all the social rules are invented. And there's not even really a valid moral system. It all has to be thrown out.

Only the Holy Spirit's true judgement of the world can see it correctly and judge it accordingly.

"To learn this course requires willingness to question EVERY value that you hold. Not one can be kept hidden and obscure, but it will jeopardize your learning."

"It cannot be too strongly emphasized that this course aims at a complete reversal of thought."

"The resurrection is the denial of death, being the assertion of life. Thus is all the thinking of the world reversed entirely. Life is now recognized as salvation, and pain and misery of any kind perceived as hell. Love is no longer feared but gladly welcomed. Idols have disappeared, and the remembrance of God shines unimpeded across the world."

"The illusion of orders of difficulty is an obstacle the teacher of God must learn to pass by and leave behind. One sin perfectly forgiven by one teacher of God can make salvation complete. Can you understand this? No; it is meaningless to anyone here. Yet it is the final lesson in which Unity is restored. It goes against all the thinking of the world, but so does Heaven."

"Today's idea, completely alien to the ego and the thinking of the world, is crucial to the thought reversal which this course will bring about." "To give up all problems to one Answer is to reverse the thinking of the world entirely."

"The world will end when all things in it have been rightly judged by His judgment. The world will end with the benediction of holiness upon it. When not one thought of sin remains, the world is over. It will not be destroyed nor attacked nor even touched. It will merely cease to seem to be."

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