What do you want more, this world or God?

Tuesday, May 02, 2017 160 words 0 mins 42 secs
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What do you want more, this world, or God?

What do you want more, to be in a real body, or unlimited in God?

What do you want more, to trust that the real world of suffering and sickness and death is what God intended, or an awareness that none of this is God's will and therefore it is not reality?

What do you want more, for sin and guilt to be the real truth about you, or to be free of sin and guilt because they are not real?

Do you want this world to be truth, or God?

Do you want this world to be your home, or the perfect Home of Heavenly Love with God?

Do you want to spiritualize everythiing in this world to make it special and seem worth keeping, or do you want the GIFTS and DELIGHTS which God has prepared for and given you?

Do you want death, or do you want miracles?

Do you want more suffering, or eternal life?

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