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"What seems to be the opposite of (eternal) life is merely sleeping. When the mind elects to be what it is not, and to assume an alien power which it does not have, a foreign state it cannot enter, or a false condition not within its Source, it merely seems to go to sleep a while. It dreams of time; an interval in which what seems to happen never has occurred, the changes wrought are substance-less, and all events are nowhere. When the mind awakes, it but continues as it always was."

The above paragraph describes the ONLY thing that happens in the separation. The mind seems to go to sleep a while. The mind dreams of a world that doesn't really exist but seems to. Events seem to happen in it. But these events are nowhere, and the changes have no reality. The mind then wakes up, and this world it was dreaming of ceases to exist. Quite simply, at that point, the "world" which was dreamed, does not exist at all. This is what it means to say, "there is no world."

So what He's telling us simply is, you are in Heaven, dreaming of exile. You are in reality, which is God's world, DREAMING OF BEING IN ANOTHER WORLD. A second world, which your mind is making, as a result of its unconscious state. Its denial of reality is producing an hallucination of a SECOND world, which does not really exist, but seems temporarily to be very real. Upon waking, that world is nowhere. All its events are nowhere. It has had no consequences on God's world.

This is very fundamental A Course in Miracles metaphysics. You are awake, you sleep, you dream of a fake world, you wake up, the world is gone.

Now, see if you can follow this simple reasoning.

God is existence. God is infinite and unlimited. Therefore God exists everywhere without limits. He has no outer edges. You cannot be anywhere that He is not. He is everywhere always.

The idea of sleeping or dreaming, or the separation, or the tiny mad idea, or the ego, are all labels for one thing.... the idea of a TOTAL OPPOSITE to God.

What would an opposite to God have to be?

If God exists, an opposite to God is non-existence.

If God is life, an opposite to God is death.

If God is reality, an opposite to God is unreality.

If God is true, an opposite to God is false.

If God is holy, an opposite to God is unholy.

If God is present, an opposite to God is not present.

What are we describing here? Let's group it all together. We're talking about a TOTALLY OPPOSITE state, which is non-existent, death, unreal, false, unholy, and not present.

Now, here's a simple fact. You cannot exist in non-existence. Non-Existence DOES NOT EXIST. Period. Never ever. There is no non-existence. It is nothingness. It is impossibility. You cannot be where God does not exist. You cannot go there, you cannot live there.

This idea of a total opposite to God, is the idea we had in the tiny mad idea. "What if"... I could be UNLIKE God? What if I could be NOT ALIVE? What if I could NOT EXIST? That is the tiny mad idea.

The reason it is mad, is because obviously you cannot NOT exist. You can't exist IN non-existence. The BELIEF THAT YOU CAN, is the whole problem. It's like claiming, non-existence DOES exist, and has reality, and you can go live there without God. This is a nonsense, insane idea. It is the idea we had. It is the idea we WANTED to believe in. And by believing it, we TRIED to make it real.

What were we really doing? We were BELIEVING that something which TOTALLY DOES NOT EXIST, exists. That an unreal nothingness, is real and something. Another word for that is HALLUCINATION.

"What if you recognized this world is a hallucination? What if you really understood you made it up? What if you realized that those who seem to walk about in it, to sin and die, attack and murder and destroy themselves, are wholly unreal? Could you have faith in what you see, if you ACCEPTED this? And would you SEE it? Hallucinations disappear when they are recognized for what they are. This is the healing and the remedy. Believe them not, and they are gone. And all you need to do is recognize YOU did this. Once you accept this simple fact, and take unto yourself the power you GAVE them, YOU are released from them."

We hallucinated an entire "world", in an attempt to BELIEVE, that NON-EXISTENT NOTHINGNESS, actually has some reality. The desire to WANT it to exist, believed in it, and made it SEEM to do so, as an illusion. We MADE AN ILLUSORY WORLD, to DENY God's world, to DENY existence. A world of impossibility. A world which does not exist, but seems to, so long as we are insane.

"The world you see is an illusion of a world, God did not create it, for what He creates must be Eternal as Himself."

"It is the world you see that is impossible."

"The world you see is the insane thought system of those driven mad by guilt."

We made this world in an attempt to REPLACE God's world. To attack existence. To shut God out. To suggest, there is a PLACE, an existence, where GOD DOES NOT EXIST. Where His son is dead. Where God cannot enter, because it is OUTSIDE OF HIM. We constructed a world OPPOSING The Kingdom, an illusion of being EXILED outside of the Kingdom. Outside of existence. In NON-EXISTENCE. A dream of death.

"The world was made as a place where God could enter not."

"The world is a picture of the crucifixion of God's son."

"The world was made as an attack on God."

"The world will spin into the nothingness from which it came."

"The hell you made"

You made, invented, dreamed, hallcuinated, a UNIVERSE, a world, including planet Earth, to shut God out, to attack existence, to reject existence, to oppose the Kingdom, to depict God's son as dead, to make it seem God does not exist, and as though sin is happening. It is the idea of a NON-EXISTENT WORLD, seeming to take the place of real existence - the real world, the Kingdom. You made an opposite to God.

You now find yourself, IN THE WORLD YOU MADE. On the planet you dreamed. Inhabiting a body you manufactured as a separation device. A device which does not exist. On a planet which does not exist. In non-existence.

This is why this world does not exist. It is a counterfeit world. A made-up substitute world. A second home away from God. Where you thought God (existence) would not exist. This includes the Earth, which is a SELF-DENYING world, an illusory world, made of NOTHING. It's a world you attempted to make and enter, OUTSIDE the Kingdom. It is not life. It is an illusion of life. And it does not really exist.

"There IS no life outside of Heaven. Where God created life, there life must be. In any state apart from Heaven, (being on Earth) life is illusion. At best, it seems like life; at worst, like death. Yet both are judgments on what is **not life**, equal in their inaccuracy and lack of meaning. Life not in Heaven is impossible (Earth is impossible), and what is not in Heaven is not anywhere. (Earth is the idea of NOWHERE). Outside of Heaven, only the conflict of illusions stands; senseless, impossible and beyond all reason, and yet perceived as an eternal barrier to Heaven. Illusions ARE but forms. Their content is NEVER true."

God did not create the Earth because, the fact is, Earth is NOTHING LIKE THE KINGDOM. God can only Create ONE KIND of world. A reflection of Himself. That world is The Kingdom of God, comprising the Sonship. It is the Holy Trinity. God could not create ANOTHER world, DIFFERENT to the Kingdom. Earth is TOTALLY OPPOSITE to Heaven's nature.

"The laws of this world go against your nature."

"Heaven remains your one alternative to this strange world you made (Earth)and all its ways; its shifting patterns and uncertain goals, its painful pleasures and its tragic joys. God made no contradictions. What denies its own existence (which Earth does, being NON-EXISTENCE) and attacks itself is not of Him. He did not make two minds, with Heaven as the glad effect of one, and ***Earth the other's sorry outcome which is Heaven's opposite in every way.*** ... God does not suffer conflict. Nor is His creation split in two."

***Earth the other's sorry outcome which is Heaven's opposite in every way.***

***Earth the other's sorry outcome which is Heaven's opposite in every way.***

***Earth the other's sorry outcome which is Heaven's opposite in every way.***

Earth is the idea of being OUTSIDE the Kingdom of God, in NON-EXISTENCE. It is an illusion of death, nothing, fictional fantasy, insanity, darkness, the opposite to eternal life. Being made of NOTHING, it DOES NOT exist. When you stop hallucinating it, it will be nowhere. You only see it because you WISH to do so, with wishful thinking. A wishful thought that it is possible to be where God is not. There IS NO WORLD apart from your wishful thinking.

It boils down to this. God created ONE WORLD, Heaven, the Kingdom. That world IS NOT this world. It is NOT Earth. Then we MADE UP, invented, a fake world, out of NOTHING, to OPPOSE His world in every way. A picture of crucifixion, an attack on existence, a place of nothing. We now think the NOTHING world exists, because we are delusional. And we may even think God's world IS THIS WORLD, which is completely delusional as part of the BELIEF.... "there is no existence" "there is no Kingdom".

"Only the creations of light are real." There IS NO WORLD here. This is the central lesson in the course. You're DREAMING and hallucinating and making stuff up. because of your DESIRE, wish, to SEE and experience, that which DOES NOT EXIST.

"The world you see MUST BE DENIED, for sight of it is costing you a different kind of vision."

"You cannot see both worlds."

There ARE TWO worlds. One God created, and one you hallucinate. In order to SEE God's Kingdom you have to develop christ vision which OVERLOOKS (does not see) the hallucinatory world of Earth. "Forgiveness does not look upon bodies." Earth is a veil of illusions covering the face of Christ. You must see PAST it to see reality.

Heaven is BEYOND this world. Or rather, this world is NOTHING, NOWHERE, NOT HAPPENING, and Heaven is all that remains.

"Unity alone is not a thing of dreams. And it is this God's teachers acknowledge as behind the dream, beyond all seeming and yet surely theirs."

"**Beyond the body**,

**beyond the sun and stars**,

**past everything you see**

and yet somehow familiar, is an arc of golden light that stretches, as you look, into a great and shining circle. And all the circle fills with light before your eyes.

The edges of the circle disappear, and what is in it no longer is contained at all. The light expands and covers everything, extending to infinity, forever shining, and with no break or limit anywhere. Within it, everything is joined in perfect continuity. Nor is it possible to imagine that anything could be outside (no world, no earth). For there is nowhere that this light is not. This is the vision of the Son of God, whom you know well. Here is the sight of him who knows his Father. Here is the memory of what you are; a part of this, with all of it within you, and joined to all of it as surely as all is joined to you."

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