You are immortal and you cannot die

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"But you can confuse yourself with things that do."

The entire function of the Curriculum, is to return you to awareness of Heaven, your true home, where you remain with God in PERFECT IMMORTALITY.

Every single thing in the course is geared towards you unlearning death and rediscovering eternal life. This is why the curriculum ends in the RESURRECTION, and why leaving the world through death is not graduation.

IMMORTALITY is your "birthright". It is God-Given. Your inheritance. And it is absolutely constantly perfectly sustained by God's will FOREVER. Which means even as you dream of mortality, you are still immortal in God. And nothing you can ever do can ever change this.

If we were to recognize this, simply the fact that you can never stop being immortal should tell you that all efforts to BE mortal are futile. All efforts to die are futile. All efforts to be sick are futile. All choices for unhappiness are futile.

Only in acceptance of your ETERNAL NATURE can you recognize the absolute permanence of your immortal nature, which can be rejected only through denial, and not through changing the truth. This is what Atonement is really about. Recognizing you are IMMORTAL.

Every single part of A Course in Miracles is steering you towards an ownership of your IMMORTAL CHRIST NATURE. A reclaiming of your unlimited power. A restoration of the wholeness of your undivided will. A RESURRECTION, BACK to immortality, from illusory states of degradation and death. And this include all forms of healing and the reversal of physical sickness.

The entire point of realizing you are not a body is to realize that your IMMORTAL SOUL has no need for such nonsense. The body was an attempt to make something which CAN DIE, and its ultimate purpose through the ego is to prove that this is possible. To the ego, it is born TO die, and there is no way out.

The Holy Spirit's repurposing of the body is entirely geared towards rendering the body ultimately unnecessary, using it ONLY as a device to help you to UNLEARN your belief in death, and restore your sanity, so that you can LEAVE IT and return to simply being immortal spirit in Heaven.

Nothing short of your absolutely permanent immortality is appropriate as a goal. This is why the Song of Prayer states that the only goal you should have is to return to GOD. Because through returning to Him, you return to yourself, and simply CONTINUE being immortal.



IMMORTALITY IS WHAT YOU NEED TO "LEARN", or rather, RECOGNIZE, by unlearning that which claims otherwise.

Being immortal means you can never change. It means you can never be sick or die. It means you cannot be limited. It means you continue forever in total perfection. It means nothing can happen to you ever. It means you are not at the effect of anything but God. It means you cannot sin and your innocence is permanent.

You are a rock solid PERMANENT LIGHT shining in the skies of heaven. Shining FOREVER. Continuously. Constantly. Unfaltering. Unwavering. Absolutely immaculate. Perfect in every way.

And this can never change. God cannot change it. Jesus cannot change it. You cannot change it. No one has ever changed this fact. YOU ARE AN IMMORTAL BEING. And anything else that contradicts this immortality is NOT TRUE OF YOU, IS NOT REAL, DOES NOT EXIST, IS NOT PART OF YOU, AND IS NOT NEEDED.

You are permanent in God. Endless. Deathless. Changeless. Fearless. Incorruptible. Unattackable. Unassailable. Constant. Eternal. Immortal.

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