You are immortal and you cannot die

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"You are immortal and you cannot die" - ACIM

Let’s take a moment to put everything in its proper perspective and remember THE TRUTH.

YOU are immortal. God created you with eternal life. You can NEVER DIE. You can never be sick, you can never suffer, you can never be anything other than God created. HE decided what you are, you did not. You cannot change what you are. You are permanently fixed as God’s PERFECT creation. There can NEVER be anything wrong with you. You can never stop existing. There is NO END to your life.

Now. Take a look at the things that you are CLAIMING are true. Look at your stories. Look at your suffering. Look at your sicknesses and pains. Look at your dying.


Given that you ARE immortal, what MUST it mean, if you SEEM to be experiencing sickness? It must mean that YOU are LYING. It must mean that you are deceived, you are mistaken, and you are not being truthful or honest. It means you are in denial and are pretending to be something you are not.

Given you are immortal, you simply cannot ever be sick. So what IS this performance of sickness? Why are you making it? Why are you claiming that you have it? Why are you believing it is real? Why are you fearing it? Why do you think it’s really there? IT CANNOT BE THERE BECAUSE YOU ARE IMMORTAL.

So this whole story, all the symptoms, all the supposed proof of sickness, MUST BE A LIE. There is no sickness in God and there is none in you. You are an immortal fucking being. It is IMPOSSIBLE for you to be damaged, hurt, suffer, die, be sick, malfunction, break, distort, mutate, or in any way change from the way God created you. What you are is HIS PERFECT WILL to be PERFECT FOREVER.

So what is all this other BULL SHIT? What’s with this HORSE SHIT story about sickness being true, you suffering, you being powerless, you being a victim, you having no say in it, you being half dead, and you being under attack? IT CANNOT BE TRUE OF YOU. You are immortal and you cannot BE attacked. You cannot BE threatened. You cannot BE changed into a sickened state. It is IMPOSSIBLE for you to be even SLIGHTLY sick. So what is this massive lie that’s going on?

The sickness has to be false. It has to be unreal. It has to be untrue. It has to be made up. It has to be fiction. It CANNOT EXIST. It can have NO REALITY. It is literally NOT THERE. It cannot BE HAPPENING. In order for it to be valid or have any truth to it whatsoever, is has to be true that you are NOT immortal but mortal, and that God did not create you, and you are some temporary unreal illusion which is blown away in the wind. YOU ARE NOT THAT.


All you have to do is own up to that and stop pretending that you can suffer. Accepting it is instead of fighting against it is the atonement.

"Sickness is an attempt to prove you can be hurt."

Why would immortal beings attempt to PROVE that they can Be HURT, when it is patently IMPOSSIBLE for them to be hurt?

"You cannot be hurt unless you hurt yourself"

WHY would you hurt yourself? Even when you hurt yourself you are not hurting yourself. Your real self CANNOT BE HURT. Why even ATTEMPT it?

"You cannot die unless you choose to do so."

Even if you choose to die you CANNOT DIE. Death is DENIAL of life. It’s pretend. It’s an attempt to pretend that you are not immortal. Death has NO EFFECT on you. It has NO POWER over you. It can DO NOTHING. Death is not a cause. It is an illusion. There is no death whatsoever.


You are real, not an illusion. You cannot be threatened and death cannot even touch you. Sickness cannot even HAPPEN to you. You are permanently innocent, permanently whole, permanently perfect, permanently holy, permanently powerful, permanently safe, and permanently alive. You can never change that. You have no power over God’s will that you be this way. And God has never changed his mind about you.


So what is with this other shit? These stories and attempts at victimhood and little symptoms that you use to try to prove you are suffering? YOU ARE IMMORTAL, YOU CANNOT SUFFER! When you try to suffer you pretend to be something you are NOT. And even as you pretend to be something you are NOT, you are NOT THAT.

And what you make suffer IS NOT YOU, it’s a fictional body. It’s not even you that is seeming to be sick. It’s like attacking something that is not even YOUR SELF pretending that it IS your self so you can pretend that your self can be attacked. And yet while you attack the body to put on a SHOW that YOU are being mistreated and harmed, YOUR SELF remains IMMORTAL AND UNCHANGED. And so the entire thing is dishonest, inauthentic, a massive lie, a deception, untrue, false, and totally fictional.

Are you done playing dead? Are you done being sick? Are you done trying to prove that you are guilty and deserve to die? You can’t even REALLY be guilty. You can’t even commit a sin. YOU ARE PERMANENTLY INNOCENT. You can never change that. You can never revoke it. You can have no effect on it. You cannot make yourself evil.

You are PERMANENTLY GOOD. And God LOVES YOU FOREVER. This is the truth. These are the facts. This is what you have to accept. Everything else has to go. Let go of the need to suffer. It is not having any effect on who you really are anyway, it is FUTILE AND POINTLESS. And it just makes you believe you are something that CAN suffer, and so makes you confused about WHAT you are.

You are immortal spirit and you cannot die.

"You are immortal and you cannot die, but you can confuse yourself with things that do."

Nothing you can do can EVER HAVE ANY EFFECT on your Holy Self. Ever. It is ABSOLUTE. Give up trying to make yourself dead. You cannot accomplish it. God gave you eternal life and it cannot be revoked. It IS POINTLESS and a waste of time to cause yourself to suffer. And all your suffering IS caused by you. And yet it is NOT real suffering, and you HAVE NEVER REALLY SUFFERED. Because you can’t, because you are immortal and can never be attacked.

"Swear not to die you holy son of God. You have made a bargain that you cannot keep."

"There is no death. The Son of God is free."

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