You are not a body, you are free

Tuesday, May 30, 2017 256 words 1 mins 8 secs
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We have first clung to the body in an attempt to create a division between inner and outer.

The purpose of the body wasn't so much to identify yourself with the body, but to hide behind and inside of it.

Yet the body is seen as the mode of escape from that which you believe you are not.

Everything outside the body seems to represent what is no longer inside of you, which is the whole of God.

Our belief in being threatened by what is outside causes us to cling ever tighter to the body, making it sicker and in more pain in an effort to focus on it more intensely than ever.

Death of the body is a protest to be left alone to die, so that attackers will no longer bother you.

We reason the more real we can make the body seem to us the more we can identify it as ourself, keeping what is outside of it at bay. If we are the body, then the Son of God goes down when the body goes down.

The body is a withdrawal from wholeness. It is an intentional limitation and a separation between inner and outer self. It is a movement away from life and an attempt to stop living.

To be a body is to be a tiny interval of space, rather than the whole of space. And to be in the now, is to be in a tiny interval of time rather than eternity.

You are hiding in your body. But you are not a body, you are free.

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