Your brother is immortal

Tuesday, Apr 11, 2017 308 words 1 mins 22 secs
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Correct perception entails recognizing that a person is Christ.

That means they are immortal.

As you are listening to someone go on and on about their problems or what happened to them etc, just imagine or perceive that they are *completely* immortal, whereby absolutely nothing can happen to them.

This provides you with a reference point, a contrast, and a clarity, with which to discern correctly whether what they are saying is true, or what they are REALLY doing.

Recognize you are in the company of an immortal being, and this immortal being is complaining, blaming, scapegoating, projecting, denying, going on and on with some story about who did what and why it happened and how they have no choice and so on.

And then it becomes quite obvious to you the mistakes they are making, and what is UNTRUE about what they are saying.

If it is all seen in its proper context, that the person is immortal and invulnerable, it really shows up in quite an obvious way the lies they are telling.

And then you can affirm, silently or otherwise, that this is NOT TRUE. What the person is claiming is false. They are immortal. They cannot be hurt. Nothing can have happened to them against their will. Whatever the are claiming and believing, it's not reality.

In this way, you are holding them in the light. In this way, you are recognizing and affirming the truth in them, and refusing to join them in their illusions.

You might find that you start to feel like there is some kind of ... energy... that comes off you... truth... Holy Spirit, which radiates out to the person and supports them in truth, and may in fact bring about a healing to their mind. Just by your presence, and your awareness of the light.

Everyone is immortal. Don't believe a word they say if they claim otherwise!

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