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Quotes on "Guilt"

T1B40C "Inappropriate sex drives (or misdirected miracle-impulses) result in guilt if expressed, and depression if denied."
T1B40E "AWARENESS of the error produces the guilt."
T2B60 "You know that when defenses are disrupted there is a period of real disorientation, accompanied by fear, guilt, and usually vacillations between anxiety and depression."
T2E14 "This DOES allay guilt, but at the cost of rendering thinking impotent."
T4E8 "As long as you feel guilty, your ego is in command, because only the ego CAN experience guilt."
T5F2 "They are beyond destruction and beyond guilt."
T5F6 "You yourself always told your patients that the real difference between neurotic and 'healthy' guilt feelings was that neurotic guilt feelings DO NOT HELP ANYONE."
T5F6 "Neurotic guilt feelings are a device of the ego for "atoning" without sharing, and for asking for pardon without change."
T5F7 "Your concept of "healthy guilt feelings" has great merit, but without the concept of the Atonement it lacked the healing potential it held."
T5G1 "Perhaps this will become clearer and more personally meaningful if the ego's use of guilt is clarified."
T5G2 "In Heaven there is no guilt, because the Kingdom is attained through the Atonement, which creates it in you."
T5G2 "What is truly blessed is incapable of giving rise to guilt, and must give rise to joy."
T5G3 "Guilt is ALWAYS disruptive."
T5G3 "If the ego is the symbol of the separation, it is also the symbol of guilt."
T5G3 "Guilt is more than merely not of God."
T5G3 "This is the belief from which ALL guilt really stems."
T5G5 "Whenever you respond to your ego, you WILL experience guilt, and you WILL fear punishment."
T5G6 "The classic picture of fear of retaliation from without then follows, because the severity of the guilt is so acute that it MUST be projected."
T5G7 "This engenders joy, not guilt, because it is natural."
T5G7 "Guilt is a sure sign that your thinking is UNnatural."
T5G7 "Perverted thinking will ALWAYS be attended with guilt, because it IS the belief in sin."
T5G12 "Guilt feelings are always a sign that you do not know this."
T5G13 "Every thought disorder is attended by guilt at its inception, and MAINTAINED by guilt in its continuance."
T5G13 "Guilt is inescapable for those who believe that they order their OWN thought, and must therefore obey its orders."
T5H1 "The CONTINUING will to remain separated is the only possible reason for continuing guilt feelings."
T5H3 "Guilt feelings are the PRESERVERS of time."
T5H3 "When you will to make this exchange, you will simultaneously exchange guilt for peace, viciousness for love, and pain for joy."
T5H13 "There can BE no case against a child of God, and every witness to guilt in God's creations is bearing false witness to God Himself."
T5I18 "It CANNOT be undone by repentance in the usual sense, because this implies guilt."
T6B14 "They also could not speak of the crucifixion entirely without anger, because their own sense of guilt had made them angry."
T8J8 "The martyr, on the other hand, is more aware of guilt, and believing that punishment is inevitable, attempts to teach himself to LIKE it."
T11H15 "That is why the undoing of GUILT is an essential part of the Holy Spirit's teaching."
T11J1 "For it is guilt that has obscured the Father to you, and it is guilt that has driven you insane."
T11J1 "The acceptance of guilt into the mind of God's Son was the beginning of the separation, as the acceptance of the Atonement is its end."
T11J2 "The world you see is the delusional system of those made mad by guilt."
T11J3 "Only the world of guilt could demand this, for only the guilty could CONCEIVE of it."
T11J5 "The Holy Spirit wills ONLY this, for sharing the Father's love for His Son, He wills to remove all guilt from his mind, that he may remember his Father in peace."
T11J5 "For peace and guilt are antithetical, and the Father can BE remembered ONLY in peace."
T11J5 "Love and guilt cannot coexist, and to accept one is to DENY the other."
T11J6 "Guilt hides Christ from your sight, for it is the denial of the blamelessness of God's Son."
T11J6 "By making HIM invisible, the world of retribution rose in the black cloud of guilt which you accepted, and you hold it dear."
T11J6 "Without guilt the ego HAS no life, and God's Son IS without guilt."
T11J10 "When you have accepted the Atonement for yourselves, you will realize that THERE IS NO GUILT IN GOD'S SON."
T11J10 "For the IDEA of guilt brings a belief of condemnation of one by another, projecting separation in place of unity."
T11J11 "Let the holiness of God's Son shine away the cloud of guilt that darkens your mind, and by accepting his purity AS yours, learn of him that it IS yours."
T11J12 "You can hold on to the past ONLY through guilt."
T11J12 "For guilt establishes that you WILL BE punished for what you have done, and thus depends on one-dimensional time, proceeding from past to future."
T11J12 "And therefore guilt MUST deprive you of the appreciation of eternity."
T11J12 "Guilt, then, is a way of holding past and future in your minds, to ensure the ego's continuity."
T11J13 "The future IN TIME is ALWAYS associated with expiation, and ONLY guilt could induce a sense of NEED for expiation."
T11J14 "You cannot dispel guilt by making it real, and THEN atoning for it."
T11J14 "And YOU who cherish guilt must ALSO believe it, for how else but by identifying WITH the ego, could you hold dear what you do not want?"
T11J15 "The ego teaches you to attack yourself BECAUSE you are guilty, and this MUST INCREASE the guilt, for guilt is the RESULT of attack."
T11J15 "In the ego's teaching, then, there IS no escape from guilt."
T11J15 "For attack MAKES GUILT REAL, and if it is real there IS no way to overcome it."
T11J15 "And being true for you, you CANNOT attack yourself, for WITHOUT guilt, attack is impossible."
T12A1 "The ultimate purpose of projection, as the ego uses it, is ALWAYS to get rid of guilt."
T12A1 "For much as the ego wants to RETAIN guilt, YOU find it intolerable."
T12A1 "For guilt stands in the way of your remembering God, Whose pull is so strong that YOU cannot resist it."
T12A1 "On this issue, then, the deepest split of all occurs, for if you are to RETAIN guilt, as the ego insists, YOU CANNOT BE YOU."
T12A1 "Only by persuading you that IT is you, could the ego possibly induce you to PROJECT guilt, and thereby keep it in your mind."
T12A2 "You PROJECT guilt to get rid of it, but you actually merely CONCEAL it."
T12A2 "You DO experience guilt FEELINGS, but you have NO IDEA OF WHY."
T12B1 "The darkest of your hidden cornerstones holds your belief in guilt from your own awareness."
T12B2 "Much of the ego's strange behavior is directly attributable to its definition of guilt."
T12B3 "You have projected guilt blindly and indiscriminately, but you have NOT uncovered its source."
T12B4 "To the ego, THE EGO IS GOD, and guiltlessness MUST be interpreted AS THE FINAL GUILT WHICH FULLY JUSTIFIES MURDER."
T12B6 "The Atonement has always been interpreted as the release from guilt, and this is correct, if it is understood."
T12D4 "You will remember that we said its emphasis on guilt enables it to ensure its continuity, by MAKING THE FUTURE LIKE THE PAST, and thus AVOIDING the present."
T12F3 "For if He is as He was created, there IS no guilt in Him."
T12F3 "No cloud of guilt has risen to obscure Him, and He stands revealed in everyone you meet, because you see Him through HIMSELF."
T13C1 "Guilt remains the only thing that hides the Father, FOR GUILT IS THE ATTACK UPON HIS SON."
T13C2 "Release from guilt is the ego's whole undoing."
T13C2 "MAKE NO-ONE FEARFUL, for his guilt is yours, and, by obeying the ego's harsh commandments, you bring its condemnation on yourself, and you will not escape the punishment it offers those who obey it."
T13C4 "Therefore, you cannot value one without the other, and guilt has become AS TRUE FOR YOU AS INNOCENCE."
T13C4 "You could as easily have FREED him from the past, and lifted from his mind the cloud of guilt that binds him TO it."
T13C5 "Lay not his guilt upon him, for HIS guilt lies in his secret that HE thinks that HE has done this unto YOU."
T13C6 "In every condemnation that you offer the Son of God, lies the conviction of your OWN guilt."
T13C6 "Those whom you see as guilty, become the witnesses to guilt IN YOU, and you WILL see it there, for it IS there, until it is undone."
T13C6 "With everyone whom you release from guilt, great is the joy in Heaven, where the witnesses to your fatherhood rejoice."
T13C7 "For while you see one spot of guilt within you, YOU WILL NOT SEE THE LIGHT."
T13C7 "And by projecting it, the WORLD seems dark, and shrouded in your guilt."
T13C7 "The ego tells you all is black with guilt within you, and bids you NOT TO LOOK."
T13C7 "Instead, it bids you look upon your brothers, AND SEE THE GUILT IN THEM."
T13C8 "Can YOU see guilt where God KNOWS there is perfect innocence?"
T13D1 "The doubtful service of displacement is to hide the REAL source of your guilt, and KEEP from your awareness the full perception THAT IT IS INSANE."
T13D1 "And MUST BE FEARFUL, or you would not have displaced the guilt onto what you believed to be LESS fearful."
T13D2 "No real relationship can rest on guilt, or even hold one spot of it, to mar its purity."
T13D2 "For all relationships which guilt has touched, are used but to avoid the person AND the guilt."
T13D2 "If you displace YOUR guilt upon them, the Holy Spirit cannot use them."
T13D3 "In any union with a brother, in which you seek to lay YOUR guilt upon him, or share it WITH him, or perceive his own, YOU WILL FEEL GUILTY."
T13D3 "You will see guilt in that relationship, BECAUSE YOU PUT IT THERE."
T13D3 "It is inevitable that those who suffer guilt WILL attempt to displace it, because they DO believe in it."
T13D3 "Their main concern is to perceive the source of guilt OUTSIDE themselves, BEYOND their own control."
T13D5 "When everyone is welcome to you as you would have YOURSELF be welcome to your Father, you will see no guilt in you."
T13D5 "For you will have ACCEPTED the Atonement, which shone within you all the while you dreamed of guilt, and would not look within and SEE it."
T13D6 "As long as you believe that guilt is justified in ANY way, in ANYONE, WHATEVER he may do, you will not look within, where you would ALWAYS find Atonement."
T13D6 "The end of guilt will never come as long as you believe THERE IS A REASON FOR IT."
T13D6 "For you must learn that guilt is ALWAYS totally insane, and HAS no reason."
T13D6 "If GUILT were real, ATONEMENT would not be."
T13D7 "Give NO reality to guilt, and see NO reason for it."
T13D7 "The Son of God believes that he is lost in guilt, alone in a dark world, where pain is pressing everywhere upon him, FROM WITHOUT."
T13D8 "The moment that you realize GUILT IS INSANE, WHOLLY unjustified, and WHOLLY without reason, you will NOT fear to look upon Atonement, and ACCEPT IT WHOLLY."
T13D8 "Look THROUGH the cloud of guilt that dims your vision, and look PAST darkness, to the holy place where you will see the light."
T13D9 "RELEASE from guilt, as you would BE released."
T13D10 "Your guilt is without reason, because it is not in the Mind of God, where YOU are."
T13D10 "If you single out PART of the Sonship for your love, you are imposing guilt on ALL your relationships, and MAKING them unreal."
T13D11 "In quiet, look upon his holiness, and offer thanks unto his Father, that no guilt has ever touched him.""
T13D12 "His shining purity, wholly untouched by guilt, and wholly loving, is bright within you."
T13D12 "But look upon yourself, and gladness and appreciation for what you will see, will banish guilt forever."
T13D14 "Before the glorious radiance of the Kingdom, guilt melts away, and, transformed into kindness, will never more be what it was."
T13D15 "Forgetfulness and sleep, and even death, become the ego's best advice for how to deal with the perceived and harsh intrusion of guilt on peace."
T13D16 "The war, the guilt, the past, are gone as one, into the unreality from whence they came."
T13E3 "You whose minds are darkened by doubt and guilt, remember this; God gave the Holy Spirit TO you, and gave HIM the mission to REMOVE all doubt, and every trace of guilt, that His dear Son has laid upon himself."
T13F2 "If what you offer IS complete forgiveness, you MUST have LET GUILT GO, accepting the Atonement for yourself, and learning you ARE guiltless."
T13H1 "But this entails the recognition that GUILT IS INTERFERENCE, NOT SALVATION, and serves NO useful function at all."
T13H2 "You are accustomed to using guiltlessness merely to offset the pain of guilt, and do not look upon it as having value IN ITSELF."
T13H2 "You believe that guilt AND guiltlessness are BOTH of value, each representing an ESCAPE from what the other does NOT offer you."
T13H3 "To wish for guilt in ANY way, in ANY form, will lose appreciation of the value of your guiltlessness, and push it from your sight."
T13H3 "There is NO compromise that you can make with guilt, and escape from the pain which ONLY guiltlessness allays."
T13H3 "Whenever the pain of guilt seems to ATTRACT you, remember that, if you yield to it, you are deciding AGAINST your happiness, and will NOT learn how to be happy."
T13H4 "The ego is the choice for guilt, the Holy Spirit the decision for blamelessness."
T13H5 "It is the natural result of CHOOSING RIGHT, attesting to your happiness that comes from choosing to be FREE of guilt."
T13H7 "His guilt is WHOLLY without cause, and, being without cause, CANNOT exist."
T13H8 "God is the ONLY Cause, and guilt is NOT of Him."
T13H8 "The power that God has given to His Son IS his, and nothing else can His Son see, or choose to look upon, without imposing on HIMSELF the penalty of guilt, IN PLACE of all the happy teaching the Holy Spirit would gladly offer him."
T13H9 "But those who believe they are guilty, WILL respond to guilt, because THEY THINK IT IS SALVATION, and will NOT refuse to see it, and side WITH it."
T13H9 "They BELIEVE that INCREASING guilt is self-PROTECTION."
T13H12 "The Holy Spirit KNOWS that ALL Salvation is escape from guilt."
T13H14 "God's Spirit teaches only that the "sin" of SELF replacement on the throne of God is NOT a source of guilt."
T13I4 "For, in the end, whatever form it takes, your guilt arises from your failure to fulfill your function in God's Mind with ALL OF YOURS."
T13I4 "Can you ESCAPE this guilt, by failing to fulfill your function HERE?"
T13I6 "So will He teach you to remove the awful burden you have laid upon yourself, by loving not the Son of God, and trying to teach him guilt INSTEAD of love."
T13I7 "For you can bring your guilt into sleeping, but NOT into this."
T14B2 "There IS no guilt in you, for God is blessed in His Son, as the Son is blessed in Him."
T14B3 "The burden of guilt is heavy, but God would not have you bound by it."
T14B4 "Your only calling here is to devote yourself, with active willingness, to the denial of guilt in ALL its forms."
T14B5 "Do not try to steal it from him, or you will ASK for guilt and WILL experience it."
T14B5 "Never allow purity to remain hidden, but shine away the heavy veils of guilt, within which the Son of God has hidden himself from his own sight."
T14B6 "He may not yet have learned HOW to exchange his guilt for innocence, nor realize that ONLY in this exchange can freedom from pain be his."
T14B7 "Each effort made on its behalf is offered to the single purpose of RELEASE from guilt, to the eternal glory of God and His creation."
T14B8 "From everyone whom you accord release from guilt, you will INEVITABLY learn YOUR innocence."
T14B9 "Joy is its unifying attribute, with no-one left outside, to suffer guilt alone."
T14B9 "Abide with me within it, as teachers of Atonement, NOT of guilt."
T14B11 "THAT is the symbol of the RELEASE from guilt, by guiltlessness."
T14C4 "The light of guiltlessness shines guilt away because, when they are BROUGHT TOGETHER, the truth of one MUST make the falsity of its OPPOSITE perfectly clear."
T14C4 "Keep not guilt and guiltlessness APART, for your belief that you can HAVE THEM BOTH, is meaningless."
T14D10 "All that, lies hidden in every darkened place shrouded in guilt, and in the dark denial of innocence."
T14D11 "Can you offer guilt to God?"
T14F2 "Reach out of time and touch it, with the help of its reflection IN you, and you will turn FROM time to holiness, as surely as the reflection of holiness calls everyone to lay all guilt aside."
T14G9 "How can you, so firmly bound to guilt and committed so to remain, establish FOR YOURSELF your guiltlessness?"
T14G11 "He would establish His bright teaching so firmly in your mind, that no dark lessons of guilt can abide in what He has established as holy by His Presence."
T15B3 "But, because you and ITSELF cannot be separated, and because it cannot conceive of its OWN death, it will pursue you still, BECAUSE YOUR GUILT IS ETERNAL."
T15B5 "But the belief in guilt MUST lead to the BELIEF IN HELL, and ALWAYS DOES."
T15B6 "For time, according to its teaching, is nothing but a teaching device for COMPOUNDING guilt, until it becomes all-encompassing, and demands vengeance forever."
T15B7 "It is so beautiful and so clean and free of guilt, that nothing but happiness is there."
T15B12 "In the crystal cleanness of the release you GIVE, is YOUR INSTANTANEOUS escape from guilt."
T15D10 "I would but teach you what is yours, so that, together, we can replace the shabby littleness, that binds the host of God to guilt and weakness, with the glad awareness of the glory that is in him."
T15F2 "We said before that, to limit love to PART of the Sonship, is to bring guilt into your relationships, and thus MAKE THEM UNREAL."
T15F2 "How, then, could guilt NOT enter?"
T15F2 "For separation IS the source of guilt, and to APPEAL to it for salvation IS TO BELIEVE YOU ARE ALONE."
T15F4 "Because of guilt, ALL special relationships have some elements of fear in them."
T15F5 "All the guilt in it arises from YOUR use of it."
T15F12 "It is impossible to use one relationship AT THE EXPENSE of another, and NOT suffer guilt."
T15F12 "And this you cannot have, while guilt remains."
T15F12 "And there WILL be guilt, as long as you accept the possibility, AND CHERISH IT, that you can make a brother WHAT HE IS NOT, because YOU would have him so."
T15H1 "And it would keep the giver BOUND TO ITSELF, through guilt."
T15H2 "For the ego always SEEMS to attract through love, and has no attraction at all to anyone who perceives that IT ATTRACTS THROUGH GUILT."
T15H3 "The sick attraction of guilt MUST be recognized FOR WHAT IT IS."
T15H3 "Yet the attraction of guilt has value to you ONLY because you have NOT looked at what it IS, and have judged it as valuable COMPLETELY in the dark."
T15H4 "We said before that the ego attempts to maintain and INCREASE guilt, but in such a way, that you do NOT recognize what it would do to YOU."
T15H5 "It is this chain that binds the Son of God to guilt, and it is this chain the Holy Spirit would REMOVE from his holy mind."
T15H7 "And FOR this sacrifice, which he demanded OF HIMSELF, HE demands the other ACCEPT the guilt, and SACRIFICE HIMSELF as well."
T15H7 "For it is only by attack WITHOUT forgiveness, that the ego can ensure the guilt which holds ALL its relationships together."
T15H8 "What makes another guilty, AND HOLDS HIM THROUGH GUILT, is "good.""
T15H8 "What releases him FROM guilt is "bad," because he would no longer believe that BODIES communicate, and so he would be "gone.""
T15H9 "In their angry alliances, born of the fear of loneliness, and yet dedicated to the CONTINUANCE of loneliness, they seek RELIEF from guilt, by INCREASING it in the other."
T15H10 "Anger takes many forms, but it cannot long deceive those who will learn that LOVE BRINGS NO GUILT AT ALL, and what brings guilt CANNOT be love, and MUST be anger."
T15H10 "Guilt is the only need the ego has, and, as long as you identify WITH it, guilt will remain ATTRACTIVE to you."
T15H12 "As long as you believe that, to be with a body, is companionship, you will be COMPELLED to attempt to keep your brother IN his body, HELD THERE BY GUILT."
T15H12 "For the ego will ALWAYS teach that loneliness is solved by guilt, and that communication is the CAUSE of loneliness."
T15H13 "Forgiveness lies in communication, as surely as damnation lies in guilt."
T15H13 "In the holy instant, guilt holds NO attraction, since communication HAS BEEN restored."
T15H13 "And guilt, whose ONLY purpose is to DISRUPT communication, HAS no function here."
T15I2 "Turn, then, in peace, from guilt to God and them."
T15I12 "But this you must remember; the attraction of guilt OPPOSES the attraction of God."
T15I12 "What you invest in guilt, you withdraw from God."
T15J1 "For in this world, the attraction of guilt DOES stand between them."
T15J2 "For, in this liberating instant, no guilt is laid upon the Son of God, and his unlimited power is thus restored to him."
T15J3 "When you are willing to accept OUR relationship AS REAL, guilt will hold NO attraction for you."
T15J6 "Guilt CANNOT last, when the idea of sacrifice has been removed."
T15J6 "As host to the ego, you believe that you can give ALL your guilt away, WHATEVER you think, and purchase peace."
T15J7 "And that GUILT IS THE PRICE OF LOVE, which MUST be paid BY fear."
T15K4 "For sacrifice brings guilt, as surely as love brings peace."
T15K4 "Guilt is the CONDITION of sacrifice, as peace is the condition for the awareness of your relationship with God."
T15K4 "For through guilt, you EXCLUDE your Father and your brothers FROM yourself."
T16E3 "The special love relationship is an attempt to limit the destructive EFFECTS of hate, by finding a haven in the storm of guilt."
T16E3 "On the contrary, it EMPHASIZES guilt OUTSIDE the haven, by attempting to build barricades AGAINST it, and keep WITHIN them."
T16E4 "It is certain that those who select certain ones as partners in ANY aspect of living, and use them for ANY purpose which they would NOT share with others, are trying to LIVE WITH guilt rather than DIE OF it."
T16E8 "Your relationship with them IS without guilt, and THIS enables you to look on all your brothers with gratitude, because your creations were created in union WITH them."
T16F1 "Anxiety, despair, guilt, and attack all enter into it, BROKEN INTO by periods in which they SEEM to be gone."
T16F2 "The special love relationship is the ego's most boasted gift, and the one that has the most appeal to those unwilling to relinquish guilt."
T16F8 "Yet if ALL illusions are of fear, and they CAN be of nothing else, the illusion of Heaven is nothing more than an ATTRACTIVE form of fear, in which the guilt is buried deep, and rises in the form of "love.""
T16F9 "The appeal of hell lies ONLY in the terrible attraction of guilt, which the ego holds out to those who place their faith in littleness."
T16F10 "Let us not think of its fearful nature, nor of the guilt it MUST entail, nor of the sadness and the loneliness."
T16G2 "The holy instant is His most helpful tool in protecting you from the attraction of guilt, the REAL lure in the special relationship."
T16G3 "Yet, the closer you look at the special relationship, the more apparent it becomes that it MUST foster guilt, and therefore must IMPRISON."
T16G8 "For you are no longer WHOLLY insane, and you WOULD recognize the guilt of SELF-betrayal FOR WHAT IT IS."
T16G9 "Now, no-one need suffer, for you have come too far to yield to the illusion of the beauty and holiness of guilt."
T16G9 "What guilt has wrought is ugly, fearful, and very dangerous."
T17D12 "The spark of beauty, or the veil of ugliness; the real world, or the world of guilt and fear; truth or illusion; freedom or slavery, - it is all the same."
T18B4 "Invest it not with guilt, for guilt implies it was accomplished IN REALITY."
T18B4 "You but BELIEVE it is the other way; that truth is OUTSIDE, and error and guilt within."
T18C4 "And thus is guilt MADE REAL."
T18C5 "You do not realize that you are making them act out FOR you, for if you did, the guilt would not be theirs, and the illusion of satisfaction would be gone."
T18C8 "Your special relationships will remain, NOT as a source of pain and guilt, but as a source of joy and freedom."
T18C9 "Your special relationship will be a means for UNDOING guilt in everyone blessed through your holy relationship."
T18E7 "Remember YOU MADE GUILT, and that your plan for the ESCAPE from guilt has been to bring Atonement TO it, and MAKE SALVATION FEARFUL."
T18F2 "Never attempt to OVERLOOK your guilt BEFORE you ask the Holy Spirit's help."
T18G2 "You have displaced your guilt to your bodies, FROM YOUR MINDS."
T18G2 "YOU HATE YOUR MINDS, for guilt has entered into them, and they would remain separate, which they CANNOT DO."
T18G3 "Its guilt, which KEEPS it separate, is projected to the body, which suffers and dies, BECAUSE IT IS ATTACKED to hold the separation in the mind, and let it NOT KNOW its unity."
T18G3 "Unless the mind BELIEVES the body is ACTUALLY acting out ITS fantasies, it will attack the body by INCREASING the projection of its guilt upon it."
T18G4 "And this is ALL it does, when it believes it has attacked the body, It CAN project its guilt, but it will NOT lose it through projection."
T18G7 "You have IDENTIFIED with this thing you hate, the instrument of vengeance, and the perceived source of your guilt."
T18G8 "This thing you made to serve your guilt, stands between you and other minds."
T18G8 "Yet you would NOT escape from it, leaving it unharmed, WITHOUT your guilt upon it."
T18H3 "In any SINGLE instant, the attraction of guilt would be experienced as pain and nothing else, and would be avoided."
T18J1 "You have been told to bring the darkness to the light, and guilt to holiness."
T18J5 "Here are all the illusions, all the twisted thoughts, all the insane attacks, the fury, vengeance, and betrayal that were made to keep the guilt in place, so that the world could RISE from it, and keep IT hidden."
T18J6 "The body will remain guilt's messenger, and will act as it directs, as long as YOU believe that guilt is real."
T18J6 "For the REALITY of guilt is the illusion which seems to make it heavy and opaque, impenetrable, and a REAL foundation for the ego's thought system."
T18J9 "So should it be with the dark clouds of guilt, no more impenetrable and no more substantial."
T18J9 "This world of light, this circle of brightness, is the real world, where guilt meets with forgiveness."
T18J9 "Here, the world OUTSIDE is seen anew, WITHOUT the shadow of guilt upon it."
T18J10 "Here are the dark and heavy garments of guilt laid by, and gently replaced by purity and joy."
T18K3 "Your relationship has been uprooted from the world of shadows, and its unholy purpose has been safely brought through the barriers of guilt, washed with forgiveness, and set shining and firmly rooted in the world of light."
T19B9 "Each one APPEARS just as he is perceived in the holy instant, united in YOUR purpose to be RELEASED from guilt."
T19B10 "But, through the eyes of faith, the Son of God is seen ALREADY forgiven, free of all the guilt he laid upon himself."
T19C2 "Sin is the proclamation that attack is real, and guilt is JUSTIFIED."
T19C6 "This IS the strange illusion which makes the clouds of guilt seem heavy and impenetrable."
T19D1 "The attraction of guilt is found in sin, NOT error."
T19D1 "Fear can become so acute that the sin is denied the acting out, but, while the guilt REMAINS attractive, the mind will suffer, and not let go the IDEA of the sin."
T19D1 "For guilt still calls to it, and the mind hears it and yearns for it, making it a willing captive to its sick appeal."
T19D2 "But punishment is but another form of guilt's protection."
T19D9 "While you believe that BODIES can unite, you will find guilt attractive, and believe that sin is precious."
T19E6 "Each is a gentle WINNING OVER, from the appeal of guilt to the appeal of love."
T19E6 "Guilt can raise no REAL barriers against it."
T19F1 "The attraction of guilt produces fear of love."
T19F1 "For love would NEVER look on guilt at all."
T19F1 "For love contains the END of guilt, as surely as fear DEPENDS on it."
T19F1 "Overlooking guilt completely, IT SEES NO FEAR."
T19F2 "Fear looks on guilt with just the same devotion that love looks on itself."
T19F2 "The messengers of fear are harshly ordered to seek out guilt, and cherish every scrap of evil and sin that they can find, losing none of them on pain of death, and laying them respectfully before their lord and master."
T19F3 "The fierce attraction that guilt holds for fear, is wholly absent from love's gentle perception."
T19F4 "Its messengers steal guiltily away in hungry search of guilt, for they are kept cold and starving, and made very vicious by their master, who allows them to feast only upon what they return to him."
T19F4 "No little shred of guilt escapes their hungry eyes."
T19F7 "The world will be transformed before your sight, cleansed of all guilt, and softly brushed with beauty."
T19F10 "For guilt creeps in where happiness has been removed, and SUBSTITUTES for it."
T19F11 "Communion is another kind of completion, which goes beyond guilt BECAUSE it goes beyond the body."
T19G1 "Where the attraction of guilt holds sway, peace is NOT WANTED."
T19G1 "For here is the attraction of guilt MADE MANIFEST in the body, and SEEN in it."
T19G4 "You WANT salvation, NOT the pain of guilt."
T19G6 "The end of guilt is in your hands, to give."
T19G6 "Would you stop now, to LOOK for guilt in each other?"
T19G6 "Let me be to you the symbol of the END of guilt, and look upon each other, as you would look on me."
T19G7 "And if I surmounted guilt and overcame the world, you were WITH me."
T19G7 "Would you see in me the symbol of guilt, or of the END of guilt?"
T19G8 "Send forth to all the world the joyous message of the end of guilt, and all the world will answer."
T19G8 "Where can guilt be, when the belief in sin is gone?"
T19H3 "Peace and guilt are both conditions of the mind, to be ATTAINED."
T19H5 "The attraction of guilt MUST enter with it, and WHATEVER fear directs the body to do IS therefore painful."
T19H6 "Under fear's orders, the body WILL pursue guilt, serving its master, whose attraction to guilt maintains the whole illusion of his existence."
T19H8 "ego's messages are ALWAYS sent AWAY from you, in the belief that, for your message of attack and guilt, will someone OTHER than yourself suffer."
T19H9 "Not one but MUST believe that YIELDING to the attraction of guilt is the ESCAPE from pain."
T19I1 "Guilt, too, is feared and fearful."
T19J1 "From the ego came sin and guilt and death, in OPPOSITION to life and innocence, and to the Will of God Himself."
T19J3 "The arrogance of sin, the pride of guilt, the sepulchre of separation, all are part of your unrecognized dedication to death."
T19J3 "The glitter of guilt you laid upon the body would KILL it."
T19K6 "The "loveliness" of sin; the delicate appeal of guilt, the "holy" waxen image of death, and the fear of vengeance of the ego you swore in blood not to desert, all rise and bid you NOT to raise your eyes."
T19L8 "Forgive the sins your brother THINKS he has committed, and all the guilt YOU see in him."
T19L9 "Join him in gladness, and remove all trace of guilt from his disturbed and tortured mind."
T19L13 "As HE is seen as either the giver of guilt or of salvation, so will his OFFERING be seen, and so RECEIVED."
T20C10 "Now are the lilies of his innocence untouched by guilt, and perfectly protected from the cold chill of fear and withering blight of sin alike."
T21D1 "And in this "fairness," you attempt to ease the guilt that comes from the accepted PURPOSE of the relationship."
T22B5 "Let not your fear of sin protect it from correction, for the attraction of guilt is ONLY fear."
T22C2 "Illusions carry ONLY guilt and suffering, sickness and death, to their believers."
T22C5 "The ego will assure you now that it is IMPOSSIBLE for you to see NO guilt in anyone."
T22C5 "And, if THIS vision is the ONLY means by which ESCAPE from guilt can be attained, then the belief in sin must be eternal."
T22C5 "Therefore, says reason, if escape from guilt was given to the Holy Spirit as His purpose, and by One to Whom NOTHING He wills CAN BE impossible, the means for its attainment are MORE than possible."
T23A4 "There CAN be no attraction of guilt in innocence."
T23A4 "Do not give up this world of freedom, for a little sigh of seeming sin, nor for a tiny stirring of guilt's attraction."
T23D1 "Its sole intent is murder, and what FORM of murder serves to cover the massive guilt and frantic fear of punishment the murderer MUST feel?"
T23D2 "For no-one THINKS of murder, and escapes the guilt the thought entails."
T23D7 "Can guilt be ABSENT from a battlefield?"
T23E6 "There is a stab of pain, a twinge of guilt, and, above all, a LOSS OF PEACE."
T24A2 "It is the OUTCOME of belief, and follows it as surely as does suffering follow guilt, and freedom sinlessness."
T24D1 "And thus HIS secret guilt would disappear, forgiven by himself."
T24E1 "And such is guilt's attraction."
T25C2 "In NO respect, at ANY time or place, has ANYTHING but fear and guilt been your reward."
T25D1 "To the extent to which you value guilt, to that extent will you perceive a world in which attack is justified."
T25D1 "To the extent to which you recognize that guilt is meaningless, to that extent will you perceive attack cannot BE justified."
T25E1 "Minds that are joined, AND RECOGNIZE THEY ARE, can feel no guilt."
T25E4 "And all their evil thoughts and sinful hopes, their dreams of guilt and merciless revenge, and every wish to hurt and kill and die, will disappear before the sun you bring."
T25F1 "The NEED for guilt is gone, because it has no purpose, and is meaningless without the goal of sin."
T26H2 "Guilt ASKS FOR punishment, and its request is granted."
T26H7 "Perhaps you do not see the role forgiveness plays in ending death, and ALL beliefs that rise from mists of guilt."
T26H13 "God's Son could never be content with LESS than full salvation, and ESCAPE from guilt."
T26K4 "In this view, you seek to find an innocence which is NOT Theirs, but yours alone, and at the cost of someone ELSE's guilt."
T26K4 "Can innocence be purchased by the giving of YOUR guilt to someone else?"
T26K4 "Whatever way the game of guilt is played, THERE MUST BE LOSS."
T27A2 "Wish not to make yourself a living symbol of his guilt, for you will NOT escape the death you make for him, and in HIS innocence you find your own."
T27B1 "And what was martyred to his guilt becomes the perfect witness to his innocence."
T27B2 "For sickness is the witness to his guilt, and death would prove his errors MUST be sins."
T27B3 "And everything that it has shown to him have you believed, BECAUSE it witnessed to the guilt in him, which you perceived and loved."
T27B4 "Attest his innocence and NOT his guilt."
T27B5 "Its ONLY purpose is TO PROVE GUILT REAL."
T27B5 "Adornment of the body seeks to show how lovely are the witnesses for guilt."
T27B7 "For it becomes the symbol of reproach, the sign of guilt whose consequences still are there to see, so that the cause can NEVER be denied."
T27B10 "The simple way to let this be achieved is merely this; to let the body have no purpose from the past, when you were sure you KNEW its purpose was to foster guilt."
T27C1 "He may be PITIED for his guilt, but NOT exonerated."
T27C1 "And if you forgive him his transgressions, you but ADD to all the guilt that he has really earned."
T27C2 "They would retain the CONSEQUENCES of the guilt they overlook."
T27C4 "And how COULD his innocence be justified UNLESS his sins have no effect to WARRANT guilt?"
T27C6 "This call has power FAR beyond the weak and miserable cry of death and guilt."
T27C6 "But it is given you to SHOW him, by your healing, that his guilt is but the fabric of a senseless dream."
T27C7 "For they bestow an equal gift of full deliverance from guilt upon your brother AND yourself."
T27C7 "Your health is a result of your desire to see your brother with no blood upon his hands, nor guilt upon his heart made heavy with the proof of sin."
T27C9 "The constant sting of guilt he suffers serves to prove that he is slave, and they are free."
T27C10 "It belongs to One Who knows of fairness, NOT of guilt."
T27H6 "And this is where YOUR guilt was first beheld."
T27H7 "Of one thing you were sure; of all the many causes you perceived as bringing pain and suffering to you, your guilt was NOT among them."
T27H14 "The dream of guilt is fading from your sight, although your eyes are closed."
T27I7 "The guilt for what YOU thought is being placed OUTSIDE yourself, and on a guilty world which dreams your dreams, and thinks your thoughts INSTEAD of you."
T27I8 "But, once deluded into blaming THEM, you will not see the CAUSE of what they do BECAUSE you want the guilt to rest on them."
T27I8 "How childish is this petulant device to keep your innocence by pushing guilt OUTSIDE yourself, but NEVER letting go!"
T27I13 "When you forgive the world YOUR guilt, YOU will be free of it."
T27I13 "Its innocence does NOT demand your guilt, nor does YOUR guiltlessness rest on ITS sins."
T28A2 "All the effects of guilt are here no more."
T28A2 "For guilt is over."
T28B2 "But ONLY your desire made the link, and ONLY you have held it to a part of time where guilt appears to linger still."
T28C11 "The lesson is the MIND was sick that thought the body COULD be sick; projecting OUT its guilt caused NOTHING, and had NO effects."
T28C12 "They stand in shining silence next to every dream of pain and suffering, of sin and guilt."
T28D2 "If you WITHHOLD agreement, and accept the part YOU play in making sickness real, the other mind cannot project its guilt without your aid in LETTING it perceive itself as separate and apart from YOU."
T28D7 "The miracle would leave NO proof of guilt, to bring you witness to what never WAS."
T29C3 "For pain and sin are ONE illusion, as are hate and fear, attack and guilt but one."
T29C3 "No more is pain your friend and guilt your god, and you should WELCOME the effects of love."
T29J2 "Judge not, because you make yourself a PART of evil dreams, where idols are your "true" identity, and your salvation from the judgment laid, in terror and in guilt, upon yourself."
T29J9 "For, beneath your hope that it will save you, lie the guilt and pain of self-betrayal and uncertainty, so deep and bitter that the dream can not conceal completely all your sense of doom."
T30F1 "Fear is NOT its goal, and the ESCAPE from guilt becomes its aim."
T30F2 "The folly of pursuing guilt as GOAL is fully recognized."
T30F2 "And idols are not wanted there, for guilt is recognized as the sole cause of pain in any form."
T30F5 "For only then can guilt and sin be seen WITHOUT a purpose, and as meaningless."
T30F5 "Thus is the real world's purpose gently brought into awareness, to REPLACE the goal of sin and guilt."
T30F8 "And when an idol tempts you, think of this; there never was a time an idol brought you ANYTHING except the "gift" of guilt."
T30G3 "While you regard it as a gift unwarranted, it MUST uphold the guilt you would "forgive.""
T30G6 "And you have set a goal of partial pardon and a limited escape from guilt FOR YOU."
T30G7 "And you could NOT escape all guilt, but only SOME of it."
T30G7 "Salvation rests on faith there CANNOT be some forms of guilt which you can NOT forgive."
T30G8 "Nor will you KNOW him, if you think he does not merit the escape from guilt in ALL its forms and ALL its consequence."
T30G9 "Here is the joyful statement that there are NO forms of evil which can overcome the Will of God; the glad acknowledgment that guilt has NOT succeeded, by your wish, to make illusions real."
T30I6 "As he is healed are YOU made free of guilt, and his appearance IS your own to you."
T31A9 "For God were fear indeed, if he whom He created innocent could be a slave to guilt."
T31A9 "But in guilt he has forgotten what he really is."
T31C5 "Here are the thoughts of sacrifice preserved, for here guilt rules, and orders that the world be like itself; a place where nothing can find mercy, or survive the ravages of fear except in murder and in death."
T31C6 "You will not WANT to hold in guilt your chosen enemies, nor keep in chains to the illusion of a changing love the ones you think are friends."
T31E12 "But this gain is paid in almost equal loss, for now YOU stand accused of guilt for what your BROTHER is."
T31E12 "And you must SHARE his guilt, because you chose it FOR him, in the image of your own."
T31E16 "When every concept has been raised to doubt and question, and been recognized as made on NO assumptions that would stand the light, then is the truth left free to enter in its sanctuary clean and free of guilt."
T31F2 "And constancy arises in the sight of those whose eyes salvation has released from looking at the cost of keeping guilt, because they chose to let it go instead."
T31G3 "No longer did you choose that you should be the sign of "evil" and of guilt in him."
T31G9 "The veil across the Face of Christ, the fear of God and of salvation, and the love of guilt and death, - they all are different names for just ONE error; that there is a space between you and your brother, kept apart by an illusion of yourself which holds him off from you, and you away from him."
W39L1 "If guilt is hell, what is its opposite?"
W39L2 "If guilt is hell, what is its opposite?"
W39L2 "But do you believe that guilt is hell?"
W39L4 "Your holiness means the end of guilt, and therefore the end of hell."
W39L10 "End each practice period by repeating the idea in its original form once more, and adding: "If guilt is hell, what is its opposite?""
W58L4 "Since my holiness saves me from all guilt, recognizing my holiness is recognizing my salvation."
W62L3 "It will take away all fear and guilt and pain."
W68L3 "It is as sure that those who hold grievances will suffer guilt as it is certain that those who forgive will find peace."
W70L1 "So, too, does the source of guilt."
W70L1 "You see neither guilt nor salvation as in your own mind, and nowhere else."
W70L1 "When you realize that all guilt is solely an invention of your mind, you must also realize that guilt and salvation must be in the same place."
W70L3 "It may not, however, be clear to you why the recognition that guilt is in your own mind entails the realization that salvation is there as well."
W73L3 "Your will is lost to you in this strange bartering, in which guilt is traded back and forth, and grievances increase with each exchange."
W105L1 "These are not gifts, but bargains made with guilt."
W133L11 "If you feel any guilt about your choice, you have allowed the ego's goals to come between the real alternatives, and thus you do not realize there are but two."
W134L5 "Guilt can not be forgiven."
W134L5 "If you sin, your guilt is everlasting."
W134L7 "It does not heed the self-accusing shrieks of sinners mad with guilt."
W134L8 "By its ability to overlook what is not there, it opens up the way to truth, which had been blocked by dreams of guilt."
W134L10 "Thus will you see alternatives for choice in terms which render choosing meaningful, and keep your mind as free of guilt and pain as God Himself intended it to be, and as it is in truth."
W134L10 "Forgiveness stands between illusions and the truth, between the world you see and that which lies beyond, between the hell of guilt and Heaven's gate."
W138L10 "Yet who can fail to make a choice between alternatives when only one is seen as valuable; the other as a wholly worthless thing, a but imagined source of guilt and pain?"
W140L4 "Sickness where guilt is absent cannot come, for it is but another form of guilt."
W140L4 "It takes away the guilt that makes the sickness possible."
W151L4 "It guides your senses carefully, to prove how weak you are; how helpless and afraid, how apprehensive of just punishment, how black with sin, how wretched in your guilt."
W151L5 "It is within itself it sees the guilt."
W151L9 "Whom He has judged can only laugh at guilt, unwilling now to play with toys of sin, unheeding of the body's witnesses before the rapture of His holy Face."
W151L17 "Through your transfiguration is the world redeemed and joyfully released from guilt."
W153L13 "You who have played that you are lost to hope, abandoned by your Father, left alone in terror in a fearful world made mad by sin and guilt, be happy now."
W153L13 "Now a quiet time has come in which we put away the toys of guilt, and lock our quaint and childish thoughts of sin forever from the pure and holy minds of Heaven's children and the Son of God."
W154L4 "It is this Voice which speaks of laws the world does not obey; Which promises salvation from all sin, with guilt abolished in the mind which God created sinless."
W156L1 "It promises there is no cause for guilt, and being causeless it does not exist."
W158L7 "It beholds a light beyond the body; an idea beyond what can be touched, a purity undimmed by errors, pitiful mistakes, and fearful thoughts of guilt from dreams of sin."
W162L5 "Who could despair when perfect joy is yours, available to all as remedy for grief and misery, all sense of loss, and for complete escape from sin and guilt?"
W192L4 "Forgiveness is the means by which the fear of death is overcome because it holds no fierce attraction now, and guilt is gone."
W193L5 "These are the words with which temptation ends and guilt, abandoned, is revered no more."
W194L2 "Accept today's idea, and you have passed all anxiety, all pits of hell, all blackness of depression, thoughts of sin, and devastation brought about by guilt."
W197L2 "How easily are God and guilt confused by those who know not what their thoughts can do."
W197L2 "Nor will you leave the prison house or claim your strength until guilt and salvation are not seen as one, and freedom and salvation are perceived as joined, with strength beside them, to be sought and claimed and found and fully recognized."
W223L2 "We would look upon our sinlessness, for guilt proclaims that we are not Your Son."
W224L1 "My true identity is so secure, so lofty, sinless, glorious and great, wholly beneficent and free from guilt, that Heaven looks to It to give it light."
W234L1 "Today we will anticipate the time when dreams of sin and guilt are gone, and we have reached again the holy place we never left."
W235L2 "I have no guilt nor sin in me, for there is none in You.""
W239L1 "Can we see in those with whom He shares His glory any trace of sin and guilt?"
W250W44 "The Son of God may play he has become a body, prey to evil and to guilt, with but a little life that ends in death."
W259L1 "What else but sin could be the source of guilt, demanding punishment and suffering?"
W289L2 "Here is the end of guilt."
W290W84 "The real world is the symbol that the dream of sin and guilt is over, and God's Son no longer sleeps."
W313L1 "Now let His true perception come to me, that I may waken from the dream of guilt and look within upon my sinlessness, which You have kept completely undefiled upon the altar to Your holy Son, the Self with Which I would identify.""
W330W123 "What can he know of fear and punishment, of sin and guilt, of hatred and attack, when all there is surrounding him is everlasting peace, forever conflict-free and undisturbed, in deepest silence and tranquility?"
M5E1 "It is a verdict of guilt upon a brother and therefore on oneself."
M5K1 "As the projection of guilt upon him would send him to hell, so open-mindedness lets Christ's image be projected on him."
M6C3 "Herein is the release from guilt and sickness both, for they are one."
M6C4 "What do guilt and sickness, pain, disaster and all suffering mean now?"
M15A1 "The illusion of forgiveness, complete, excluding no-one, limitless in gentleness, will cover it, hiding all evil, concealing all sin and ending guilt forever."
M15A1 "So ends the world that guilt had made, for now it has no purpose and is gone."
M15A2 "A gentle Savior, born where sin was made and guilt seemed real."
M18A5 "And herein lies the birthplace of guilt."
M18A7 "They can but reawaken sleeping guilt, which you have hidden but have not let go."
M18A7 "For in that thought has guilt already raised madness to the throne of God Himself."
M18A8 "Magic thoughts need not lead to condemnation, for they do not really have the power to give rise to guilt."
M19A2 "And now is guilt forgiven, overlooked completely in His sight and in God's Word."
M19A3 "Anger but screeches, "Guilt is real!""
M30A3 "To follow the Holy Spirit's guidance is to let yourself be absolved of guilt."
M30A4 "And therefore incapable of arousing guilt."
U2A5 "WRONG-MINDEDNESS listens to the ego and makes illusions; perceiving sin and justifying anger, and seeing guilt, disease and death as real."
U5A2 "For everything they see not only will not last, but lends itself to thoughts of sin and guilt."
U5A2 "While everything that God created is forever without sin and therefore is forever without guilt."
U5A5 "From sin comes guilt as surely as forgiveness takes all guilt away."
U5A5 "And once all guilt is gone what more remains to keep a separated world in place?"
U5A6 "What remedy can guilt expect?"
U5A6 "But seen within your mind, guilt and forgiveness for an instant lie together, side by side, upon one altar."
U5A7 "For where God's memory has come at last there is no journey, no belief in sin, no walls, no bodies, and the grim appeal of guilt and death is there snuffed out forever."
U6A6 "Forget your dreams of sin and guilt, and come with me instead to share the resurrection of God's Son."
P3E1 "What, then, can illness be except an expression of sorrow and of guilt?"
P3E2 "Illness can be but guilt's shadow, grotesque and ugly since it mimics deformity."
P3E3 "The descent into hell follows step by step in an inevitable course, once the decision that guilt is real has been made."
P3E10 "This is the corollary of the "original sin"; the belief that guilt is real and fully justified."
P3E10 "It is therefore the psychotherapist's function to teach that guilt, being unreal, cannot be justified."
P3E11 "Relieve the mind of the insane burden of guilt it carries so wearily, and healing is accomplished."
P3F7 "And as we see the sinlessness in him come shining through the veil of guilt that shrouds the Son of God, we will behold in him the Face of Christ, and understand that it is but our own."
P3G1 "The hanging-on to guilt, its hugging-close and sheltering, its loving protection and alert defense, -- all this is but the grim refusal to forgive."
P3H4 "His patient's failures thus became his own mistakes, and guilt became the cover, dark and strong, for what should be the Holiness of Christ."
P3H4 "Guilt is inevitable in those who use their judgment in making their decisions."
P3H4 "Guilt is impossible in those through whom the Holy Spirit speaks."
P3H5 "The passing of guilt is the true aim of therapy and the obvious aim of forgiveness."
P3H5 "Yet who could experience the end of guilt who feels responsible for his brother in the role of guide for him?"
P3H8 "The same are one, and nothing now can be remembered of the world of guilt."
S1C3 "It is possible at this level to continue to ask for things of this world in various forms, but it is also possible to ask for qualities such as honesty or goodness, and particularly for forgiveness for the many sources of guilt that inevitably underlie any prayer of need."
S1C3 "Without guilt there is no scarcity."
S1D1 "Praying for others, if rightly understood, becomes a means for lifting your projections of guilt from your brother, and enabling you to recognize it is not he who is hurting you."
S1D1 "The poisonous thought that he IS your enemy, your evil counterpart, your nemesis, must be relinquished before YOU can be saved from guilt."
S1D2 "Nor do they come from one who understands that they are calls for death, made out of fear by those who cherish guilt."
S1D4 "Guilt must be given up, and not concealed."
S1D5 "His real escape from guilt can lie only in the recognition that the guilt has gone."
S1D5 "You have made of him your salvation and your escape from guilt."
S1D7 "It is not easy to realize that prayers for things, for status, for external "gifts" of any kind, are always made to set up jailers and to hide from guilt."
S2B1 "Guilt becomes salvation, and the remedy appears to be a terrible alternative to life."
S2B2 "Forgiveness-to-destroy will overlook no sin, no crime, no guilt that it can find and "love.""
S2B7 "Who sees no evil in it sees like Him, for what He has forgiven has not sinned, and guilt can be no more."
S2C3 "This can appear to be a humble act, and can indeed become a rivalry in baseness and in guilt."
S2C5 "It shows the face of suffering and pain, in silent proof of guilt and of the ravages of sin."
S2C5 "But having made him enemy, he must accept the guilt and heavy-laid reproach that thus is put upon him."
S2C5 "Or is it rather treachery to one who needs salvation from the pain of guilt?"
S2C5 "What is it for, except to keep the witnesses of guilt away from love?"
S2C6 "And you will seek to rid yourself of guilt in further bargains which can give no hope, but only greater pain and misery."
S2C7 "Would you try to reinforce his guilt and thus your own?"
S2D6 "About the end of sin and guilt and death."
S3E5 "Now healing is impossible, for on Him lies the blame for your deception and your guilt."
G1A3 "And you will think that God has ceased to care for you who have betrayed the Son He loves, and chosen fear and guilt to be their friends."

Quotes on "Guilty"

T1B3E "Do not feel guilty about the fact that you are doubting this."
T1B41AX "Bill was somewhat less guilty of this than you, but largely because he was more afraid."
T4E8 "When you feel guilty, KNOW that your ego has indeed violated the laws of God, but YOU have not."
T5G4 "It follows, then, that if you identify WITH the ego, you MUST perceive yourself as guilty."
T5I18 "If you allow yourself to feel guilty, you will reinforce the error, rather than allowing it to be undone FOR you."
T5I20 "I do NOT feel guilty, because the Holy Spirit will undo ALL the consequences of my wrong decision IF I WILL LET HIM."
T6B15 "If the Apostles had not felt guilty, they never could have quoted ME as saying, "I come not to bring peace but a sword.""
T6B18 "The upside down nature of this association is so obvious that he could only have made it BECAUSE he felt guilty."
T9K12 "If God knows His children as wholly sinless, it is blasphemous to perceive them as guilty."
T11H15 "For as long as you feel guilty, you are listening to the voice of the ego, which tells you that you HAVE been treacherous to God, AND THEREFORE DESERVE DEATH."
T11J1 "If you did not feel guilty, you could not attack."
T11J4 "But you will NOT realize this, until you accept the eternal fact that GOD'S SON IS NOT GUILTY."
T11J7 "As long as you believe the Son of God is guilty, you will walk along this carpet, believing that it leads to death."
T12A2 "But you have no idea that you are failing the Son of God, by seeing HIM as guilty."
T12B7 "Your "guilty secret" is nothing, and if you will but bring it to light, the Light WILL dispel it."
T13C1 "The guilty ALWAYS condemn, and HAVING done so, they WILL condemn, linking the future to the past, as is the ego's law."
T13C1 "And those who follow them believe that THEY are guilty, and so they MUST condemn."
T13C4 "When you condemn a brother, you are saying, "I who WAS guilty choose to REMAIN so.""
T13C5 "The idea that the guiltless Son of God can attack himself, and MAKE him guilty, IS insane."
T13C6 "See no-one, then, as guilty, and you will affirm the truth of guiltlessness UNTO YOURSELF."
T13C8 "For those who see their brothers dark, and guilty in the dark in which they shroud them, are too afraid to look upon the light within."
T13D4 "When you maintain that YOU are guilty, but the source LIES IN THE PAST, you are NOT looking inward."
T13H4 "You are guilty OR guiltless, bound OR free, happy OR unhappy."
T13H14 "And you WILL feel guilty for this imagined "crime," which no one in this world, or Heaven, CAN POSSIBLY commit."
T13I4 "You WILL feel guilty 'til you learn this."
T14A1 "Accepting His Son as guilty is denial of the Father so complete, that knowledge is swept away from recognition, in the very mind where God Himself has placed it."
T14B1 "The guiltless and the guilty are totally incapable of understanding one another."
T14B11 "Whomever you perceive as guilty, you would crucify."
T14B11 "It SEES AS GUILTY, and BY its condemnation, IT WOULD KILL."
T15B1 "How can the guilty hope for Heaven?"
T15F3 "To be alone IS to be guilty."
T15H2 "For the ego REALLY BELIEVES that it can get, and KEEP, by MAKING GUILTY."
T15H6 "Yet to make guilty IS direct attack, but does not SEEM to be."
T15H6 "For the guilty EXPECT attack, and, having ASKED for it, they are ATTRACTED to it."
T15H10 "ALL anger is nothing more than an attempt to MAKE SOMEONE FEEL GUILTY, and this attempt is the ONLY basis which the ego accepts for special relationships."
T15H11 "And, if you think it IS, you will feel guilty about COMMUNICATION, and will be AFRAID to hear the Holy Spirit, recognizing in His voice, your OWN need to communicate."
T16F1 "Whatever form they take, they are always an attack on the self, TO MAKE THE OTHER GUILTY."
T16F1 "Very simply, the attempt to make guilty is ALWAYS directed against God."
T16F1 "For the ego would have you see Him, AND HIM ALONE, as guilty, leaving the Sonship OPEN to attack, and unprotected against it."
T16F2 "No-one considers it bizarre to love and hate together, and even those who believe that hate is "sin", merely feel guilty, but do NOT correct it."
T16F7 "He feels guilty for the "sin" of TAKING, and of giving nothing of value in return."
T18G2 "Yet a body CANNOT be guilty, for it can do nothing of itself."
T19C1 "And thus the mind IS guilty, and will forever so remain, unless a mind NOT part of it can give it absolution."
T19C2 "It assumes the Son of God IS guilty, and has thus SUCCEEDED in losing his innocence, and making himself what God created NOT."
T19C3 "There is NOTHING he can do that would REALLY change his reality in ANY way, nor make him REALLY guilty."
T19G7 "I ask for your forgiveness, for if YOU are guilty, so must I be."
T19H8 "Who would accuse, make guilty and condemn HIMSELF?The"
T21G2 "Who looks upon himself as guilty, and sees a sinless world?"
T23C10 "Thus do the guilty ones protest their innocence."
T25F2 "And who, BECAUSE he wishes to attack, can FAIL to think it MUST be guilty, to DESERVE the wish and leave HIM innocent?"
T26C4 "If the Son of God is guilty, then is he condemned, and he DESERVES no mercy from the God of justice."
T26C4 "But ask not God to punish him because YOU find him guilty, and would have him die."
T26H11 "Its failure lies in that you STILL FEEL guilty, though without understanding WHY."
T27A2 "But every pain you suffer do you see as proof that HE is guilty of attack."
T27C11 "And thus does he become your victim, NOT your brother, DIFFERENT from you in that he is MORE GUILTY, thus in need of your correction, as the one MORE INNOCENT than he."
T27I13 "Now need you but to learn that BOTH of you are innocent OR guilty."
T30G4 "No-one who sees himself as guilty CAN avoid the fear of God."
T30I6 "Be not made guilty and afraid when you are tempted by a dream of what he is."
T31A4 "You who have taught yourselves the Son of God is guilty, say not that you cannot learn the simple things salvation teaches you."
T31A7 "The certain outcome of the lesson that God's Son is guilty is the world you see."
T31A10 "The fear of God results as surely from the lesson that His Son is guilty as God's Love must be remembered when he LEARNS his innocence."
T31C2 "You answer "yes" WHENEVER you attack, for BY attack do you assert that you are guilty, and must give as you deserve."
T31E14 "To see a guilty world is but the sign your learning has been guided by the world, and you behold it as you see yourself."
T31G1 "In this world's concepts are the guilty "bad;" the "good" are innocent."
T31G7 "At least you merely look on darkness, and perceive the terrified imaginings that come from guilty thoughts and concepts born of fear."
W46L6 "You might say, for example: "I cannot be guilty because I am a Son of God.""
W58L1 "Having forgiven, I no longer see myself as guilty."
W152L6 "What can He know of the ephemeral, the sinful and the guilty, the afraid, the suffering and lonely, and the mind which lives within a body that must die?"
W152L9 "We lay aside the arrogance which says that we are sinners, guilty and afraid, ashamed of what we are."
W163L2 "Embodiment of fear, the host of sin, god of the guilty and the lord of all illusions and deceptions, does the thought of death seem mighty."
W198L10 "Be kind to both, as you forgive the trespasses you thought them guilty of, and see your innocence shining upon you from the Face of Christ."
M8A5 "Perhaps there is a guilty embarrassment stemming from false humility."
M18A7 "An angry Father pursues His guilty Son."
P3E2 "Once God's Son is seen as guilty, illness becomes inevitable."
S1D4 "To the guilty there seems indeed to be a real advantage in having enemies, and this imagined gain must go, if enemies are to be set free."
S2B4 "Only in someone else can you forgive yourself, for you have called him guilty of your sins, and in him must your innocence be found."

Quotes on "Guiltily"

T15F9 "For in the holy instant, FREE of the past, you see that LOVE IS IN YOU, and you HAVE no need to look WITHOUT, and snatch it guiltily from where you THOUGHT it was."
T17D2 "You bring them with you ONLY that you may "return" evil FOR evil, hoping that THEIR witness will enable you to think guiltily of another, and NOT harm yourself."

Quotes on "Guiltless"

T5G9 "The guiltless mind cannot suffer."
T11J7 "As you look upon yourselves and judge what you do honestly, as you have been asked to do, you may be tempted to wonder how you can be guiltless."
T11J7 "You are NOT guiltless in time, but IN ETERNITY."
T11J9 "You will see me as you learn the Son of God is guiltless."
T11J9 "For the Son of God is guiltless NOW, and the brightness of his purity shines untouched forever in God's Mind."
T11J10 "And ONLY as you look upon him as guiltless, can you understand his Oneness."
T11J12 "You are invulnerable BECAUSE you are guiltless."
T11J13 "For God has never condemned His Son, and being guiltless, he IS eternal."
T11J15 "As He looks upon the guiltless Son of God, he KNOWS this is true."
T11J15 "You, then, ARE saved BECAUSE God's Son is guiltless."
T12B7 "For you will remember His guiltless Son, who did not die because he is immortal."
T12B7 "For the redeemed son of man IS the guiltless Son of God, and to recognize HIM, IS your redemption."
T12E11 "Beyond your darkest dreams, He sees God's guiltless Son within you, shining in perfect radiance, which is undimmed by your dreams."
T12F8 "God's guiltless Son is ONLY light."
T13C4 "You do NOT believe the Son of God is guiltless, because you see the past, and see HIM not."
T13D9 "There is no fear in love, for love is guiltless."
T13D11 "No-one who condemns a brother, can see HIMSELF as guiltless in the peace of God."
T13D11 "If he IS guiltless and in peace, AND SEES IT NOT, he IS delusional, and has NOT looked upon himself."
T13D12 "I thank You, Father, for the purity of Your most holy Son, whom Thou hast created guiltless forever."
T13H1 "The guiltless learner learns so easily, BECAUSE HIS THOUGHTS ARE FREE."
T13H3 "If I am guiltless, I have nothing to fear."
T13H7 "Therefore, make your INVULNERABILITY manifest to everyone, and teach him that, WHATEVER he may try to do to you, your perfect freedom from the belief that you can BE harmed, shows him HE is guiltless."
T13I2 "You who belong to the First Cause, created by Him like unto Himself, and part of Him, are more than merely guiltless."
T14A1 "Unless you are guiltless you cannot know God, Whose Will is that you know Him."
T14A1 "Therefore, you MUST be guiltless."
T14B3 "Each one of you has a special part to play in the Atonement, but the message given to each to share is always the same; GOD's SON IS GUILTLESS."
T14B10 "In guiltlessness we know Him, as He knows us guiltless."
T14B11 "But you RESTORE guiltlessness to whomever you SEE as guiltless."
T14D10 "In the darkness you have obscured the glory God gave you, and the power that He bestowed upon His guiltless Son."
T15B9 "And change is an illusion, taught by those who could not see themselves as guiltless."
T19J9 "What can attack the guiltless?"
T19L11 "See him as guiltless as I look on you, and OVERLOOK the sins he THINKS he sees within himself."
T27C4 "How else COULD he be guiltless?"
T31A8 "The outcome of the lesson that God's Son is guiltless is a world in which there is no fear, and everything is lit with hope, and sparkles with a gentle friendliness."
W98L3 "The guiltless have no fear, for they are safe and recognize their safety."
M2A3 "Its central theme is always, "God's Son is guiltless, and in his innocence is his salvation.""
M11A2 "It is the only Judgment there is, and it is only one: "God's Son is guiltless, and sin does not exist.""
M28A7 "Nothing but this; the realization that the Son of God is guiltless now and forever."

Quotes on "Guiltlessness"

T11J9 "He has always sought his guiltlessness, and he has FOUND it."
T11J9 "For his eternal guiltlessness is in the mind of his Father, and protects him forever."
T11J13 "Accepting the Atonement teaches you WHAT IMMORTALITY IS, for by accepting your guiltlessness, you learn that the past has never been, and so the future is needless."
T11J13 "Accepting the guiltlessness of the Son of God AS YOURS is therefore God's way of reminding you of His Son, and what he is in truth."
T12B1 "But let it perceive guiltlessness ANYWHERE, and it will try to destroy it, because it is afraid."
T12B4 "When it was confronted with the REAL guiltlessness of God's Son, it DID attempt to kill him."
T12B4 "And the reason it gave was that guiltlessness is blasphemous to God."
T12B5 "And you do NOT realize that it is only your guiltlessness that CAN protect you."
T13D12 "For in our love of him IS your guiltlessness."
T13H2 "You are whole ONLY in your guiltlessness, and only in your guiltlessness, CAN you be happy."
T13H3 "I would accept my guiltlessness by making it manifest, and SHARING it."
T13H5 "The miracle teaches you that you have chosen guiltlessness, freedom, and joy."
T13H7 "The way to teach this simple lesson is merely this; guiltlessness IS invulnerability."
T13H17 "Then let Him teach you quietly how to perceive your guiltlessness, which is ALREADY there."
T13I1 "When you accept a brother's guiltlessness, you will SEE Atonement in him."
T13I1 "You will not see the symbol of your brother's guiltlessness shining within him, while you still believe IT IS NOT THERE."
T13I1 "HIS guiltlessness is YOUR Atonement."
T13I2 "The state of guiltlessness is only the condition in which what is NOT there has been REMOVED, from the disordered mind that THOUGHT it WAS."
T14A1 "He cannot be known without His Son, whose guiltlessness IS the condition for knowing Him."
T14A3 "The Atonement was established as the means of restoring guiltlessness to the mind which has denied it, and thus denied Heaven to Itself."
T14B6 "The miracle acknowledges the guiltlessness which MUST have been denied, to produce NEED of healing."
T14B11 "The Holy Spirit sees only guiltlessness, and, in His gentleness, He would RELEASE from fear, and re-establish the reign of love."
T14G8 "The miracle brings the effect which ONLY guiltlessness CAN bring, and thus establishes the fact that guiltlessness MUST BE."
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