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Quotes on "Idol"

T7F11 "One way shows you an image, or better, an idol which you may worship out of fear, but which you will never love."
T9I11 "To believe a Son of God is sick is to worship the same idol he does."
T9I11 "A sick god MUST be an idol, made in the image of what its maker thinks HE is."
T9I12 "Is this the idol you would worship?"
T9I12 "And you are willing to keep it hidden, to protect this idol, which you think will save you from dangers WHICH THE IDOL ITSELF STANDS FOR, but which do not exist."
T16F14 "And every idol that you raise to place BEFORE Him, stands before YOU, in place of what YOU are."
T24D2 "And yet this idol that seems to GIVE you power has taken it away."
T24D2 "For you have given your brother's birthright to it, leaving HIM alone and unforgiven, and yourself in sin beside him, both in misery, before the idol that can save you not."
T29H1 "For it will fail, and you will weep each time an idol falls."
T29H1 "Each idol that you worship when God calls will never answer in His place."
T29H3 "And each will fail him, all excepting one; for he will die, and does not understand the idol that he seeks IS but his death."
T29H3 "This is the purpose EVERY idol has, for this the role that is assigned to it, and this the role that cannot BE fulfilled."
T29H5 "No sadness and no suffering proclaims a message OTHER than an idol found, which represents a parody of life which, in its lifelessness, is really death, conceived as real and given living form."
T29H5 "No idol takes His place."
T29H8 "But YOU have made of your reality an idol, which you must protect AGAINST the light of truth."
T29H8 "And all the world becomes the means by which this idol can be saved."
T29H8 "An idol CANNOT take the place of God."
T29I1 "What is an idol?"
T29I1 "An idol is an image of your brother, which you would value MORE than what he IS."
T29I3 "An idol is a false impression, or a false belief; some form of anti-Christ which constitutes a gap BETWEEN the Christ and what you see."
T29I3 "An idol is a wish, made tangible and given form, and thus perceived as real, and seen OUTSIDE the mind."
T29I5 "What is an idol?"
T29I5 "An idol is ESTABLISHED by belief, and when it is withdrawn, the idol "dies.""
T29I7 "WHERE is an idol?"
T29I7 "An idol is beyond where God has set all things forever, and has left no room for anything EXCEPT His Will to be."
T29I7 "Nothing and nowhere MUST an idol be, while God is everything and everywhere."
T29I7 "What purpose has an idol, then?"
T29I8 "But MORE of SOMETHING is an idol FOR."
T29I8 "An idol is a means for getting MORE."
T29I9 "No idol can establish you as MORE than God."
T29J3 "Thus does an idol KEEP the dream alive and terrible."
T29J3 "And this the idol REPRESENTS, and so its worship IS the worship of despair and terror, and the dream from which they come."
T29J9 "Whenever you feel fear in any form, - and you ARE fearful if you do not feel a deep content, a certainty of help, a calm assurance Heaven goes with you, - be sure you made an idol, and believe it will betray you."
T30D2 "What idol can make two of what IS one?"
T30D2 "You do not WANT an idol."
T30D2 "So you see YOUR will within the idol, thus reducing it to a SPECIFIC form."
T30D3 "Behind the search for EVERY idol lies the yearning for completion."
T30D4 "It NEVER is the idol that you want."
T30D4 "What idol CAN be called upon to give the Son of God what he already HAS?"
T30D5 "What idol CAN he need to be himself?"
T30D10 "An idol OR the Thought God holds of you is your reality."
T30E6 "But you WILL understand that mighty changes have been quickly brought about, when you decide one very simple thing; you do not WANT whatever you believe an idol gives."
T30F6 "Perhaps they still look back, and think they see an idol that they want."
T30F8 "And when an idol tempts you, think of this; there never was a time an idol brought you ANYTHING except the "gift" of guilt."
T30F9 "And do not choose an idol thoughtlessly, remembering that he will pay the cost as well as you."
T30G7 "Or you will keep an image of yourself that is not whole, and will remain afraid to look within, and find escape from EVERY idol there."
T30G9 "But what you see as having power to make an idol of the Son of God, you will NOT pardon."
T31E1 "It is an idol, made to take the place of your reality as Son of God."
T31E3 "For it is here the world's reality is set, to see to it the idol lasts."
W92L4 "Strength is the truth about you; weakness is an idol falsely worshipped, and adored that strength may be dispelled, and darkness rule where God appointed that there should be light."
W163L4 "Here is the strength and might of God Himself perceived within an idol made of dust."
W170L8 "You make a choice, standing before this idol, seeing him exactly as he is."
W170L8 "Or will you make another idol to replace it?"
S3E3 "Do not ask partial healing, nor accept an idol for remembrance of Him Whose Love has never changed and never will."

Quotes on "Idols"

T9I7 "The destruction is no more real than the image, but those who make idols DO worship them."
T9I7 "The idols are nothing, but their worshippers are the Sons of God in sickness."
T9I13 "God's Son knows no idols, but He DOES know His Father."
T9J8 "When you have experienced the protection of God, the making of idols becomes inconceivable."
T20G3 "But idols do not share."
T20G3 "Idols ACCEPT, but never make return."
T20G4 "It wants them solely for the offerings on which its idols thrive."
T20G4 "Homeless, the ego seeks as many bodies as it can collect, to place its idols in, and so establish them as temples to itself."
T20G6 "Even the idols that are worshipped here are shrouded deep in mystery, and kept APART from those who worship them."
T20G9 "Idols MUST disappear, and leave no trace behind their going."
T20G11 "Here does the Son of God stop briefly by, to offer his devotion to death's idols, and then pass on."
T21C7 "Where THEY should be, YOU have set up your idols to something ELSE."
T29H3 "The lingering illusion will impel him to seek out a thousand idols, and to seek beyond them for a thousand more."
T29H4 "Idols must fall BECAUSE they have no life, and what is lifeless IS a sign of death."
T29H5 "All idols of this world were made to keep the truth within from being known to you, and to maintain allegiance to the dream that you must find what is OUTSIDE of you to be complete and happy."
T29H5 "It is vain to worship idols in the hope of peace."
T29H5 "Look not to idols."
T29H6 "For otherwise, the future WILL be like the past, and but a series of depressing dreams, in which all idols fail you, one by one, and you see death and disappointment everywhere."
T29H6 "You try to see in it a place of idols, found outside yourself, with power to make complete what is within by splitting what you are BETWEEN the two."
T29H7 "And idols do what you would have them do, and HAVE the power you ascribe to them."
T29H7 "And speed the end of idols in the world made sad and sick by seeing idols there."
T29H7 "Your holy minds are altars unto God, and where He is NO idols can abide."
T29H8 "The fear of God is but the fear of loss of idols."
T29H8 "Let Him remind you of His Love for you, and do not seek to drown His Voice in chants of deep despair to idols of yourself."
T29I1 "For idols are unrecognized as such, and never seen for what they really are."
T29I1 "Idols are made that HE may be replaced, no matter what their form."
T29I2 "Idols are but substitutes for your reality."
T29I2 "No-one believes in idols who has not enslaved himself to littleness and loss."
T29I4 "This world of idols IS a veil across the Face of Christ BECAUSE its purpose is to separate your brother from yourself."
T29I6 "Here the world of idols has been set by the idea this power and place and time are given form, and shape the world where the impossible has happened."
T29I8 "The world BELIEVES in idols."
T29I8 "Each worshipper of idols harbors hope his SPECIAL deities will give him MORE than other men possess."
T29I9 "In Heaven would the Son of God but laugh, if idols could intrude upon his peace."
T29I9 "It is for HIM the Holy Spirit speaks, and tells you idols HAVE no purpose here."
T29I9 "If Heaven is within why would you seek for idols which would make of Heaven less, to give you MORE than God bestowed upon your brother AND on you, as One with Him?"
T29J1 "The slave of idols is a WILLING slave."
T29J1 "What happened to the holy Son of God, that this could BE his wish; to let himself fall lower than the stones upon the ground, and look to idols that they raise him up?"
T29J2 "Judge not, for he who judges WILL have need of idols, which will hold the judgment off from resting on himself."
T29J2 "Judge not, because you make yourself a PART of evil dreams, where idols are your "true" identity, and your salvation from the judgment laid, in terror and in guilt, upon yourself."
T29J2 "All figures in the dream are idols, made to save you FROM the dream."
T29J3 "And WISH to be the slave of idols, who are interposed BETWEEN your judgment and the penalty it brings."
T29J4 "For idols MUST be part of it, to save you from what you believe you have accomplished, and have done to make you sinful, and put out the Light within you."
T29J4 "You do but dream, and idols are the toys you dream you play with."
T29J7 "They are not seen as idols which betray."
T29J9 "Your self-betrayal MUST result in fear, and fear IS judgment, leading surely to the frantic search for idols and for death."
T29J10 "So do your childish terrors melt away, and dreams become a sign that you have made a new beginning, NOT another try to worship idols, and to KEEP attack."
T30B10 "For they are made with idols or with God."
T30D1 "Idols are quite specific."
T30D1 "Idols are LIMITS; they are the belief that there are FORMS which will bring happiness, and that, BY limiting, is all attained."
T30D1 "Decide for idols, and you ask for LOSS."
T30D5 "Beyond ALL idols stands his holy will to be but what he IS."
T30D8 "But those who seek for idols CANNOT know this star is there."
T30D9 "Beyond all idols is the Thought God holds of you."
T30D9 "Here is your ONE reality kept safe, completely unaware of all the world that worships idols, and that knows not God."
T30D10 "Forget not, then, that idols MUST keep hidden what you are, NOT from the Mind of God, but from your own."
T30E1 "And this you knew when you made idols."
T30E1 "All idols ARE the false ideas you made to fill the gap you think arose between yourself and what is true."
T30E5 "Look calmly at its toys, and understand that they are idols which but dance to vain desires."
T30E6 "His idols do not threaten him at all."
T30E6 "For thus the Son of God declares that he is free of idols."
T30F1 "The VALUE of forgiveness is perceived, and TAKES THE PLACE of idols, which are sought no longer, for their "gifts" are not held dear."
T30F2 "And idols are not wanted there, for guilt is recognized as the sole cause of pain in any form."
T30F5 "The real world is a state in which the mind has learned how easily do idols go when they are still perceived, but wanted not."
T30F5 "How willingly the mind can let them go when it has understood that idols are nothing and nowhere, AND ARE PURPOSELESS."
T30F6 "Yet has their path been surely set AWAY from idols toward reality, for when they joined their hands, it was Christ's hand they took."
T30G6 "This means that you prefer to keep SOME idols, and are not prepared, as yet, to let ALL idols go."
T30I3 "But it IS an assertion that some FORMS of idols have a powerful appeal which makes them HARDER to resist than those you would not WANT to have reality."
T31E6 "They are ideas of idols painted with the brushes of the world, which cannot make a single picture representing truth."
W50L4 "It is a declaration of release from the belief in idols."
W58L3 "In the presence of my holiness, which I share with God Himself, all idols vanish."
W61L1 "It does not refer to any of the characteristics with which you have endowed your idols."
W70L8 "Since all illusions of salvation have failed you, surely you do not want to remain in the clouds looking vainly for idols there, when you could so easily walk on into the light of real salvation."
W84L2 "I will worship no idols, nor raise my own self-concepts to replace my Self."
W93L2 "That you have sought salvation in strange ways; have been deceived, deceiving and afraid of foolish fantasies and savage dreams; and have bowed down to idols made of dust; all this is true by what you now believe."
W93L9 "Try not to interfere with the Self Which God created as you by hiding Its majesty behind the tiny idols of evil and sinfulness you have made to replace It."
W94L4 "Nothing is required of you to reach this goal except to lay all idols and self-images aside; go past the long list of attributes, both "good" and "bad," you have ascribed to yourself; and wait in silent expectancy for the truth."
W110L8 "He will be your Savior from all idols you have made."
W110L8 "For when you find Him you will understand how worthless are your idols, and how false the images which you believed were you."
W110L8 "Today we make a great advance to truth by letting idols go, and opening our hands and hearts and minds to God today."
W163L4 "Would you bow down to idols such as this?"
W170L12 "You have chosen Him in place of idols, and your attributes, given by your Creator, are restored to you at last."
W182L7 "Think not He hears the little prayers of those who call on Him with names of idols cherished by the world."
W200L11 "Today we seek no idols."
W261L2 ""Let me not seekfor idols."
W277L2 "Let us not worship idols, nor believe in any laws idolatry would make to hide the freedom of the Son of God."
W283L1 "Let me not worship idols."
W314L1 "Past mistakes can cast no shadows on it, so that fear has lost its idols and its images, and being formless, it has no effects."
M29A2 "Idols have disappeared, and the remembrance of God shines unimpeded across the world."
U6A5 "Some bitter idols have been made of him who would be only brother to the world."
S1A3 "Lay down your dreams, you holy Son of God, and rising up as God created you, dispense with idols and remember Him."
S1A9 "Trust cannot lie in idols, for that is merely faith in magic."
S1B1 "It is impossible to pray for idols and hope to reach God."
S1F2 "The truly humble have no goal but God because they need no idols, and defense no longer has a purpose."
S3D1 "And here the meaning of true healing has been lost, and idols have arisen to obscure the unity that is the Son of God."
S3D6 "There is no fear in one who has been truly healed, for love has entered now where idols used to stand, and fear has given way at last to God."
G3A4 "Oh children of the Father you forgot, you have not put your idols in His place, nor made Him give the gifts of fear you made."

Quotes on "Idolatry"

T9I11 "God created love, NOT idolatry."
T9I11 "ALL forms of idolatry are caricatures of creation, taught by sick minds, who are too divided to know that Creation SHARES power, and NEVER usurps it."
T9I11 "Sickness is idolatry, because it is the belief that POWER CAN BE TAKEN FROM YOU."
T20G2 "Any relationship in which the body enters is based, NOT on love, but on idolatry."
T20G5 "Here it would drag its brothers, holding them here in its idolatry."
T20G12 "But it is also here he makes his choice again, between idolatry and love."
T20G13 "Idolatry is past and meaningless."
T30F4 "But fear is gone, because its purpose is forgiveness, NOT idolatry."
T30G6 "There is no surer proof idolatry is what you wish than a belief there are some forms of sickness and of joylessness forgiveness CANNOT cure."

Quotes on "Idolater"

T20G6 "It is the home of the idolater, and of love's CONDEMNATION."

Quotes on "Idolaters"

T9I13 "There are no idolaters in the Kingdom, but there is great appreciation for every Soul which God created, because of the calm knowledge that each one is part of Him."
T20G7 "Idolaters will ALWAYS be afraid of love."
T20G7 "You are idolaters no longer."

Quotes on "Idolatrous"

T3G32 "If you SIDE WITH image-makers, you are merely being idolatrous."
T9I15 "A whole mind is not idolatrous, and does not know of conflicting laws."
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