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Quotes on "Perfection"

T1B26 "They praise God by honoring his Creations, affirming their perfection."
T1B40V "Souls are perfect creations, and should be struck with awe in the presence of the Creator of Perfection."
T2B46 "But the Sonship itself is a perfect creation, and perfection is not a matter of degree."
T2B72 "It was created perfect, and is entirely worthy of receiving perfection."
T2C21 "This is because healing always rests on charity, and charity is a way of perceiving the true perfection of another, even if he cannot perceive it himself."
T3C22 "In this state, man's mind DOES see God, and because he sees Him as he Is, he knows that the Atonement, NOT sacrifice, is the ONLY appropriate gift to His OWN altar, where nothing except perfection truly belongs."
T3D4 "If nothing but the truth exists (and this is really redundant in statement, because what is not true CANNOT exist) Right-Minded seeing cannot see ANYTHING BUT perfection."
T6C5 "KNOWING this perfection is shared, it RECOGNIZES it in others, thus strengthening it in both."
T6C12 "Yet it is surely clear that the perfect NEED nothing, and CANNOT experience perfection as a difficult accomplishment because that is what they ARE."
T6E11 "You WOULD be in an impossible situation if God showed you your perfection, and PROVED to you that you were wrong."
T6E11 "This would demonstrate that the perfect were inadequate to bring THEMSELVES to the awareness of their perfection, and thus side with the belief that those who have everything need help, and are therefore helpless."
T6E14 "The separation was not a loss of perfection, but a failure in COMMUNICATION."
T7H7 "You CANNOT know your own perfection until you have honored all those who were created LIKE you."
T7J2 "The power of the whole Sonship AND OF ITS CREATOR is therefore its OWN fullness, rendering its Creation and its creating equally whole and equal in perfection."
T8E17 "If YOUR perfection is in Him and ONLY in Him, how can you KNOW it WITHOUT recognizing Him?"
T9J2 "Sickness and perfection ARE irreconcilable."
T11C15 "Give me but a little trust, in the name of the COMPLETE trust I have in you, and we will easily accomplish the goal of perfection together."
T11C15 "For perfection IS, and cannot be denied."
T11C15 "To deny the denial of perfection is not so difficult as the denial of truth."
T13B8 "But in this world, your perfection is unwitnessed."
T14G15 "With your perfection ever in His sight, He gives the gift of peace to everyone who perceives the NEED for peace, and who would have it."
T17C2 "This little step, so small it has escaped your notice, is a stride through time into eternity, and beyond all ugliness, into beauty that will enchant you, and will never cease to cause you wonderment at its perfection."
T17C6 "The smallest leaf becomes a thing of wonder, and a blade of grass a sign of God's perfection."
T23E9 "What COULD they gain but LOSS of their perfection?"
T29D2 "Was He made incomplete by YOUR perfection?"
W53L4 "Why should I continue to suffer from the effects of my own insane thoughts, when the perfection of creation is my home?"
W67L2 ""Perfection created me perfect.""
W151L15 "All the threads of fantasy are gone, and what remains is unified into a perfect Thought that offers Its perfection everywhere."
W167L12 "We share our life because we have one Source, a Source from Which perfection comes to us, remaining always in the holy minds which He created perfect."
W167L12 "A sleeping mind must waken as it sees its own perfection mirroring the Lord of Life so perfectly it fades into what is reflected there."
W197L7 "Nor can you dim the light of your perfection."
M1A5 "Yet it is their mission to become perfect here, and so they teach perfection over and over, in many, many ways, until they have learned it."
M5K3 "Terms like love, sinlessness, perfection, knowledge, and eternal truth do not appear in this context."
M24A5 "To you he looks for hope, because in you he sees no limit and no stain to mar your beautiful perfection."
P3F7 "It is not our perfection that is asked in our attempts to heal."
P4A1 "Who could ask of Perfection that He be imperfect?"
P4B4 "Both must have denied their perfection, for their very need for each other implies a sense of lack."

Quotes on "Perfect"

T1B27D "In this order, man IS perfect."
T1B29A "By atoning for lack, it establishes perfect protection."
T1B30W "A perfect shaft of pure light."
T1B37C "The Soul is therefore unalterable because it is ALREADY perfect, but the mind can elect the level it chooses to serve."
T1B41B "It does this by the underlying recognition of perfect equality and holiness between doer and receiver on which the miracle rests.It"
T1B41H "When the will of the Sonship and the Father are one, their perfect accord IS Heaven."
T1B41U "Your love toward each other is NOT perfect, and this is why the fear arose."
T1B41AW "The dream of the "perfect partner" is an attempt to find EXTERNAL integration, while retaining conflicting needs in the self."
T1B41AX "He had abandoned the hope (of finding a perfect partner) in a neurotic sense of despair of finding it."
T1B41BC "In attitude, then, though not in content, he resembles his own Creator, who has perfect faith in His Creations because he Created them."
T1B43C "If perfect love casts out fear, And if fear exists, Then there is NOT perfect love."
T1B43C "But Only perfect love really exists."
T2A4 "We have also emphasized that man, insofar as the term relates to Soul, has not only been fully Created, but also been created perfect."
T2A5 "Second, the concept that what is perfect can be rendered imperfect (or wanting) is intruded."
T2A12 "In reality, this is his ONLY choice, because his free will was made for his own joy in creating the perfect."
T2B65 "The spiritual eye, on the other hand, cannot see the building at all, but it perceives the altar within with perfect clarity."
T2B65 "This is because the spiritual eye has perfect vision."
T2B66 "For perfect effectiveness, the chalice of the Atonement belongs at the center of the inner altar, where it undoes the Separation, and restores the wholeness of the Spirit."
T2B71 "The Children of God are entitled to perfect comfort, which comes from a sense of perfect trust."
T2C12 "To repeat an earlier statement, and also to extend it somewhat, the Soul is already perfect, and therefore does not require correction."
T2E2 "The ONLY remedy for lack of love is perfect love."
T2E2 "Perfect love IS the Atonement."
T2F5 "It is his own perfect judgment of his own creation."
T3C10 "It could not do this if it arose from anything other than perfect innocence!"
T3C11 "The Atonement is thus the perfect lesson."
T3C13 "This Single Purpose creates perfect integration, and establishes the (reign of the) Peace of God."
T3C35 "Because of his failure to accept his own perfect freedom FROM the past, Cayce could not really perceive others as similarly free."
T3E15 "God knows His Children with perfect certainty."
T3G13 "What happens to perceptions if there ARE no judgments, and there is nothing BUT perfect equality?"
T3G16 "God shines in them all with perfect light."
T4E15 "You are mirrors of truth in which God Himself shines in perfect light."
T4I5 "Those with broken bodies are often looked down on by the ego, because of its belief that nothing but a perfect body is worthy as its OWN temple."
T5D3 "God does not guide, because He can share only PERFECT KNOWLEDGE."
T5D11 "What better vocation could there be for any part of the Kingdom than to restore it to the perfect integration that can make it whole?"
T5E13 "The Holy Spirit is the perfect teacher."
T5F2 "I have purified them of errors which hid their light, and have kept them for you in their own perfect radiance."
T5H4 "The mind that was in me IS in you, for God creates with perfect fairness."
T5I1 ""God will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed (or set) on Thee because he trusteth in Thee.""
T5I13 "He wills to keep it in perfect peace because you are of one mind and Spirit with Him."
T5I15 "God Himself gave you the perfect correction for everything you have made which is not in accord with His Holy Will."
T6B6 "Rather teach your own perfect immunity, which IS the Truth in you, and KNOW that it cannot be assailed."
T6B19 "As such, it is the perfect symbol of conflict between the ego and the Son of God."
T6C5 "The Holy Spirit begins by perceiving YOU as perfect."
T6C7 "Its truth lies only in its perfect inclusion in Him Who alone IS perfect."
T6C7 "The perfect equality of the Holy Spirit's perception is the counterpart of the perfect equality of God's knowing."
T6C10 "This convergence SEEMS to be far in the future ONLY because your mind is NOT in perfect alignment with the idea, and therefore DOES NOT WANT IT NOW."
T6C12 "But YOU have perceived both AS IF they were part of His perfect creations."
T6C15 "The Holy Spirit was given you with perfect impartiality, and only by perceiving Him impartially can you perceive Him at all."
T6E8 "When they are perfect, abilities are meaningless."
T6E9 "It is curious that the perfect must now be perfected."
T6E12 "This is the kind of reasoning that the ego engages in, but God, who KNOWS that His creations are perfect does NOT insult them."
T6F10 "You cannot perform miracles without believing it, because it is a belief in perfect equality."
T6G9 "As you begin to realize the quiet power of His Voice AND ITS PERFECT CONSISTENCY, it MUST dawn on your minds that you are trying to undo a decision which was made irrevocably FOR you."
T6H3 "God Himself has established what you can project with perfect safety."
T6H10 "As long as belief in God and His Kingdom is assailed by ANY doubts in your minds, His perfect Accomplishment is NOT apparent to you."
T6H14 "It is in the perfect safety of God."
T7B3 "And to CREATE like Him is to share the perfect love He shares with YOU."
T7C5 "THEN he is free to use terms like "intraMENTAL" and "interMENTAL" WITHOUT seeing them as different and conflicting, because minds CAN be in perfect accord."
T7C9 "God's Law of Creation, in perfect form, does NOT involve the USE of truth to convince His sons OF truth."
T7C10 "What can the perfect consistency of the Kingdom MEAN to the confused?"
T7E3 "But if they perceive ANY of their brothers as anything OTHER than their perfect equals, the IDEA of competition HAS entered their minds."
T7E4 "It is PERFECTLY clear in its thought, because it is a reflection of PERFECT Thought."
T7E5 "This holds them in perfect serenity because this is what they SHARE, KNOWING what they are."
T7F13 "The whole glory and perfect joy that IS the Kingdom lies in you to give."
T7G15 "Being a perfect Accomplishment, the Sonship can only accomplish perfectly, EXTENDING the joy in which it was created, and identifying itself with both its Creator and its creations, KNOWING they are One."
T7H12 "This correction enables you to perceive ANY part of Creation as wholly real, wholly perfect, and WHOLLY DESIRABLE."
T7J5 "That is why there is perfect peace in the Kingdom."
T7J8 "Like His, it extends forever and in perfect peace."
T7J8 "Its radiance is so intense that it creates in perfect joy, and only the whole can be born of its wholeness."
T7L5 "Everyone who learns this lesson has become the perfect teacher, because he has learned it of the Holy Spirit, who wants to teach him everything He knows."
T8D4 "This is perfect creation by the perfectly created in union with the Perfect Creator."
T8E10 "Freedom cannot be learned by tyranny of ANY kind, and the perfect equality of ALL God's Sons cannot be recognized through the dominion of one will over another."
T8E16 "The UNDIVIDED will of the Sonship is the perfect creator, being wholly in the likeness of God, Whose Will it IS."
T8E20 "Our success in transcending the ego is guaranteed by God, and I can share my perfect confidence IN His Promise because I know He gave me this confidence for both of us and ALL of us."
T8I8 "The Bible enjoins you to be perfect, to heal ALL errors, to take no thought of the body AS SEPARATE, and to accomplish all things IN MY NAME."
T8J15 "Otherwise, you would not have been created perfect."
T9A1 "This makes PERFECT sense to the ego, which is TOTALLY unaware of what errors ARE, and what correction IS."
T9C5 "Many have tried to do this in my name, forgetting that my words make PERFECT sense, because they come from GOD."
T9E8 "In your open mind are YOUR creations, in perfect communication, born of perfect understanding."
T9F2 "God wills you perfect happiness NOW."
T9I15 "You could accept peace NOW, for everyone you meet, and offer them perfect freedom from ALL illusions, BECAUSE YOU HEARD."
T9I18 "You have chosen to fear love BECAUSE of its perfect harmlessness."
T9I18 "And because of this fear, you have been willing to give up your own perfect helpfulness, and your own perfect Help."
T9J2 "If God created you perfect, you ARE perfect."
T9K12 "If God created His Son perfect, that is how you must learn to see him, to learn of his reality."
T10A2 "It sounds insane when it is stated with perfect honesty, but the ego never looks upon what it does with perfect honesty."
T10B1 "Be willing to judge it with perfect honesty."
T10C2 "And you will yourself to HIM, because in your perfect understanding of Him, you KNOW there IS but One Will."
T10C2 "But when you attack ANY part of God and His Kingdom, your understanding is NOT perfect, and what YOU will is therefore lost to you."
T10C8 "YOUR willingness need not be perfect, because His IS."
T10E8 "Christ is the extension of the love and the loveliness of God, as perfect as his Creator, and at peace with Him."
T10E9 "Sharing the perfect Love of the Father, the Son must share what belongs to Him, for otherwise He will not know the Father or the Son."
T11C15 "There is no fear in perfect love."
T11C15 "We will but be making perfect TO you, what is ALREADY perfect IN you."
T11C17 "But you must reveal it to YOURSELF in perfect willingness, for otherwise His knowledge remains useless TO you."
T11F4 "You cannot learn of PERFECT love with a split mind, because a split mind HAS MADE ITSELF A POOR LEARNER."
T11G5 "In His sight, the Son of God is perfect, and He longs to share His vision WITH you."
T11G7 "In perfect peace, He waits for you at His Father's altar, holding out the Father's love to you, in the quiet light of the Holy Spirit's blessing."
T11G9 "There, the Redeemer and the redeemed join in perfect love of God, and of each other."
T11H11 "Yet in this same place you could have looked upon me and all your brothers, in the perfect safety of the Mind that created us."
T11I2 "His Father's love holds him in perfect peace, and needing nothing, he asks for nothing."
T11I3 "Yet it cannot be invisible in ITSELF, for the Holy Spirit sees it with perfect clarity."
T11I7 "What is invisible to you is perfect in His sight, and encompasses ALL of it."
T11J10 "For you have denied the condition of his Being, which is his perfect blamelessness."
T12E11 "Beyond your darkest dreams, He sees God's guiltless Son within you, shining in perfect radiance, which is undimmed by your dreams."
T12F7 "For the light of perfect vision is freely given, as it is freely received, and can be accepted only WITHOUT LIMIT."
T12G6 "In perfect sanity he looks on love, for it is all about him, and within him."
T12G8 "Praise, then, the Father for the perfect sanity of His most holy Son."
T13A2 "Even the perception of the Holy Spirit, as perfect as perception CAN be, is without meaning in Heaven."
T13B1 "Perfect perception, then, has many elements IN COMMON with knowledge, making transfer TO it possible."
T13B7 "The miracle which God created is perfect, as are the miracles which YOU created in His Name."
T13C8 "Within you is the holy sign of perfect faith YOUR FATHER has in you."
T13C8 "Can YOU see guilt where God KNOWS there is perfect innocence?"
T13D8 "In shining peace within you, is the perfect purity in which you were created."
T13D10 "And in Christ's vision He would show you the perfect purity that is forever within God's Son."
T13E2 "Perfect perception can merely show you what is CAPABLE of being wholly shared."
T13E2 "He has perfect faith in your final judgment because He knows that HE WILL MAKE IT FOR YOU."
T13H7 "Therefore, make your INVULNERABILITY manifest to everyone, and teach him that, WHATEVER he may try to do to you, your perfect freedom from the belief that you can BE harmed, shows him HE is guiltless."
T13H11 "NOTHING can shake God's conviction of the perfect purity of everything that He created, for it IS wholly pure."
T13H14 "For it is quite impossible that He could ever let His Son drop from His loving Mind, wherein he was created, and where his abode was fixed in perfect peace forever."
T13I5 "There cannot, therefore, be anyone WITHOUT His Holiness, nor anyone unworthy of His perfect love."
T14A2 "You cannot even give a blessing in perfect gentleness."
T14B3 "HIS plan for your awaking is as perfect as yours is fallible."
T14B4 "Creation is the natural extension of perfect purity."
T14B8 "And you will find ever-increasing confidence in your safe inclusion in what is for all, in everyone you bring within its safety and its perfect peace."
T14B9 "For peace is the acknowledgment of perfect purity, from which no-one is excluded."
T14B10 "Believe not that you cannot teach His perfect peace."
T14C2 "The quiet light in which the Holy Spirit dwells within you, is merely perfect openness, in which nothing is hidden, and therefore nothing is feared."
T14C6 "He will interpret it to you with perfect clarity, for He knows with Whom you ARE in perfect communication."
T14G6 "If you are WHOLLY free of fear of any kind, and if all those who meet, or even THINK of you, SHARE in your perfect peace, then you can be sure that you have learned GOD's lesson, and NOT yours."
T14G6 "The ABSENCE of PERFECT peace means but ONE thing; you THINK you do not will for God's Son what His Father wills for him."
T14G13 "Think not you understand ANYTHING, until you pass the test of perfect peace, for peace and understanding GO TOGETHER, and never can be found alone."
T15B12 "As long as it takes tore-establish perfect sanity, perfect peace, and perfect love for everyone, for God, and for YOURSELF."
T15B14 "GIVE the eternal instant, that eternity may be remembered FOR you, in that shining instant of perfect release."
T15C6 "But it will, and you will recognize it, with perfect certainty."
T15D4 "To hold your magnitude in perfect awareness, in a world of littleness, is a task the little cannot undertake."
T15D6 "The Holy Spirit can hold your magnitude, clean of ALL littleness, clearly and in perfect safety in your minds, untouched by every little gift the world of littleness would offer you."
T15D10 "Welcome me not into a manger, but into the altar to holiness, where holiness abides in perfect peace."
T15E3 "God would have His host abide in perfect freedom."
T15E4 "Would you learn how perfect and immaculate is the holy altar on which your Father has placed HIMSELF?"
T15E6 "The simple reason, stated simply as what it is, is this: The holy instant is a time in which you receive AND GIVE perfect communication."
T15E7 "The ONLY way you COULD do this, is to DENY the perfect communication that makes the holy instant WHAT IT IS."
T15E8 "It is impossible to RECOGNIZE perfect communication, while BREAKING communication holds value to you."
T15E8 "Ask yourselves honestly, "Would I WANT to have perfect communication, and am I WHOLLY willing to let EVERYTHING that INTERFERES WITH IT, go forever?""
T15E9 "You will not be able to ACCEPT perfect communication, as long as you would HIDE it from yourself."
T15F4 "And love, where fear has entered, CANNOT be depended on, because it is NOT perfect."
T15F12 "Perfect faith in each one, for its ability to satisfy you COMPLETELY, arises only from perfect faith in YOURSELF."
T15F13 "You have so little faith in yourself, because you are unwilling to accept the fact that perfect love is IN you."
T15F13 "I offer you MY perfect faith in you, IN PLACE of all YOUR doubts."
T15F13 "But forget not that my faith MUST be as perfect in ALL your brothers as it is in you, or it would be a limited gift to YOU."
T15G3 "For gain and loss are BOTH accepted, and so no-one is aware that perfect Love is IN him."
T15I4 "Think but an instant on this; God gave the Sonship to you, to ensure your perfect creation."
T15J1 "It IS in your power, IN TIME, to delay the perfect union of the Father and the Son."
T15K2 "For the Host is as holy as the Perfect Innocence that He protects, and Whose Power protects HIM."
T15K10 "I have perfect faith in you, to do all that you would accomplish."
T16C5 "You would have PERFECT faith in the Holy Spirit, and in the EFFECTS of His teaching, if you were not AFRAID to acknowledge what He taught you."
T16C8 "Could you not look with greater charity, on whom God loves with perfect love?"
T16D7 "His Kingdom has no limits and no end, and there is nothing in Him that is not perfect and eternal."
T16E2 "Be not unwilling now, you are too near, and you WILL cross the bridge in perfect safety, translated quietly from war to peace."
T16E9 "Fear not to cross to the abode of peace and perfect holiness."
T16G4 "If one such union were made IN PERFECT FAITH, the universe WOULD enter into it."
T16G11 "And your willingness need not be complete, BECAUSE HIS IS PERFECT."
T16G11 "It is His task to atone for your UNwillingness by His perfect faith."
T16G11 "Out of YOUR recognition of your UNwillingness for your release, His PERFECT willingness is GIVEN you."
T16H6 "The stillness and the peace of NOW, enfold you in perfect gentleness."
T16H12 "What can there be in us that NEEDS forgiveness, when YOURS is perfect?"
T17C3 "All else is learned, but THIS is GIVEN, complete and wholly perfect."
T17D8 "The Holy Spirit wills only to make HIS resolutions complete and perfect."
T17E13 "The other is framed for perfect clarity."
T17E16 "For here is only healing, ALREADY complete and perfect."
T17E16 "For here is God, and where HE is, only the perfect and complete CAN be."
T17H6 "And you can use THIS in perfect safety."
T17I1 "It is a situation of perfect peace, simply because YOU have LET IT BE WHAT IT IS."
T18B7 "Within yourselves, you love each other with perfect love."
T18B8 "You are NOT joined together by illusions, but in the Thought so holy and so perfect that illusions cannot remain to darken the holy place in which you stand together."
T18B8 "Let us join in Him in peace and gratitude, and accept His gift of our most holy and perfect reality, that we share in Him."
T18G1 "It is merely an awareness of perfect Oneness, and the knowledge that there is nothing else."
T19J3 "You have ANOTHER dedication which would keep the body incorruptible and perfect, as long as it is useful for your holy purpose."
T19J9 "In its tiny hands, it holds, in perfect safety, every miracle you will perform, held out to YOU."
T19L4 "And you DO share in it until you look upon each other with perfect faith and love and tenderness."
T20B2 "And we honor the perfect PURITY of the Son of God, and NOT his sins."
T20D10 "And yet his holiness remained untouched and perfect, and with him beside you shall you this day enter with him to Paradise, and know the peace of God."
T20D11 "For what is Heaven but union, direct and perfect, and WITHOUT the veil of fear upon it?"
T20D11 "Here are we one, looking with perfect gentleness upon each other, and on ourselves."
T20D12 "There is no fear in perfect love, BECAUSE it knows no sin."
T20F6 "Here is the loveliness of your relationship, with means and ends in perfect harmony ALREADY."
T20F6 "Here is the perfect faith that you will one day offer to each other, ALREADY offered you."
T20F8 "Be comforted, and feel the Holy Spirit watching over you, in love and perfect confidence in what He sees."
T20G1 "His REAL relationship is one of perfect union, and unbroken continuity."
T20I5 "Is the pitifully LITTLE the perfect choice to call upon for strength?"
T21B7 "Within it, EVERYTHING is joined in perfect continuity."
T22B10 "Rather, in each, the other saw a perfect shelter where his Self could be reborn in safety and in peace."
T22C13 "Heaven is the home of perfect purity."
T22D6 "For THIS the body's eyes are perfect means."
T23E8 "CAN it be anything that offers you a perfect calmness, and a sense of love so deep and quiet that no touch of doubt can EVER mar your certainty?"
T24D6 "Forgive the great Creator of the universe, the Source of life, of love and holiness, the perfect Father of a perfect Son, for your illusions of your specialness."
T24D6 "Yet if you would release your brother from the depths of hell, you have forgiven Him Whose Will it is you rest forever in the arms of peace, in perfect safety, and without the heat and malice of one thought of specialness to mar your rest."
T24F7 "His perfect LACK of specialness He offers you, that you may save all living things from death, receiving from each one the gift of Life that your forgiveness offers to your Self."
T24F8 "And would He give a Brother unto you except he be as perfect as yourself, and just as like to Him in holiness as YOU must be?"
T24G5 "Yet will his perfect sinlessness RELEASE you both, for holiness is quite impartial, with one judgment made for all it looks upon."
T24G6 "Within your brother's holiness, the perfect frame for YOUR salvation and the world's, is set the shining memory of Him in Whom your brother lives, and you along with him."
T24H7 "A perfect Being, all-encompassing and all-encompassed, nothing to add and nothing taken FROM; not born of size nor weight nor time, nor held to limits or uncertainties of ANY kind."
T25B4 "Each aspect of Himself is framed in holiness and perfect purity, in love celestial and so complete It wishes ONLY that It may release ALL that It looks upon unto Itself."
T25C6 "What God creates is safe from ALL corruption, unchanged and perfect in eternity."
T25C9 "God cherishes creation as the perfect Father that He is."
T25C9 "This brother is His perfect gift to you."
T25C9 "And He is glad and thankful when you thank His perfect Son for being what he IS."
T25D3 "To each it has a DIFFERENT purpose, and to each it is a perfect means to serve the goal for which it is perceived."
T25D3 "For specialness it is the perfect frame to set it off; the perfect battleground to wage its wars, the perfect shelter for the illusions which it would make real."
T25D5 "In His perception of the world, nothing is seen but justifies forgiveness and the sight of perfect sinlessness."
T25D8 "The Maker of the world of gentleness has perfect power to offset the world of violence and hate that SEEMS to stand BETWEEN you and His gentleness."
T25G4 "Here, where the laws of God do NOT prevail in perfect form, can he yet do ONE perfect thing, and make ONE perfect choice."
T25H11 "It is God's Will that you remember this, and so emerge from deepest mourning into perfect joy."
T25H13 "And on this single rock of truth can faith in God's eternal saneness rest, in perfect confidence and perfect peace."
T25I12 "You can be perfect witness to the power of love AND justice, if you understand it is impossible the Son of God COULD merit vengeance."
T25I14 "You have the right to all the universe; to perfect peace, complete deliverance from ALL effects of sin, and to the life eternal, joyous, and complete in EVERY way, as God appointed for His holy Son."
T25I14 "Your special function shows you nothing else BUT perfect justice CAN prevail for you."
T26C5 "ONE is given you to see in him his perfect sinlessness."
T26C7 "For it is NOT your Father's Will that you should offer or receive LESS than He gave, when He created you in perfect Love."
T26F9 "No past illusions have the power to keep you in a place of death, a vault God's Son entered an instant, to be instantly restored unto His Father's Perfect Love."
T26H9 "Salvation, perfect and complete, asks but a LITTLE wish that what is true be true."
T26H9 "In joyous answer will creation rise within you, to REPLACE the world you see with Heaven, wholly perfect and complete."
T27B1 "And what was martyred to his guilt becomes the perfect witness to his innocence."
T27B9 "Here its peace can come, and perfect healing take the place of death."
T27H15 "And do not brush aside his many gifts, because he is not perfect in your dreams."
T28B7 "And YOU are Its effects, as changeless and as perfect as Itself."
T28D1 "What waits in perfect certainty BEYOND salvation is not our concern."
T28E8 "Your Holiness, complete and perfect, lies in every one of them."
T28G6 "Be you perfect as Myself, for you can never be apart from Me.""
T29D2 "Or are you the proof that He IS perfect and complete?"
T29F4 "Behold His Son, His perfect gift, in whom his Father shines forever, and to whom is all creation given as his own."
T29I6 "And the Son of God, as perfect, sinless, and as loving as his Father, come to hate a little while; to suffer pain, and finally to die."
T29J1 "A dream of judgment came into the mind that God created perfect as Himself."
T30B7 "And you can say in perfect honesty, "I WANT another way to look at this.""
T30C2 "God but ensured that you would never LOSE your will, when He gave you His perfect Answer."
T30D8 "No instant when its light grew dimmer or less perfect ever was."
T30D8 "Its perfect purity does not depend on whether it is seen on earth or not."
T30D8 "The sky embraces it, and softly holds it in its perfect place, which is as far from earth as earth from Heaven."
T30D9 "Surrounded by a stillness so complete no sound of battle comes remotely near, It rests in certainty and perfect peace."
T30D9 "In perfect sureness of Its changelessness and of Its rest in Its eternal home, the Thought God holds of you has never left the Mind of Its Creator, Whom It knows as Its Creator knows that It is there."
T30F3 "Yet everyone is certain he will go BEYOND forgiveness, and he but remains until it is made perfect in himself."
T30F4 "The final step is God's, because it is but God Who could create a perfect Son, and share His Fatherhood with him."
T30F7 "Within your hand is everything you need to walk with perfect confidence away from fear forever."
T30G8 "God's Son is perfect, or he cannot be God's Son."
T30G8 "There IS no way to think of him but this, if you would know the truth about yourself: "I thank you, Father, for your perfect Son, And in his glory will I see my own.""
T30I2 "The happy dream about him takes the form of the appearance of his perfect health; his perfect freedom from all forms of lack; and safety from disaster of all kinds."
T30I5 "The Christ in him is perfect."
T31A9 "God's perfect Son remembers his creation."
T31H10 "In joyous welcome is my hand outstretched to every brother who would join with me in reaching past temptation, and who looks with fixed determination toward the light that shines beyond in perfect constancy."
W14L3 "Our direction is toward perfect safety and perfect peace."
W41L3 "Deep within you is everything that is perfect, ready to radiate through you and out into the whole world."
W41L4 "You can never be deprived of your perfect holiness because its Source goes with you wherever you go."
W47L7 "There is a place in you where there is perfect peace."
W50L3 "It will lift you out of every trial, and raise you high above all the perceived dangers of this world into a climate of perfect peace and safety."
W52L1 "Reality brings only perfect peace."
W56L1 "Yet perfect security and complete fulfillment are my inheritance."
W59L1 "How can I be doubtful and unsure of myself when perfect certainty abides in Him?"
W59L1 "I am perfect because God goes with me wherever I go."
W61L4 "It is the perfect answer to all illusions, and therefore to all temptation."
W69L5 "After you have thought about the importance of what you are trying to do for yourself and the world, try to settle in perfect stillness, remembering only how much you want to reach the light in you today, - now."
W73L9 "It is the one purpose here on which you and your Father are in perfect accord."
W77L7 "Remember, too, not to be satisfied with less than the perfect answer."
W88L5 "Here is the perfect statement of my freedom."
W95L1 "Your perfect unity makes change in you impossible."
W95L3 "We will attempt today to be aware only of what can hear and see, and what makes perfect sense."
W95L13 "You are One Self, in perfect harmony with all there is and all that there will be."
W98L3 "They do not doubt their own ability, because they know their function will be filled completely, in the perfect time and place."
W98L7 "His words will join with yours, and make each repetition of today's idea a total dedication, made in faith as perfect and as sure as His in you."
W100L2 "God's Will for you is perfect happiness."
W100L4 "They are the proof that God wills perfect happiness for all who will accept their Father's gifts as theirs."
W101L6 "God's Will for you is perfect happiness because there is no sin, and suffering is causeless."
W101L7 "Say: "God's Will for me is perfect happiness."
W101L8 "Remember this today, and tell yourself as often as you can: "God's Will for me is perfect happiness."
W107L4 "It stays exactly as it always was, to be depended on in every need, and trusted with a perfect trust in all the seeming difficulties and the doubts which the appearances the world presents engender."
W107L5 "When truth has come it harbors in its wings the gift of perfect constancy, and love which does not falter in the face of pain but looks beyond it, steadily and sure."
W110L2 "Today's idea is therefore all you need to let complete correction heal your mind and give you perfect vision, which will heal all the mistakes that any mind has made at any time or place."
W110R37 "You have been given them in perfect trust; in perfect confidence that you would use them well; in perfect faith that you would understand their messages, and use them for yourself."
W113L1 "Serenity and perfect peace are mine Because I am One Self, completely whole, At one with all creation and with God."
W113L2 "From my One Self, Whose knowledge still remains Within my mind, I see God's perfect plan For my salvation perfectly fulfilled."
W116L1 "101) "God's Will for me is perfect happiness.""
W116L1 "God's Will is perfect happiness for me."
W116L3 "On the hour: "God's Will for me is perfect happiness.""
W118L2 "Let my own feeble voice be still, and let Me hear the mighty Voice of truth itself Assure me that I am God's perfect Son."
W120L1 "I rest in God today, and let Him work In me and through me, while I rest in Him In quiet and in perfect certainty."
W121L14 "I will awaken from the dream that I Am mortal, fallible, and full of sin, And know I am the perfect Son of God.""
W122L1 "Do you want a quietness that cannot be disturbed, a gentleness that never can be hurt, a deep, abiding comfort, and a rest so perfect it can never be upset?"
W122L4 "Here is the perfect answer, given to imperfect questions, meaningless requests, half-hearted willingness to hear, and less than halfway diligence and partial trust."
W123L8 "Receive His thanks, and you will understand how lovingly He holds you in His Mind, how deep and limitless His care for you, how perfect is His gratitude to you."
W131L5 "No one remains in hell, for no one can abandon his Creator, nor affect His perfect, timeless and unchanging Love."
W136L12 "Perhaps it sighs a little when you throw away its gifts, and yet it knows with perfect certainty that what God wills for you must be received."
W140R48 "We need no more than that to give us happiness and rest and endless quiet, perfect certainty, and all our Father wills that we receive as the inheritance we have of Him."
W151L8 "The Voice of God can only honor Him, rejoicing in His perfect, everlasting sinlessness."
W152L2 "Can fear and sickness enter in a mind where love and perfect holiness abide?"
W152L9 "But truth is humble in acknowledging its mightiness, its changelessness and its eternal wholeness, all-encompassing, God's perfect gift to His beloved Son."
W152L10 "And in humility the radiance of God's Son, his gentleness, his perfect sinlessness, his Father's love, his right to Heaven and release from hell, are joyously accepted as our own."
W156L8 "God speaks for you in answering your question with these words: "I walk with God in perfect holiness."
W157L9 "Into Christ's Presence will we enter now serenely unaware of everything except His shining Face and perfect Love."
W159L3 "Christ's vision pictures Heaven, for it sees a world so like to Heaven that what God created perfect can be mirrored there."
W159L6 "This is the Holy Spirit's single gift; the treasure house to which you can appeal with perfect certainty for everything that can contribute to your happiness."
W160L10 "Not one He fails to give you to remember, that your home may be complete and perfect as it was established."
W161L4 "Do these words bring perfect clarity with them to you?"
W161L9 "This do the body's eyes behold in one whom Heaven cherishes, the angels love, and God created perfect."
W161L11 "Ask this of him that he may set you free: "Give me your blessing, holy Son of God, I would behold you with the eyes of Christ, And see my perfect sinlessness in you.""
W162L5 "Yours is the right to perfect holiness you now accept."
W162L5 "Who could despair when perfect joy is yours, available to all as remedy for grief and misery, all sense of loss, and for complete escape from sin and guilt?"
W163L4 "Here is the opposite of God proclaimed as lord of all creation, stronger than God's Will for life, the endlessness of love and Heaven's perfect, changeless constancy."
W164L5 "And in His judgment will a world unfold in perfect innocence before your eyes."
W165L1 "What but your thoughts of misery and death obscure the perfect happiness and the Eternal Life your Father wills for you?"
W167L2 "It is the alarm to which you give response of any kind that is not perfect joy."
W170L4 "Yet you attack outside yourself, and separate your mind from him who is to be attacked, with perfect faith the split you made is real."
W170R54 "This Self alone is perfectly consistent in Its thoughts; knows Its Creator, understands Itself, is perfect in Its knowledge and Its love, and never changes from Its constant state of union with Its Father and Itself."
W173L2 " 156) "I walk with God in perfect holiness.""
W183L8 "In that instant, He will take you to His home, and you will stay with Him in perfect stillness, silent and at peace, beyond all words, untouched by fear and doubt, sublimely certain that you are at home."
W186L3 "All it says is that your Father still remembers you, and offers you the perfect trust He holds in you who are His Son."
W187L9 "The blessedness you will behold will take away all thought of form, and leave instead the perfect gift forever there, forever to increase, forever yours, forever given away."
W189L1 "To feel the Love of God within you is to see the world anew, shining in innocence, alive with hope, and blessed with perfect charity and love."
W189L6 "Today we pass illusions as we seek to reach to what is true in us, and feel Its all-embracing tenderness, Its Love Which knows us perfect as Itself, Its sight which is the gift Its Love bestows on us."
W196L4 "Today's idea is one step we take in leading us from bondage to the state of perfect freedom."
W198L12 "He is perfect in his holiness."
W199L6 "And it becomes perfect in the ability to serve an undivided goal."
W199L7 "For He would give you perfect freedom, perfect joy, and hope that finds its full accomplishment in God."
W233L1 "Be You the Guide, and I the follower who questions not the wisdom of the Infinite, nor Love Whose tenderness I cannot comprehend, but which is yet Your perfect gift to me.""
W235L1 "I need but look upon all things that seem to hurt me, and with perfect certainty assure myself, "God wills that I be saved from this," and merely watch them disappear."
W235L1 "And I need but remember that His Love surrounds His Son and keeps his sinlessness forever perfect, to be sure that I am saved and safe forever in His arms."
W239L1 "And can it be that we are not among them, when He loves His Son forever and with perfect constancy, knowing he is as He created him?"
W252L1 "Its shimmering and perfect purity is far more brilliant than is any light that I have ever looked upon."
W253L2 "My Self, Which rules the universe, is but Your Will in perfect union with my own, Which can but offer glad assent to Yours, that It may be extended to Itself.""
W281L1 ""Father, Your Son is perfect."
W299L2 "It stands forever perfect and untouched."
W337L1 "My sinlessness ensures me perfect peace, eternal safety, everlasting love, freedom forever from all thought of loss; complete deliverance from suffering."
W340W133 "And each is laid before the Word of God upon the universal altar to Creator and creation, in the Light of perfect purity and endless joy."
W341L1 "How pure, how safe, how sacred, then, are we, abiding in Your smile, with all Your love bestowed upon us, living one with You, in brotherhood and Fatherhood complete; in sinlessness so perfect that the Lord of Sinlessness conceives us as His Son, a universe of Thought completing Him.""
W348L1 "I have no cause for anything except the perfect peace and joy I share with You."
W348L1 "Surrounding me is perfect safety."
W348L1 "Surrounding me is perfect sinlessness."
W348L1 "What can I fear, when You created me in holiness as perfect as Your own?""
W360L1 "Your Son is like to You in perfect sinlessness, and with this thought we gladly say 'Amen'.""
M1A5 "They are not perfect or they would not be here."
M4A5 "These relationships are generally few, because their existence implies that those involved have reached a stage simultaneously in which the teaching-learning balance is actually perfect."
M4A5 "Yet should they decide to learn it, the perfect lesson is before them and can be learned."
M5C2 "The peace of mind which the advanced teachers of God experience is largely due to their perfect honesty."
M5C2 "They choose in perfect honesty, sure of their choice of themselves."
M11A4 "It is this; there is Someone with you Whose judgment is perfect."
M13A1 "One wholly perfect teacher, whose learning is complete, suffices."
M23A2 "In some cases, there is a sudden and complete awareness of the perfect applicability of the lesson of the Atonement to all situations."
M23A7 "Now can he say with God, "This is my beloved Son, created perfect and forever so.""
M24A5 "In his eyes Christ's vision shines in perfect constancy."
M29A4 "And we, God's children, rise up from the dust and look upon our perfect sinlessness."
U3A4 "And this is shown to us with perfect clarity."
U6A3 "In his complete identification with the Christ--the perfect Son of God, His one creation and His happiness, forever like Himself and One with Him - Jesus became what all of us must be."
P3C1 "Relationships are still the Temple of the Holy Spirit, and they will be made perfect in time and restored to Eternity."
P3D3 "Divided goals alone can interfere with perfect healing."
P3F3 "We speak of ideal teaching in a world in which the perfect teacher could not long remain; the perfect psychotherapist is but a glimmer of a thought not yet conceived."
P3H8 "Healing is done, for what is perfect needs no healing, and what remains to be forgiven where there is no sin?"
P4B4 "No, He declared it perfect, and so it was."
P4B4 "Yet neither a perfect therapist nor a perfect patient can possibly exist."
S2B6 "His constancy remains in tranquil silence and in perfect peace."
S3E6 "You still are holy with the Holiness which fathered you in perfect sinlessness, and still surrounds you in the arms of peace."
S3E7 "I would recall My weary Son to Me from dreams of malice to the sweet embrace of everlasting Love and perfect peace."
G1A7 "He cannot choose to change His Son, nor make your mind accept the perfect freedom He has given you."
G3A8 "Can you betray a love so perfect that its gifts become Itself in oneness, and this single gift is all there is to give and to receive?"
G3A9 "Behind the dream, reaching to everything, embracing all, creation and Creator still remain in perfect harmony and perfect love."
G3A10 "Put out your hand to touch eternity and disappear into its perfect rest."

Quotes on "Perfectly"

T1B23E "However, it is perfectly clear that when a person can atone by miracles, both giver and receiver are atoning."
T1B40A "The Record is completely unconcerned with reliability, being perfectly valid because of the way it was set up."
T1B40V "The word "Awe" should be reserved only for revelations, to which it is perfectly and correctly applicable."
T1B41B "is unstable, but perfectly consistent, i.e.,"
T1B41B "But within ITSELF it is perfectly consistent."
T1C10 "with a feeling of emptiness, which in fact is perfectly justified, because he IS acting from scarcity."
T2A31 "You are perfectly unaffected by ALL expressions of lack of love."
T2B7 "The creation of the Soul itself has already been perfectly accomplished, but the creation BY Souls has not."
T2B7 "God created Souls so He could depend on them BECAUSE He created them perfectly."
T2B10 "The three things that crossed your mind, which was comparatively free at the time, are perfectly relevant:"
T2B29 "Flight from error is perfectly appropriate.."
T2B67 "This heals the Separation, and places within man the one defense against all Separation-mind errors which can make him perfectly invulnerable."
T2B70 "Perfectly aware of the RIGHT defense, it passes over all others, looking past error to truth."
T2C16 "He is perfectly safe as long as he is completely unconcerned about HIS readiness, but maintains a consistent trust in MINE."
T2D2 "The level confusion here is perfectly obvious."
T2E17 "You may feel at this point that it would take a miracle to enable you to do this, which is perfectly true."
T3A38 "At the time, he was quite sure about this, and he was perfectly right."
T3C1 "There is one more point which must be perfectly clear before any residual fear which may still be associated with miracles becomes entirely groundless."
T3C10 "It is perfectly clear, because it exists in light."
T3C10 "It is, however, PERFECTLY aware of EVERYTHING, that is true."
T3C22 "The lamb taketh away the sins of the world only in the sense that the state of innocence or Grace, is one in which the meaning of the Atonement is perfectly apparent."
T3C29 "When he spoke of a dream in which he saw his own rather immanent reincarnation, he was perfectly accurate."
T3C37 "There is a way of validating the material, and Hugh Lynn is perfectly aware that this must be done eventually."
T3E15 "He recognizes them perfectly."
T3F2 "Freud realized this perfectly, and that is why he conceived as forever irreconcilable the different levels of his psyche."
T3F9 "(No, Helen, this is PERFECTLY clear and DOES follow the previous section."
T3G4 "Nevertheless, they are perfectly stable as God created them."
T3G5 "The first part of this statement is perfectly true, but the second part is not."
T3G19 "KNOW yourself in the One Light, where the miracle which is you is perfectly clear."
T3G33 "This is a peculiar kind of arrogance, whose narcissistic component is perfectly obvious."
T3H12 "It is perfectly possible to look on reality without judgment, and merely KNOW it is there."
T3I6 "It is an order of reality, or a system of thought that is PERFECTLY real in time, though not in Eternity."
T4C1 "This is a perfectly reasonable question; in fact, the best question either of you could ask."
T4C5 "In answer to Bill's question, it is perfectly apparent that when she is ego-dominated, she DOES NOT KNOW her Soul."
T4C5 "Her abstract ability, which is perfectly genuine and does stem from knowledge, cannot help her because she has turned to the concrete which she cannot handle abstractly."
T4D3 "The Kingdom is perfectly united and perfectly protected, and the ego will not prevail against it."
T4D22 "The calm being of God's Kingdom, which in your sane mind is perfectly conscious, is ruthlessly banished from the part of the mind which the ego rules."
T4F5 "This, of course, is not only true, but perfectly obvious."
T4H5 "This communication is perfectly abstract, in that its quality is universal in application, and not subject to ANY judgment, ANY exception, or ANY alteration."
T5C4 "First, its universality is perfectly clear, and no-one who receives it could ever believe for one instant that sharing it involves anything BUT gain."
T5E8 "Eternity is an idea of God, so the soul understands it perfectly."
T5E14 "The Holy Spirit recognizes it perfectly, because it is its own dwelling place, or the place in the mind where it is at home."
T5G7 "As an extreme example of dissociation yourself, you should have little trouble in understanding that it is perfectly possible not to ACCEPT what IS in your minds."
T5I3 "The concept of "fixation" is a very helpful one, which Freud understood perfectly."
T5I10 "The reason is perfectly clear."
T5I15 "I have made His Plan perfectly clear and perfectly explicit to you, and have also told you of your part in His Plan and how urgent it is that you fulfill it."
T5I16 "He has, however, been perfectly aware of JUST what YOU should do about it."
T6B4 "I have made it perfectly clear that I am like you, and you are like me."
T6B10 "It was perfectly clear that this was only because of the projection of others onto me, because I had not harmed anyone and had healed many."
T6B14 "The message of the crucifixion is very simple and perfectly clear: "teach ONLY love, for that is what you ARE.""
T6C8 "ALL His Thoughts are thus perfectly united within themselves and with each other because they, were created neither partially nor in part."
T6D4 "This is the ONE lesson which is perfectly unified, because it is the only lesson which IS one."
T6D5 "The protection of God then dawns upon it, assuring it that it is perfectly safe forever."
T6D6 "The perfectly safe ARE wholly benign."
T6E7 "In the Kingdom, where you are and what you are is perfectly certain."
T6F4 "That simple statement is perfectly clear, easily understood, and very easily remembered."
T6F16 "His recognition of the direction it must take was perfectly stated when he INSISTED ON COLLABORATION."
T6H1 "This is how He keeps the Kingdom perfectly consistent and perfectly unified."
T7C4 "But the argument that underlies the DEFENSE of freedom is perfectly valid."
T7C11 "This needs no translation, because it is perfectly understood, but it DOES need extension because it MEANS extension."
T7C11 "Communication here is perfectly direct and perfectly united."
T7D2 "This is perfectly clear in maximal test performance and for EXACTLY the reason you emphasize."
T7E5 "The certain are perfectly calm, because they are not in doubt."
T7E7 "BECAUSE they are true, they are perfectly dependable, and therefore universal in application."
T7E8 "Healing does not come DIRECTLY from God, who knows His Creations as perfectly whole."
T7G3 "This is perfectly logical, though clearly insane."
T7G9 "If the mind CANNOT attack, the ego proceeds perfectly logically to the position that YOU cannot be mind."
T7G15 "This is the Holy Spirit's perfectly consistent teaching."
T7K6 "The Holy Spirit is perfectly trustworthy, as YOU are."
T8D2 "KNOWING His function perfectly, He wills to fulfill it perfectly, because that is His joy AND YOURS."
T8D2 "To fulfill the Will of God perfectly is the only joy and peace that can be fully KNOWN, because it is the only function that can be FULLY EXPERIENCED."
T8D11 "Fulfilling it perfectly will teach you what YOU have of HIM."
T8E4 "When it was, it was perfectly accomplished by ALL."
T8E4 "How else could it BE perfectly accomplished?"
T8G7 "And He of Whom you ARE has willed your power and glory FOR you, with which you can perfectly accomplish His holy Will for you when you so will it yourself."
T8H5 "We have said before that judgment IS the function of the Holy Spirit, and one which He is perfectly equipped to fulfill."
T8H6 "The Holy Spirit, perfectly aware of the same data, does not bother to analyze it at all."
T8I6 "To the ego this is perfectly sensible."
T8K13 "God's laws are ALWAYS fair, and PERFECTLY consistent."
T9C6 "Follow His teaching in forgiveness, then, because forgiveness IS His function, and HE knows how to fulfill it perfectly."
T9C12 "It belongs to you and me and God, and is perfectly satisfying to all of us."
T9D5 "These perfectly self-evident inconsistencies account for why, except for certain stylized verbal accounts, NOBODY can EXPLAIN what happens in psychotherapy."
T9D11 "He makes healing PERFECTLY clear in ANY situation in which He is the guide."
T9F3 "It is PERFECTLY obvious that if the Holy Spirit looks with love on all He perceives, He looks with love on YOU."
T9G1 "Whenever you become aware of it, however dimly, you abandon the ego automatically, because in the presence of the grandeur of God, the meaninglessness of the ego becomes perfectly apparent."
T9H5 "Everything that was created is therefore PERFECTLY safe, because the laws of God protect it by His love."
T9H6 "You are at home in God, dreaming of exile, but perfectly capable of awakening to Reality."
T9I6 "Yet the logical outcome of your decision is perfectly clear, if you will LOOK at it."
T9I19 "Although it is perfectly clear that this has nothing to do with REALITY, it is equally clear that it has EVERYTHING to do with REALITY AS YOU PERCEIVE IT."
T9J6 "Creation is perfectly lawful, and the chaotic is without meaning, BECAUSE IT IS WITHOUT GOD."
T10F7 "It is much more vigilant than YOU are, BECAUSE it is perfectly certain of its purpose."
T10G2 "This course is perfectly clear."
T11B2 "But this by no means signifies that it is not perfectly clear."
T11D1 "Consider how perfectly your lesson would be learned, IF YOU WERE UNWILLING TO SHARE THEIR POVERTY."
T11G2 "He is perfectly aware that you do NOT know yourselves, and perfectly aware of how to teach you what you are."
T13D14 "Could I, then, lack faith in you, and love Him perfectly?"
T13E1 "Heaven is perfectly unambiguous."
T13E9 "From Him you CANNOT wander, and there is no possibility that the plan the Holy Spirit offers to everyone, for the salvation OF everyone, will not be perfectly accomplished."
T13G3 "The contrast between what is true, and what is not, is PERFECTLY apparent, yet you do NOT see it."
T14C4 "The light of guiltlessness shines guilt away because, when they are BROUGHT TOGETHER, the truth of one MUST make the falsity of its OPPOSITE perfectly clear."
T14F12 "God has no secret communications, for everything of Him is perfectly open, and freely accessible to all, being FOR all."
T15A1 "Can you imagine what it means to have no cares, no worries, no anxieties, but merely to be perfectly calm and quiet all the time?"
T15E4 "For there lies peace, PERFECTLY clear, because you have been willing to meet its conditions."
T15G7 "But, as long as you prefer to be something else, or would attempt to be NOTHING ELSE and SOMETHING ELSE together, the language of communication, WHICH YOU KNOW PERFECTLY, you will not remember."
T16C3 "The recognition of the part as whole, and of the whole in every part, is PERFECTLY natural."
T16D4 "You have been VERY careful to avoid the obvious, and NOT to see the REAL cause and effect relationship that is PERFECTLY apparent."
T17A1 "Only in waking is the full release from them, for only then does it become PERFECTLY apparent that they had no effect on reality at all, AND DID NOT CHANGE IT."
T17E13 "You who have tried so hard, and are STILL trying, to fit the better picture into the wrong frame, and so combine what cannot BE combined, accept this and be glad; These pictures are each framed perfectly, for what they represent."
T17H4 "If you lack faith in ANYONE to fulfill, AND PERFECTLY, his part in ANY situation dedicated IN ADVANCE to truth, YOUR dedication is divided."
T20C10 "Now are the lilies of his innocence untouched by guilt, and perfectly protected from the cold chill of fear and withering blight of sin alike."
T20E7 "And as they rest, the face of Christ shines on them, and they remember the laws of God, forgetting all the rest, and yearning only to have His laws perfectly fulfilled in them and all their brothers."
T20H3 "And they are PERFECTLY in line with it."
T20H4 "Is this not perfectly consistent with the goal of holiness?"
T20I6 "For it will meet His purpose, seen in UNADJUSTED form, and suited perfectly to meet it."
T21E4 "This part has seen your brother, and RECOGNIZED him perfectly, since time began."
T21E5 "And it follows PERFECTLY from what you have ALREADY learned."
T21F4 "This other self is PERFECTLY aware of this."
T23B4 "He loves you perfectly, completely, and eternally."
T24D3 "Illusions leave it perfectly unmoved and undisturbed."
T25G3 "Let him no more be lonely, for the lonely ones are those who see no function in the world for them to fill; no place where they are needed, and no aim which ONLY they can perfectly fulfill."
T25G7 "Take it gently, then, from one another's hand, and let salvation be perfectly fulfilled in BOTH of you."
T26C7 "Your special function opens wide the door beyond which is the memory of His Love kept perfectly intact and undefiled."
T26F9 "A dreadful instant in a distant past, now perfectly corrected, is of no concern or value."
T27F6 "It needs ONE lesson that has perfectly been learned."
T28B7 "The miracle reminds you of a Cause forever present, perfectly untouched by time and interference."
T29D3 "So perfectly can you forgive him his illusions, he becomes your Savior from YOUR dreams."
T30D7 "The Thought God holds of you is perfectly unchanged by your forgetting."
T30F4 "And so is Heaven's Son prepared to be Himself, and to remember that the Son of God knows everything his Father understands, and understands it perfectly with Him."
T30F4 "The real world still falls short of this, for this is God's Own Purpose; ONLY His, and yet completely shared and perfectly fulfilled."
T31D4 "For from this lowest point will learning lead to heights of happiness, in which you see the PURPOSE of the lesson shining clear, and perfectly within your learning grasp."
T31H11 "Thy Will is done, complete and perfectly, and all creation recognizes You and knows You as the only Source it has."
W3L2 "It is therefore essential that you keep a perfectly open mind, unhampered by judgment, in selecting the things to which the idea for the day is to be applied."
W27L4 "If only once during the day you feel that you were perfectly sincere while you were repeating today's idea, you can be sure that you have saved yourself many years of effort."
W29L3 "When vision has shown you the holiness that lights up the world, you will understand today's idea perfectly."
W68L7 "when I let all my grievances go, I will know I am perfectly safe.""
W81L5 "And in this light will my function stand clear and perfectly unambiguous before my sight."
W88L5 "I am perfectly free of the effects of all laws save God's."
W127L5 "Yet it is perfectly apparent to the eyes that see and ears that hear its Voice."
W169L9 "We merely take the part assigned long since, and fully recognized as perfectly fulfilled by Him Who wrote salvation's script in His Creator's Name, and in the Name of His Creator's Son."
W182L9 "You can accept today the part you play in its salvation and your own as well, and both can be accomplished perfectly."
W186L2 "The means are given us by which it will be perfectly accomplished."
W186L2 "Our minds are suited perfectly to take the part assigned to us by One Who knows us well."
M15A3 "One sin perfectly forgiven by one teacher of God can make salvation complete."
M24A2 "We have repeatedly stated that one who has perfectly accepted the Atonement for himself can heal the world."
M27A2 "There are those who have reached God directly, retaining no trace of worldly limits and remembering their own Identity perfectly."
M29A1 "It is the dream in which the body functions perfectly, having no function except communication."
U7A2 "He has established Jesus as the leader in carrying out this plan since he was the first to complete his own part perfectly."
P3C2 "What can be necessary to find truth, which remains perfectly obvious, but to remove the seeming obstacles to true awareness?"

Quotes on "Perfected"

T17C4 "Perception will be meaningless, when it has been perfected."
T31E1 "And by the time you reach "maturity," you have perfected it to meet the world on equal terms, at one with its demands."
W350W141 "In me is love perfected, fear impossible, and joy established without opposite."

Quotes on "Imperfect"

T6B14 "Their own imperfect love made them vulnerable to projection, and out of their own fear they spoke of the wrath of God as His RETALIATORY weapon."

Quotes on "Imperfection"

W320W113 "Its oneness is forever guaranteed inviolate; forever held within His holy Will, beyond all possibility of harm, of separation, imperfection and of any spot upon its sinlessness."
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