Only heaven is real. There is now world.

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There are two thought systems based on two entirely different logical reasonings, and it has produced "two worlds." And only one of them is real.

A AND B = Heaven/God's Creation/Reality.

A OR B = Hell/Earth/ego/the world you made/a dream.

The two thought systems are entirely different. They are run on different laws. Heaven is one thought system. Earth and this universe is another.

The two thought systems produce entirely different consequences and "natures". The nature of Earth runs entirely contrary to your true nature as a heavenly being.

"The laws of this world run against your nature."

Your nature, of Heaven, is to share. Whatever you have, you share it with others. Whatever God has, He shares it with you. Everyone shares everything. I have it, and you have it. That is heaven's logical system. A AND B. Me and you. Both.

Earth, this universe, and everything about physical matter and objects, is run inside and part of the ego thought system. It is a system based on the logical of A OR B, where NOTHING IS SHARED. No two things have everything. Nothing has full access to anything. Everything is partial and incomplete. There is no wholeness.

Here, when I have an ice cream, I do not share it with you. You are 100% denied the ice cream. If I let you have all of the ice cream, there is none left for me. This is driven by a basic LAW of nature which drives this entire universe and applies everywhere to all planets and stars and galaxies.

In Heaven, when you give something, you share and extend it. You do not lose it. Someone else can share ALL of it, and have all of it, and yet you also STILL have all of it. That sounds nuts to the ego thinker. How can I give you all of my ice-cream, while still having all of the ice-cream? How could Jesus feed 5000 people from a few fish and loaves, in a demonstration of GOD'S LAWS? That we can all SHARE in defiance of physical limitation?

On Earth, when I try to share, all I do is sacrifice. I must give something up, have less, lack and have nothing myself. This is BUILT IN to MATTER. It is built into spacetime. Everything within spacetime, including planet Earth, OPERATES based on this principle of sacrifice and scarcity. When one part of the world is over here, and another part of the world is over there, and they are different, and kept apart, that is NOT sharing, that is NOT wholeness, and that is NOT love.

"The world is the insane thought system of those driven mad by guilt."

Realize this. This planet ITSELF, its physical matter, its nature, the laws that keep its particles suspended in space, is based in the idea of SEPARATION. It is based in the idea of NOT SHARING. My left arm is not where my right arm is. They do not share space. I cannot join or merge with anyone. Bodies, objects, people, animals, are kept apart by this material of rejection, separation, lack, scarcity, sacrifice and limitation. This is what RUNS THE WORLD. This is even more fundamental and deeper than the laws of physics. It's the EGO's law.

The world was made this way, by you, as an attack on God and on his NATURE. It was made to function OPPOSITE to His nature. If His nature is that everything is openly shared by everyone, the opposite is that NOTHING IS SHARED. That is the nature of this world. To give you half of my pizza is NOT SHARING. It is sacrifice. Neither of us gets a whole pizza. I cannot throw a ball to you and have you hold it while I also receive it and hold it. We cannot both own the same property.

This is a world of selfishness, ownership, exclusivity, isolation and separation. And it's going to STAY THAT WAY for as long as it appears to exist. It cannot show up AS Earth and follow ANY other laws. It has to keep following the same laws of the ego thought system. To remain a physical three dimensional planet it has to be maintained by an idea of SPACE. Space is an attack thought.

Space is the OPPOSITE of "everywhere". It is an attack on omnipresence. Time similarly is an attack thought. It is an attack on eternity, or "always". It forces the ILLUSION that things change "naturally", which is wholly unnatural, as an expression of the idea that one moment was Heaven and then something changed. Time is an attempted attack on God.

"Reality is a constant state."

So now you have a problem, because the fact is, no matter how much you change your mind, no matter how much you heal your perception, no matter what your beliefs are ABOUT the world, it does NOT CHANGE the underlying LAW that this world ENTIRELY DEPENDS ON for its three dimensional existence - a law of separation and death. It depends on spcaetime. It depends on separate objects, not sharing with each other. It depends on loss and change and a lack of permanence. Permanence is of God, and this world HAS NONE. Permanence is love. "Never was love in the world of dreams." (earth).

So the fact is, no matter how much you change your mind here, you CANNOT alter the fundamental FUNCTIONING of this planet. You cannot change the law that it relies on for it to BE a planet. To sustain its spatial occupation or its reliance on time for growth. Without THE EGO, there cannot BE a planet. There cannot BE bodies. There cannot BE this world or this universe. Without the ego, it is NOT POSSIBLE to have a three dimensional form. Without a fundamental law of separation, there cannot BE objects, forms, bodies, appearances, images, animals, humans, or anything else you recognize as what you think is life.

Here is the clincher then. The ego's thought system is a thought system of death. Death is the one illusion from which all others stem. Death is the last illusion to be overcome. And the fact is, the ego is the idea of death - an opposite to life, an opposite to heaven, and an opposite to God's nature. And death has PRODUCED PLANET EARTH. Earth is made of death. It is not made of life. It was made to OPPOSE LIFE. It is OPPOSITE to Heaven's nature in EVERY WAY. Heaven is a system of pure extension of eternal life. Earth is a system of limitation, dead ends, temporary existence and death.

"Without the idea of death, there is no world."

"There is no world. This is the central thought the course would attempt to teach."

This is literally true folks. Planet Earth DOES NOT REALLY EXIST. It cannot exist, because it is MADE OF THE EGO, and the ego is not real. This whole system, this whole universe, is inside the tiny mad idea. Without the mad idea, there is no world. Without death, there is no world. This is not a world of LIFE. IT is not eternity. And quite literally, the forms and appearances that seem to be in it, are NOTHING but a dream of death. At best, they seem like a symbol of life, at worst like death and suffering. But NEVER are they truly ALIVE FOREVER.

"The body neither lives nor dies. It is nothing."

"There is no life outside of Heaven."

"God did not create the body."

"God can not enter a body, nor can you join him there."

Heaven is ELSEWHERE. It is not this planet. It will NOT EVER BE this planet. If you think it CAN, then you are really not seeing the clear distinction between the two thought systems. You cannot have one set of LAWS, from which EXISTENCE springs, and have a world which completely OPPOSES those laws exist based ON those laws. Earth simply cannot REMAIN when Heaven has come. It HAS TO DISAPPEAR. Heaven and Earth are incompatible systems. The ego system and the Holy System are exclusive and incompatible.

"There is total communication failure between the ego and the Holy Spirit."

Ego world = Earth. Holy world = Heaven. They CANNOT coexist. Love has no opposite. Earth does not exist.

Earth's NATURE cannot exist IN HEAVEN. Heaven cannot contain a world that opposes it's nature.

"The world will spin into the nothingness from which it came."

This is all very very clear and consistent in the course.

Now, some people recognize that, in a sense, God being a "container of everything" seemingly must contain the Earth. And some will reason that this means God made the Earth. This is in complete contradiction to what ACIM says, and is completely against God's nature. It is not GOD'S WILL to produce a world LIKE THIS ONE. He would not, and cannot, express Himself and his divinity, as bodies, objects, planets and galaxies. He simply does not. Ever. Think about it. Divine holy infinite unlimited LIFE, can only create that which lives forever, not things which FAIL TO GIVE LIFE, which is true of ALL PHYSICAL OBJECTS. God did not create the world. This is the world YOU MADE. It has not been CREATED and it does not EXTEND life at all.

It is possible for your mind to transcend this dream world and recognize that it IS a dream. Nothing more than an illusion. It is possible for you to experience increased love and peace and joy, or at least a sense of it, while you are "in a body." But it is NOT possible to 100% fully completely EXTEND GOD while in a body. God cannot be in or through a body. Bodies are THOUGHTS, maintained by MINDS, who DO NOT WANT GOD. The body MUST END and disappear in order to be in total awareness and knowing of God.

"The body is a limit."

"The body is the idea of sin made flesh."

"To see a sinless body is impossible."

"The body is clearly a separation device and therefore does not exist."

The body can be given a holy purpose, but a holy purpose does not MAKE the body "holy". What is NOTHING cannot be endowed with the properties of Christ. You can use it as a LIMITED TOOL, temporarily, but its limits are EXTREME. It prevents you from knowing God, from being the size of the universe, and from wielding unlimited power. You CANNOT experience Heaven while you are in a body! God has to take the last step to scoop you up and take you HOME, where you BELONG, which is NOT HERE.

Heaven is HERE NOW.

Earth is NOT HERE NOW and is the idea of NOT EXISTING. It is the idea of NOT BEING ALIVE. It is the IDEA OF DEATH. And without the idea of death, THERE IS NO WORLD.

"A world that attacks itself and denies its own existence is not of God."

Heaven is here, but "here" does not include Earth. Earth is an illusion. It is NOT HERE. It is a thought of darkness. Light SHINES IT AWAY. It doesn't continue as an opposite to Heaven because Heaven HAS no opposite, and Earth NEVER REALLY HAPPENED in the first place. It is just a dream of pretending Earth exists.

"There is no world."

"The world was over long ago."

"It takes great learning to realize this world has nothing to give."

"This world holds nothing that I want."

"Together we will watch the world disappear."

"Heaven remains your ONE ALTERNATIVE to the strange world YOU MADE."

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