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Very often, Jesus would say to me, "it's fine". And I would be like, "how is this fine?" I would be upset about something, there'd be some physical medical issue to deal with, some seeming tragic loss, something going wrong. How can it be fine? Then my wife died and once again he was like "this is good", "it's fine". And again I was challenged to try to be open to accepting this, somehow.

I see now that the reason that "it's fine", no matter what happens, is because there is a bigger picture. There is a journey that the soul goes through across multiple lifetimes. The soul is immortal and cannot be truly hurt or lost or damaged. It certainly can never die or be sick. So that radically changes the perspective on what physical matters really mean or whether they're fine or not. Souls use bodies for a purpose, and that is all.

Everything is "fine" because nothing can really hurt who we really are, and we're just using this world as a temporary classroom to learn lessons. Sometimes we leave the classroom and then return at another time, in another body, with other people, in another place with another life. It's all fine. It's even fine if the person seems to die. How can it really be wrong or a fault or something bad if it's part of the soul's journey, even what they want, even chosen, and even part of a much bigger plan of salvation? Death doesn't mean anything good or bad, it is meaningless.

Recognizing the sheer reach of the soul on its journey through many lifetimes, its involvement in multiple serious relationships, having multiple bodies, experiencing many locations and families, many sets of parents, many lovers, many children, many conflicts, etc, it's a vast and deep and far-reaching story. Souls come and go many times with many relationships.

The much longer-term purpose is that the soul wants to reunite with God and awaken from the dream permanently, and to that end it will practically be willing to experience anything and everything if it helps toward that goal. No matter what it looks like. That puts a very different perspective on whether the things that happen, the disabilities we have, the limitations, the hardships, are really "wrong" or whether they are for a bigger purpose that we consent to. And we must remember the soul itself can never be hurt.

We only think that something is wrong when we have a special-relationship kind of viewpoint. Our ego becomes invested in this world, in bodies, in physical relations, and identifying as a human body. And then all manner of self-interest arises, attachment to other bodies, wanting to avoid death at all costs, an entire culture built around bodily living etc.

But death really is just an exit from the world as the soul carries on and continues its much, much longer path toward God. In fact death can be a liberating event for many because it represents escape from physical suffering. It is only the "dying" and being trapped in a body while it malfunctions that seems to bring suffering. As the body appears to degrade and suffer and die it seems the person does also, but in truth nothing changes the soul. Only the mind needs changing.

When Jesus tells me enthusiastically that it's "good" that a person has died, or "its fine" that someone has gone through a sickness, or "okay" that someone has had an amputation, I trust it to mean that in the really, really big picture it really is fine. Jesus was telling me it was fine when the doctors wanted to chop half her leg off. I couldn't grasp it whatsoever, but I see now it really was no big deal, as far as the soul is concerned. Who cares about bodies anyway?

Yes it seems like temporary setbacks, as the world judges it. It seems like a horrible suffering and an awful tragedy, as the world judges it. Sometimes it seems completely unfair and horrifying and terrifying, as the world judges it. All revolving around trying to keep people bodily identified and staying in this world for as long as possible. But there is a much higher purpose, a much longer-term goal, and a much deeper willingness at work. And being here for a long time isn't even that important when you're a multi-dimensional, multi-lifetime being.

I once had a dream where I seemed to go through a tremendously long obstacle course. It was fraught with difficulty and cuts and scrapes and bushes and barbed wire and mud and all kinds of upsetting scenarios. It seemed to go on forever. It was like a long and hard struggle, seemingly filled with suffering and difficulty, and by the time it was done I was pretty much exhausted and traumatized.

But then I came out into a clearing, and a guide or angel was there. And I asked, why did I have to go through all that? Because it seemed pointless and cruel and stupid. And the answer was in the form of a question - "what purpose might there be that you would be willing to go through all that, if it meant that you could achieve a goal?" And I thought for a moment and realized, that if the goal were the return to God, and if I needed lessons and challenges to get me there, then I would be willing to go through just about anything in order to attain that ultimate prize, the ultimate reunion with my creator. Even if it meant what the world would think of as horrendous suffering.

That's the perspective of the soul - a willingness to endure hardships and seeming limitations and even sickness and death if it means, potentially, the opportunity for learning, growth, for developing holy relationships, and for ultimately awakening from the whole dream. Nothing happens without a reason or a purpose. And it's all designed to carefully, and consensually, lead us toward the end game of reunion with God.

There is an atonement plan specifically designed by God to get us home efficiently and as gently as possible, but it does mean we're going to have to go through some challenges. There is an entire curriculum at work, many people that have to be encountered, many events which have to transpire. All designed carefully through the Holy Spirit to guide us home as quickly as we are willing. A hard life isn't a wasted life, it's a life used constructively for significant growth towards the final goal. Anything here can be used for the Holy Spirit's purposes.

"What could you not accept, if you but knew that everything which happens, all events, past, present and to come, are gently planned by One Whose only purpose is your good? Perhaps you have misunderstood His plan, for He would never offer pain to you. But your defenses did not let you see His loving blessing shine in every step you ever took. While you made plans for death, He led you gently to Eternal Life."

"All things are Lessons God would have me learn."

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Holy, Holy, Holy Spirit of God direct my mind always and forever, give me joy and peace eternal, only this is what I want, I want nothing more but nothing less than perfect Joy and total peace now and always, forever and ever.

The world is a dream, an illusion , everything I see, hear, and feel is not real. My life on earth is a dream, an illusion, as is everyone’s. My sole responsibility is to accept Atonement for myself and by doing that I accept it for everyone for we are One.

I refuse to make judgements about the world or anything or anyone in it, as to judge an illusion is meaningless and pointless.

I forgive, I forgive and then I forgive again and again, and then I forgive again, I forgive All for All, forgiveness is my primary function in the dream, for nothing is real here, and all is forgiven, for God does not condemn he only saves.

Truth is true and nothing else, forgiveness heals everything that needs healing.

I love All. For All is of God and God’s Son and what but love would I give, when it is love that I would wish to receive.

I bless All, for peace, love and forgiveness is the ONLY response to have to God’s Son that is sane.

I fully and completely accept Atonement/correction /God’s perfect love.

I am innocent, as is everyone
I am guiltless, as is everyone.
I am loved, as is everyone
I am forgiven, as is everyone
I am sinless, as is everyone
I am blessed, as is everyone

I am fully and completely healed in every conceivable way, my mind is healed and the illusionary body is healed along with the mind, for only a mind can be sick the body is just a projection of the mind, a healed mind produces a healed body. My mind is healed, sickness is impossible for me now.

I am free for I am as God created me. I Cling to nothing physical, I crave nothing physical. I have renounced the world and everything in it, nothing has a hold over me, I have no addictions or secret pleasures of the body that I would keep separate from God, we share joy and peace eternally.

The body is purely a communication device for me, where I can bring into the dream world God’s perfect peace and love. I use the body only for Salvation.

I am sane, happy and healed, sickness is now impossible for me, for I am not a body, I am God’s Holy son.

I shine like the Sun, my heart and soul is filled with divine and holy love and I shine it everywhere and always.

The will of God for his holy son is to live every moment in peace and joy, I am a holy son of God, peace and joy are mine always and forever.

All is well in heaven, I have never left heaven, heaven is my eternal home where I live in bliss forever and ever, it is impossible to be anywhere other than heaven, I but dream of separation from God, no separation is possible in truth, I am One with God, and he loves me eternally, and I love God eternally, we are One forever, nothing can change the truth.

I am spirit, I am God’s eternal son, at One with God always and forever , I am not a body, I have never been a body, I will never be a body, it is impossible for me to be a body. The body is an illusion, but it is Holy and healthy and useful, using it to bring salvation to God’s sleeping Son.

Holy, Holy, Holy Spirit of God direct my mind always and forever.

Teach only love for that is what you are.

I am blessed by God in every concivible way. Perfect happiness is God’s will for me, and I accept his will, and give thanks that it is so.

Gods perfect and eternal peace are mine now and always. Peace and joy are in me forever and ever, for I am in heaven with God. I live in peace and joy eternally .

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