You are in an illusory world but you believe it is real

Thursday, Apr 27, 2017 349 words 1 mins 33 secs
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You are in an illusory world.

But you believe this world is real.

THAT is your problem. THAT is the distortion of perception that's happening in your mind that you need to correct.

You're not correcting your view of a real world, you're correcting your belief that it is real at all. You have tried to MAKE IT REAL, which is a mistake.

When you believe that an illusion is actually real, that's insanity. When you do not recognize that it is an illusion, and mis-understand it to be real, you WILL be upset by it and will not be at peace.

You will not find peace by "being at peace with the world". That will be some kind of fake oasis of denial and semi-peace.

You need to correct your perception of the world only because your perceptual errors are making it LOOK LIKE this world is reality.

You think that your task mainly lies in forgiving people for what they supposedly did not do, and yet, you still believe that they really did do something, because you still believe that events here are reality.

You think that you just need to recognize that none of this happened because it's a dream - correct, but then you'll continue to believe that it is a REAL DREAM, which is not atonement at all.

Forgiveness must lead you to the recognition that there ARE no errors, therefore there ARE no real illusions, and in that clear perspective you will become able to SEE and RECOGNIZE, that this entire world is a fantasy illusion, and everything you thought was true about it is NOT TRUE.

Just as it is not true that people did stuff to you, and it's not true that you're guilty, it's also not true that anything even happened, because it was just an illusory dream.

How many times must this be repeated for us to finally get it that this world isn't reality at all? And any belief that it IS reality is just our ego's attempt to HOLD ON to all of the ways that it has become attached to and valuing of this insane delusion.

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