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In the course Jesus describes "what happened in the separation" in 4 steps. The first step says this:

"First, the assumption is implicit that what God has Created can be changed by the mind of Man."

The remedy for this perhaps is to then recognize that you HAVE NOT changed because you CANNOT change. God has not changed you. You have not changed yourself. Nothing in the world can change you. What you are is permanent and fixed and absolute. You are immortal. You will always be EXACTLY as God created, in the most explicitly precise way possible.

You cannot be changed. Therefore, the beginning of the separation, which was the idea that you CAN change the changeless, is reversed. By affirming your unchangeability, you attune to your permanent immortal nature.

The fact that you cannot change even reveals that your "spiritual path" is a temporary thing. We are really moving towards a remembrance and recognition of what is already true, that you are STILL as God created you, having not changed in the slightest way. This also tells you that you cannot be affected by ANYTHING, nothing has any power over you and nothing can cause you in any way. You cannot therefore be made to suffer against your will, and not even sickness or death can occur.

It would seem that you have changed in your MIND, and that you can potentially change your mind back to its original state. But its original state is an alignment with the changeless. Mind cannot really stop BEING mind because it is permanently mind. Mind therefore cannot really change either, but it can imagine that it has. And so we are just undoing the illusion that we are not as we were created to be.


"He is immortal as his Father. What he is cannot be changed. He is the only thing in all the universe that MUST be One."

"It cannot change, and be in opposition to Itself. Father, my will is Yours. And I am safe, untroubled and serene, in endless joy, because it is Your Will that it be so."

"This may threaten my ego, but cannot change my function in any way."

"But all the while his Father shines on him, and loves him with an everlasting Love Which his pretenses cannot change at all."

"His errors cannot change this, and can have no effect at all on the truth in YOU."

"You were NOT born to die. You CANNOT change, because your Function HAS been fixed by God."

"Purpose is of the mind. And minds can change, as they desire. What they ARE, and all their attributes, CANNOT change."

"Reality is changeless. It is this that MAKES it real, and KEEPS it separate from all appearances. It MUST transcend all form to be itself. It CANNOT change."

"Different realities ARE meaningless, for reality MUST be one. It CANNOT change with time, or mood, or chance. Its changelessness is WHAT MAKES IT REAL."

"God's plan for your salvation cannot change, nor can it fail. Be thankful it remains exactly as He planned it."

"The mind can think it sleeps, but that is all. It cannot change what is its waking state."

"You can DENY His knowledge, but you CANNOT change it."

"But the Holy Spirit teaches you that truth was created by God, and YOUR decision CANNOT change it."

"What is created is apart from all of this. Defenses are plans to defeat what cannot be attacked. What is unalterable cannot change. And what is wholly sinless cannot sin."

"Joy does NOT turn to sorrow, for the eternal cannot change."

"You cannot be ANYWHERE that God did not put you, and God created you as part of HIM. That is both WHERE you are and WHAT you are. This is COMPLETELY unalterable. It is total inclusion. You cannot change this now or ever. It is forever true. It is NOT a belief, but a fact."

"You cannot change laws you did not make, and the laws of happiness were created FOR you, NOT BY you."

"It is impossible that God lose His identity, for if He did, YOU WOULD LOSE YOURS. And BEING yours, He cannot change Himself, for your identity IS changeless. The miracle ACKNOWLEDGES His changelessness, by seeing His Son as he always was, and NOT as he would make himself."

"Whatever is true and real is eternal, and CANNOT change or be changed. The Soul is therefore unalterable because it is ALREADY perfect"

"What is within your brother still contains ALL of creation, everything created and creating, born and unborn as yet, still in the future or apparently gone by. What is in him is changeless, and YOUR changelessness is recognized in its acknowledgment."

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